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Tesla Motors' Acquisition By Apple


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This was the winning entry at the UC Berkeley-Haas Apple Technology Challenge, 2010.

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Tesla Motors' Acquisition By Apple

  1. 1. Archit LohokareSam Kanakamedala Shone Tran
  3. 3. Connectivity Stops At The Car
  4. 4. Car Buying Experience Is Out-Of-Touch Car still “Like New” Some New” enthusiasts willing to pay for custom retrofit to upgrade technologyt=0 t=10 yrs Initial car purchase: Mid- Car Mid-Life Crisis: Consumer forced to Feeble attempts at make tough, expensive catching up with external decision on integration devices
  5. 5. Source: ABI ResearchThe Telematics market is projected to:• generate total revenue of $38.3 billion in 2011• grow from 37 million users in 2010 to more than 211 million in 2015
  6. 6. Source: Consumer Electronics Association
  7. 7. Driver Activities Avg % Passenger Activities Avg %Navigation 40 Internet 71E-mail 26 E-mail 59Contacts 25 Contacts 49Weather 24 Weather 48Internet 23 Camera 45Location search 20 Navigation 44Listen to audio 18 Instant messenger 43Traffic 18 Social networking 42Instant messenger 17 Calendar 40Camera 16 Location search 37Calendar 12 Play games 36Social Networking 12 Listen to audio 28Watch video 6 Traffic 28Play games 6 Watch video 25eBooks 4 eBooks 15
  8. 8. Source: Consumer Electronics Association
  9. 9. Source: Consumer Electronics Association
  10. 10. Location based iAds App Store/Local iOS devices & Apps/Electric Vehicle dashboard Management Apps system ITunes in the Driver-SafeCloud/Internet Radio communication Siri-VR based PA AppleTV, Games
  11. 11. Bay Area Start-up DNA Growth Market Product & Technology Culture Fit Electric/Plug-in hybrids Fit Strategic Partnerships Control over w/Daimler, Toyota, platform/ecosystem; Panasonic Redefine the car experience
  12. 12. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO: “We’re closer to Apple andGoogle than to we are to GM or Ford.”Lifestyle redefining consumer technology companyBay Area start-up with disruptive technology in anexisting marketStrong industrial design, marketing, entrepreneurialteamsGeorge Blankenship: Replicating the Apple Retailstrategy at Tesla
  13. 13. Source: IDC• By 2015 >2.7 million PEVs on the road worldwide market in excess of $81B• Worldwide EV market could be upwards of $300B by 2020• Electric vehicles will represent 18% of annual car sales by 2020• Government-sponsored incentives implemented worldwide
  14. 14. Fragmented telematics and infotainmentmarket with inconsistent and unintuitive userexperienceApple - history of revolutionizing userexperience and supply chain leveragingplatform controlAcquiring Tesla gives Apple control over theplatform, ecosystem
  15. 15. eRAV4, Roadster, Model S, Smart, morevehicles to roll out in the coming yearsApple can leverage partnerships to drive itsecosystem into the automobile market
  16. 16. Electric vehicles are the ideal platform that can take advantage of the Apple ecosystem to reinvent the in-car experience