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Presentation of aviation


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Presentation of aviation

  1. 1. Enterprise and Service Provider<br />SOHO<br />Contact Center<br /> |<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Indigo Proposition<br />Ameyo for Indigo<br />Case Studies<br />
  3. 3. About Us<br />Leading providers of Customer Interaction Management Solutions<br /><ul><li>Patent Pending Technology
  4. 4. Powering over 400 clients globally
  5. 5. Billions of calls processed and thousands of active users
  6. 6. 100s of Self-Help, Outbound, Inbound & Blended processes</li></ul>Increasing global channel and customer footprint<br /><ul><li>Presence across India, Philippines, Middle East, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia
  7. 7. Marketing, Engineering, and Award-winning Support units</li></ul>Recognized by leading industry bodies<br /><ul><li>NASSCOM IT Innovation award winner (2008) for Market-facing innovation
  8. 8. IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award from TMCnet
  9. 9. Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Supportin APAC by Contact Center World 2008.
  10. 10. Deloitte fastest 500 in Asia-Pac (2008)
  11. 11. Red Herring top 100 Finalist
  12. 12. NASSCOM Emerge 50 – 2009</li></ul>Productivity |<br />
  13. 13. Over 400 Valued Customers across Domains<br />Call Centres<br /><ul><li>Kochar
  14. 14. Intouch
  15. 15. ELI Research
  16. 16. IMRB
  17. 17. NIIT SmartServe</li></ul>Hosted Enterprises<br /><ul><li>Symbio
  18. 18. Novanet</li></ul>Enterprises<br /><ul><li>MotilalOswal
  19. 19. D’Damas
  20. 20. GE Money
  21. 21. LPU & WLC</li></ul>Telecom<br /><ul><li>Dhiraagu</li></ul>Applications/IVR<br /><ul><li>Bookmyshow
  22. 22. CESC (IVR)
  23. 23. HCL Technologies</li></li></ul><li>Philosophy<br />The new paradigm in Enterprise Communications<br />Helps builds new features faster in least time<br />Software & IP-based technology<br /><ul><li>Software & IP-based technology is future proofUnlike Hardware-based or “boxed” solutions, IP/software based technology is extremely customizable and configurable.
  24. 24. Can be scaled up without heavy Capex and infrastructure investments.</li></ul>Business Process Automation <br /><ul><li>No manual overheads, most tasks automated
  25. 25. Single “view and store” – same information is accessible and updatable by all (depending on roles/privileges)
  26. 26. Business process mapping – your technology is built around your process, not vice versa.
  27. 27. Workflows can be “tweaked” as and when new business processes are introduced. Can be replicated easily</li></ul>Improved SLAs, FCRs through robust technology <br /><ul><li>Create and deploy new VAS faster for new offerings
  28. 28. Self-Help, Intelligent Routing, multimedia, and integrations
  29. 29. Single Management view of customer and business departments</li></ul>Provides speed and automation that impacts productivity<br />Provides cost containment without compromising on technology<br />Reduces Customer churn, increases ARPU, process efficiencies<br />Increase profitability per customer with up-selling and cross-selling | Reduce cost incurred per customer with resource management | Improve customer experience with quality service | Reduce attrition with employee satisfaction<br />
  30. 30. Technology<br />Technology<br />IP-based software<br /><ul><li> Created from ground-up using propriety algorithms
  31. 31. Open standards like SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and Web-Services.</li></ul>Multi-packaged offering<br /><ul><li>Common code stream, but different functionalities and capabilities with privilege management.
  32. 32. Ensuring technology provided is built around the business process.</li></ul>Multi-tenancy<br /><ul><li> Ideal for SaaS-based deployment.
  33. 33. Multiple departments (Single-site or Multi-site)</li></ul>Code Generation with MDA and “Nodeflow” approach<br /><ul><li> No “Shrink-wrap” approach; Auto-generation of code</li></ul>Innovations<br />Ameyo development platform<br /><ul><li> An innovative approach.
  34. 34. Enables rapid application development.
  35. 35. Reduces the development time and deployment cost.</li></ul>Ameyo execution framework<br /><ul><li> Based on SOA and Distributed architecture
  36. 36. Linearly scalable.
  37. 37. Real time processing carrier grade aspects (high availability and central management)
  38. 38. Easy integration with third-party tools</li></ul>“Drishti is doing great job with constant innovations. Drishti offers better services and world-class support that has added value to our business” Sarfaraz Alam, N M Teleservices<br />
  39. 39. AMEYO –The All-in-One Communication Suite<br />Software based Technology<br /><ul><li>Java based server application.
