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  1. 1. Rocky Mountain Ford DealersFM Personality Endorsements with Clear Channel Denver<br />Presented by: Kristen Organ, Clear Channel Denver<br />Date: May 4, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Sample video testimonials with Clear Channel FM personalities<br />
  3. 3. Ford Dealer Campaign Goals:<br /><ul><li> Consistent 13 week campaign during the summer months.
  4. 4. Market to broad range of consumers with your full message</li></ul> about Ford special features combining audio and visual<br /> creative.<br /><ul><li> Drive qualified buyers to the showrooms through targeted </li></ul> advertising based on age/consumer profile demographics. <br /><ul><li> Consider a program that is designed to move vehicles…</li></ul>“Go Big or Don’t Go”!<br />
  5. 5. Endorsements have been among the most powerful persuasive tools since the beginning of human history. Testimonies and word of mouth help us make our most important decisions. They help us decide where to eat, what brands to buy, where to vacation, and who to choose to paint our house. The most powerful testimonials come from people that you know. That’s why Radio Personality Endorsements are so powerful!<br />The F.A.B.’s* of Endorsements:<br />Local radio personalities foster a sense of community and trusted friendship among listeners.<br />Copy read by local radio hosts becomes copy read by ambassadors for a brand.<br />Live reads are interpreted as recommendations and valuable word of mouth advertising.<br />Radio personalities are arbiters of taste – local opinion leaders that expose the latest trends to the masses.<br />Hipness factor and instant credibility – association/recognition.<br />Category Exclusivity and prime spot placement (First in POD).<br />Endorsements are unique to radio and can be traced back to radio’s infancy.<br />Effectiveness with proven success.<br />Engages listeners.<br />Multi-media campaign through terrestrial radio, internet, and streaming.<br />Lend credibility to your business.<br />*Features, Advantages, and Benefits<br />
  6. 6. Here's how it works (KBCO’s Keefer as an example):<br /><ul><li> Ford will provide Keefer with a Ford F150 to drive throughout the endorsement campaign.
  7. 7. Keefer will talk about all the great features of the Ford F150 that he is driving.
  8. 8. Keefer will encourage KBCO listeners to head to his personality page at to check out the video of the Ford F150 that he has been talking about on-air (audio and visual).
  9. 9. Ford’s personality endorsed banners and video (VISUAL) of the F150 will be on Keefer’s personality page for listeners to check out. We can place a link to the dealer’s web sites and facebook "like" as well.
  10. 10. KBCO listeners will then head to the Ford dealerships and buy a Ford F150! : )</li></li></ul><li>Clear Channel on-air personalities connect to their audience across multiple platforms and it all begins with the on-air endorsement.<br />On-air endorsement details:<br />All Clear Channel stations will do live personality endorsements which will run during personality’s show (first commercial out of the break). We will also do pre-recorded endorsements on all stations which will run during any daypart. <br />Click here<br />Click here<br />Click here<br />Keefer KBCO <br />Endorsement<br />Willie B KBPI <br />Endorsement<br />Ginger KBCO <br />Endorsement<br />
  11. 11. Example personality endorsed banner<br />Your endorsement campaign with Clear Channel on-air personalities will be more than just on-air. Here is a list of ways you will increase your endorsement exposure and create a complete 360 multi media endorsement campaign.<br />Digital endorsement elements:<br />Banner ads with Personality endorsement image <br />(see example)<br />Personality Video endorsement (see example)<br />Personality Rich Media Floating Ad examples (examples below)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 100% banner rotation on personality pages <br />Online streaming commercials<br />Each station can be heard online and our listeners are taking advantage to this opportunity to listen at work. Your customized streaming campaign will run M-F 8a-5p (when listeners are at their computers).<br />Example personality endorsed video<br />
  12. 12. Campaign elements (same on every station):<br /><ul><li> 3xs LIVE :60 endorsements per week to run in the endorsing personality’s daypart</li></ul> (first in commercial break) 39xs over 13 weeks<br /><ul><li> 15xs pre-recorded :60 endorsements per week to run during any daypart</li></ul> (first in commercial break) 195xs over 13 weeks<br /><ul><li> 15xs pre-recorded :60 streaming endorsements per week (M-Su 8a-5p)</li></ul> 195xs over 13 weeks<br /><ul><li> 100% personality endorsed banner rotation on Personality page for 3 months </li></ul> (# of guaranteed impressions vary by station) <br /><ul><li> Personality endorsed Banners across all station web pages for 3 months</li></ul> (# of guaranteed impressions vary by station)<br /><ul><li> :15 Personality endorsed Ford vehicle video on personality page for 3 months
  13. 13. One Personality endorsed Rich Media online takeover per station </li></ul> (# of guaranteed impressions vary by station)<br />
  14. 14. Estimated 13 week total cost per station <br />(includes all costs: commercials, digital and talent fees)<br />KBCO investment: $97,000 KBPI investment: $64,000<br /> KPTT investment: $28,000 KRFX investment: $66,000 <br />KTCL investment: $53,000<br />All 5 stations investment: $308,000<br />
  15. 15. Need More Proof???…then take it from some happy CLIENTS!!!<br />“[Clear Channel Radio] has been an excellent marketing tool for us since we began advertising almost 12 years ago. They continue to integrate our firm into their multi-faceted marketing campaigns and our results are growing each year. As a matter of fact we have stopped advertising in several other places, because [Radio] has been such an effective tool.”<br />“I’ve cut my yellow pages spending down to a minimum. I’ve stopped my weekly Westword ads and all my direct mail pieces. My endorsement with [Clear Channel Radio] … has significantly grown my business and is working better than ANY other media I ever used.”<br />“I began advertising with [Clear Channel Radio] in 2008. Since then, we have more than tripled our business. It seems like every time [CC Talent] voices a live spot, someone new walks through the door. We couldn’t be happier!”<br />“We started our [Clear Channel Radio] advertising March 1st 2011… we are seeing 3 to 6 new customers per day and it’s only been 6 weeks. Yeah, we’re real happy!”<br />“We spend A LOT of money in advertising and marketing. We are the regions largest volume pre-owned auto dealer and our endorsements with [Clear Channel] have delivered the best return on our investment anywhere!”<br />