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ArchitectNow: Building Rich Web Apps with WebAPI, AngularJS, and TypeScript


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Presentation presented at the 2015 St. Louis Days of .NET Conference on November 12th, 2015 by Kevin Grossnicklaus of ArchitectNow.

Like many of you we find ourselves constantly pushing the boundary of what types of applications can be built for the modern web. Computers are faster, general internet availability is faster and more readily available, and much more can be done via HTML and JavaScript. With this in mind we are constantly looking for better architectures and frameworks to streamline how we write applications and provide solutions for our clients and our products. Today’s web architectures are becoming increasingly more complex with an increasing amount of code being written in JavaScript and less in a managed language like C# or VB.NET. Plus, a multitude of JavaScript libraries and frameworks are gaining adoption to simplify certain pieces of the puzzle. Buzzwords like Single Page Apps (SPA’s) and Responsive are working their way into various discussions and mean radically different things to different people Rather than start with an “Introduction to MVC” this talk is meant for Intermediate to Advanced web developers who want to see it all put together in something ready for production.

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ArchitectNow: Building Rich Web Apps with WebAPI, AngularJS, and TypeScript

  1. 1. Kevin Grossnicklaus and a “Lot of Web Development Stuff” Presenter: Kevin Grossnicklaus
  2. 2. Contact Information Kevin Grossnicklaus Email: Website: Twitter: @kvgros / @architectnow Linked In:
  3. 3. One Simple Request •Share •Tweet •Facebook •LinkedIn •Whatever
  4. 4. Expectations
  5. 5. Expectations • Why am I here? • How deep are we going to get?
  6. 6. Agenda
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda • Technologies, Architecture, Terminology • Solution Setup and Structure • Data Access Strategies • Unit Testing • Web Application Structure • ASP.NET MVC Overview • API Development • Lunch • JavaScript Primer • Introduction to TypeScript • AngularJS • Responsive UI Discussion • Bringing it All Together • Resources • Deep Breath and Relax
  8. 8. Presentation Direction Server Client
  9. 9. Let’s Roll
  10. 10. My Environment • MacBook Pro • El Capitan • 16g Memory • 512g SSD • Parallels • Windows 10 • Visual Studio 2015 • Web Essentials
  11. 11. Architecture • What type of applications are we looking to build? • What is the best web architecture available? • Is what I see today going to be better than what we do already? • What if I like pieces of what I see but not all of it?
  12. 12. Technologies • What technologies do you recommend/use? • Do these technologies fit every scenario? • Can we pick and choose and mix and match?
  13. 13. Today’s Content • Presentations = On My Blog Tomorrow • Anything Live Coded In Class = Shared Later via Email Upon Request • Larger Project Used as Demonstration = Available Now on GitHub
  14. 14. Terminology
  15. 15. Terminology • Models • Entity • Repositories • Controllers • View • Services • Utilities • Others as we go
  16. 16. Solution Setup
  17. 17. Data Access Strategies
  18. 18. Unit Testing
  19. 19. Web Application Structure
  20. 20. ASP.NET MVC Overview
  21. 21. API Development
  22. 22. Lunch
  23. 23. JavaScript Primer
  24. 24. Introduction to TypeScript
  25. 25. AngularJS
  26. 26. Responsive UI Discussion
  27. 27. Bringing It All Together
  28. 28. Resources
  29. 29. Final Thoughts
  30. 30. Contact Information Kevin Grossnicklaus Email: Website: Twitter: @kvgros / @architectnow Linked In:
  31. 31. One Final Request •Share •Tweet •Facebook •LinkedIn •Whatever