  40. 40. Based on open standards (SIP, ISDN, XML, XMPP).
  41. 41. SOA & MDA based.
  42. 42. Benchmarked standard systems</li></ul>All-in-one pre-integrated solution<br /><ul><li>Feature rich
  43. 43. Inbuilt CRM, Voice-Logger, Reporting, ACD, IVR, Dialer, CTI, QM, CM tools
  44. 44. Tools to innovate and value-add to business</li></ul>Reliable | Scalable | Extensible | Future-Proof | Best ROI | Best Technology Partner <br />Ameyo Communications Suite allows Enterprises to circumscribe their communications requirements into one integrated solution giving their customers a consistent experience throughout<br />
  45. 45. AMEYO Award Winning 24X7 Support<br />Online Ticketing System<br /><ul><li>Multimedia Support – Chat, E-mail, Phone
  46. 46. Create, edit operations
  47. 47. Visibility of action
  48. 48. Logging and tracing
  49. 49. Auto-escalation by the system
  50. 50. Complete tracking from anywhere via
  51. 51. Feedback Management
  52. 52. Single Portal for Service & Support
  53. 53. High responsiveness and accountability
  54. 54. Eliminates delay</li></ul>Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Support in APAC by Contact Center World 2008<br />
  55. 55. Introduction<br />Indigo Proposition<br />Ameyo for Indigo<br />Case Studies<br />
  56. 56. Indigo – Existing Setup<br />LAN Switch<br />1. Customer calls in, call routed in to Phone-In IVR for flight queries, cancellation, booking. <br />AVAYA BCM<br />2. Customer response logged into the DCS and related updation and actionable's taken <br />Phone In IVR<br />1<br />Administrator<br />3. Booking queries, routed through DCS to payment gateway via Atom IVR as a 3 way conference for security and privacy<br />2<br />DCS<br />Agent Stations<br />External Components<br />Avaya Phones<br />3<br />ATOM IVR<br />4. 3rd party Payment gateway<br />5. Web based queries, booking, cancellation, check in updated onto the central system and accorded due responses<br />Payment Gateway<br />Agent Stations<br />4<br />5<br />Website<br />Agent Stations<br />
  57. 57. Indigo – Existing Setup Defects<br /><ul><li> Improper call management
  58. 58. Minimalist reporting activity
  59. 59. Ineffective agent performance measurement
  60. 60. Inefficient resource based allocation
  61. 61. Reduced customer focus
  62. 62. Resource wastage
  63. 63. Zero monitoring
  64. 64. Limited Voice Logging capability</li></li></ul><li>Introduction<br />Indigo Proposition<br />Ameyo for Indigo<br />Case Studies<br />
  65. 65. Indigo Ameyo Integration (Phase 1)<br />LAN Switch<br />AMEYO CC Suite<br />1<br />Administrator<br />AMEYO CC Suite<br />For<br /><ul><li> Call Control
  66. 66. Call Monitoring
  67. 67. Call Management</li></ul>AVAYA BCM<br />Phone In IVR<br />Agent Stations<br />External Components<br />DCS<br />Avaya Phones<br />ATOM IVR<br />Agent Stations<br />Payment Gateway<br />Website<br />Agent Stations<br />
  68. 68. Indigo Ameyo Integration (Phase 1) Benefits<br /><ul><li> Effective call control and management
  69. 69. High level agent performance measurement
  70. 70. Effective resource based allocation
  71. 71. Collated customer focus
  72. 72. Resource optimization
  73. 73. Complete point to point voice logging </li></ul>Supervision<br /><ul><li>Birds eye view of telephony, agent, dialer and lead performance
  74. 74. Independent supervisor interfaces for Inbound & Outbound campaigns
  75. 75. Complete MIS management for device, voice log, services and systems</li></ul>Quality Monitoring<br /><ul><li>Graphical analysis of real-time and historical data
  76. 76. Real-time Alert management for SLA, Performance and System Monitoring
  77. 77. Call Barge/ Snoop/ Confer
  78. 78. Force Agent Logout
  79. 79. AHT, APR, CS Score to define KPIs
  80. 80. Quality tagging</li></ul>Cradle-to-grave Reporting<br /><ul><li>Generation of business-oriented comprehensive reports at Agent, Campaign, System and Resource levels
  81. 81. Over 200 Report Templates
  82. 82. Web-based access for remote users
  83. 83. Real-time and Historical Data Analysis
  84. 84. Automatic Maintenance and Backup Management</li></li></ul><li>Indigo Ameyo Integration (Phase 2) IVR Solution<br />LAN Switch<br />AMEYO CC Suite<br />IVRS by Drishti<br /><ul><li> IVR with Intelligent routing
  85. 85. Customer prioritization
  86. 86. Customizable IVR prompts
  87. 87. IVR integrated with database
  88. 88. Caller authentication
  89. 89. Auto-attendant with music on hold
  90. 90. Skill-based routing to direct your customers to the most appropriate agent</li></ul>Administrator<br />AVAYA BCM<br />Drishti IVR<br />1<br />Agent Stations<br />External Components<br />DCS<br />Avaya Phones<br />ATOM IVR<br />Agent Stations<br />Payment Gateway<br />Website<br />Agent Stations<br />
  91. 91. Indigo Ameyo Integration (Phase 2) IVRS Benefits<br /><ul><li> Automatic Call Routing using DNIS & CRM Integration
  92. 92. Intelligent Routing of Multiple Applications
  93. 93. Call-Flow Designer
  94. 94. Run-time Change of Call Flow
  95. 95. Database Integration, DTMF Recognition and Generation
  96. 96. PBX Integration
  97. 97. Seamless working with T1, ISDN, E1 or analog lines
  98. 98. Text-to-Speech (TTS) ability
  99. 99. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Integration
  100. 100. Scripting Capabilities
  101. 101. E-mail/SMS/Fax integration.
  102. 102. Multi-language Support
  103. 103. Call Conferencing
  104. 104. Remote Monitoring via GUI-based interface
  105. 105. 100% Blind Recording (with compression and multimedia operations)</li></ul>Key Features<br /><ul><li>Self-help service with TTS and ASR
  106. 106. IVR Node Flow Designer with Scripting Capabilities
  107. 107. Multi-language Support
  108. 108. E-mail/SMS/Fax Integration</li></ul>Advanced features<br /><ul><li>IVR Route Mapping of Customer
  109. 109. IVR Jump
  110. 110. Customizable IVR prompts
  111. 111. Agent Greetings</li></li></ul><li>Indigo Ameyo Integration <br />(Phase 3) MM Benefits<br />Email<br /><ul><li>Ticketing System (Ameyo Care) with Escalation management
  112. 112. Email Queues (integrated with Voice/ SMS queues)
  113. 113. SLA Management
  114. 114. Email templates/Bulk Emails</li></ul>Chat<br /><ul><li>Web queues
  115. 115. Escalation and SLA</li></ul>Web<br /><ul><li>Web Callback
  116. 116. Integration with web apps/Mashups</li></ul>SMS<br /><ul><li>Bulk SMS
  117. 117. Customized SMS
  118. 118. Campaign & Media level exclusion</li></ul>Fax over IP<br />Voice Broadcasting<br />
  119. 119. Introduction<br />Indigo Proposition<br />Ameyo for Indigo<br />Case Studies<br />
  120. 120. Case: MotilalOswal<br />One of the largest Brokerage/Advisory companies in India<br />Needed complete automation for :<br /><ul><li>Advisory
  121. 121. Customer Care
  122. 122. Back-Office</li></ul>Implementation of complete Customer Interaction<br />Management<br /><ul><li>Custom communications flow
  123. 123. Multiple extensions per advisor
  124. 124. Missed call notification & automatic callback
  125. 125. Broadcast voice notifications
  126. 126. Features like Dial-n-trade</li></ul>Highlights of Solution Implemented<br /><ul><li>Lightning fast deployment– no other vendor could match the time to market
  127. 127. Beat competition like Avaya/Aspect
  128. 128. Provided the solution at a very appealing cost to the client
  129. 129. Client witnessed increase in business and customer satisfaction</li></ul>Winner of CNBC-NASSCOM IT user award* for intelligent use of technology (DACX Ameyo) to manage business processes<br />*Source:<br />"Customer Experience is of utmost importance in our business. We required a technology solution that could deliver good customer experience and help us attain our goal. We chose Drishti due to their competence and the way they moved to have in-depth understanding of our specific business requirements. The speed of execution from their end was superb. We are glad to have chosen Drishti“<br />Anuragi RamanSr. Vice President (IT)<br />
  130. 130. Case: Dhiraagu<br />One of the largest Telecom companies in Maldives<br />Business Requirement<br /><ul><li>Advanced IVRS with multi-language support
  131. 131. User skill management and priority-based customer handling
  132. 132. ACD wait time notifications and personalized greetings
  133. 133. Voice logging and live monitoring
  134. 134. Billing Information updates to the customers
  135. 135. System Automation and Backup</li></ul> <br />Advanced customer care solution<br />implemented<br /><ul><li> Complex call flows designed and implemented via node-flow designer
  136. 136. Agent Queue assignments for overflow management
  137. 137. Skill and context-based routing
  138. 138. Callback option selection for the customers and email notification of callbacks to the agents
  139. 139. Live wallboard for the campaign
  140. 140. Integration with 3rd party database
  141. 141. Automation of bill payments by integration of IVRS with billing system and web service based payment gateway</li></ul> <br />Highlights of Solution Implemented<br /><ul><li> Enabled business scalability
  142. 142. Flexible solution accommodating advanced customer care features
  143. 143. Over 20% increase in answered calls</li></li></ul><li>Case: Department of Transport – Abu Dhabi<br />Nodal agency to manage all the transport related functions for the city of Abu Dhabi<br />About<br /><ul><li> Nodal Agency for transport in Abu Dhabi
  144. 144. Managing bus, taxi transport
  145. 145. Need for a mass-reach information and ticketing system
  146. 146. Requirement for a simplified, cost-effective and relevant solution
  147. 147. Need for multi-channel modes of interactions </li></ul>Ticketing system for<br /><ul><li> Enquiry / Feedback
  148. 148. Grievance</li></ul>Key Features<br /><ul><li> IVR based self-service facility
  149. 149. Supporting email/sms/phone/web based communication
  150. 150. Ticketing based incident management with appropriate TAT and escalation system</li></ul>Benefits<br /><ul><li> Better Service delivery
  151. 151. Sound monitoring for improving SLA’s
  152. 152. Workforce effectiveness management
  153. 153. Track Incident Reports
  154. 154. Incident Type Driven Details
  155. 155. Assign Tasks and Work Orders
  156. 156. Track Complete History of Incident Until Completion
  157. 157. Provides the facility to ensure accurate Information for Reporting
  158. 158. Manage resources to ensure the right people are focused on the right things </li></li></ul><li>Case: BookMyShow – Network 18<br />India’s largest ticketing portal for films, concerts, shows<br />Business Requirements<br /><ul><li>Automated Ticket Booking System through Single pan India number 39895050
  159. 159. Process Automation
  160. 160. Customizable IVR
  161. 161. Regional Movie Updates </li></ul>Solution Implemented<br /><ul><li>Dynamic IVR/ACD implemented with reporting and voice logging and inbuilt CTI
  162. 162. Integration with multiple systems like CRM, ASR, Database
  163. 163. Payment gateway integration
  164. 164. Transaction ID Generation & SMS Confirmation
  165. 165. Easy change of movies, shows in the IVR via a GUI-based interface
  166. 166. CLI-based routing for regional movie information</li></ul>“Drishti'sadvanced technology platform, Ameyo, proved to be just the right solution that could understand our workflow, and address the core issues in order to achieve process automation while lowering operational and transaction costs. We look forward to Drishti’s support in future too.”<br />Parikshit Dhar<br />Director (IT)<br />
  167. 167. Case: Indian Market Research Bureau<br />One of India’s largest Market Research Bureau<br />About<br /><ul><li>Runs Market Research & grievance cell processes
  168. 168. Initially on manual with Alcatel PBX
  169. 169. Wanted scalable CRM, with Quality (voice logging), Outbound
  170. 170. Started with 80 seats</li></ul>Key Highlights<br /><ul><li>Blended dialing
  171. 171. advanced number/ lead management
  172. 172. dynamic call pacing ratio
  173. 173. DNC Compliance
  174. 174. Internal DND & NDND exclusions
  175. 175. Integration with CATI
  176. 176. CTI with customized Pop-up CRM interface
  177. 177. Real-time quality monitoring with voice quality tagging</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Expanded rapidly on the same technology infrastructure
  178. 178. over 200% growth in agent seats
  179. 179. Client very impressed with Drishti’s technology and recommends Drishti to other partners as well</li></li></ul><li>