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Sunday, April 28, 13
OVERVIEWEgyp%an	  architect	  with	  almost	  10	  years	  of	  mul%-­‐Scope	  experiences,such	  as	  designer,	  Project...
THINGS	  I	  DO	  TO	  ADD	  VALUECrea%ve	  problem	  solving,integra%ng	  Resources,	  Analyzing	  collected	  informa%on...
SKILLS-­‐	  Discussing	  the	  objec%ves,	  requirements	  and	  budget	  of	  a	  project.-­‐	  Designing	  and	  seOng	 ...
-­‐	  Preparing	  applica%ons	  for	  planning	  and	  building	  control	  departments.-­‐	  Preparing	  tender	  documen...
THANK	  YOUDon’t	  hesitate	  to	  contact	  me,Web	  	  :	  www.changearc.comEmail	  :	  hazem@changearc.comCell	  	  	  ...
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hazem abdelaleem Visual summary


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hazem abdelaleem Visual summary

  1. 1. Sunday, April 28, 13
  2. 2. OVERVIEWEgyp%an  architect  with  almost  10  years  of  mul%-­‐Scope  experiences,such  as  designer,  Project  manger  &  Academic  staff  member.Organized  person,  able  to  see  the  big  picture  while  paying  aFen%on  to  small  details,  with  outstanding  communica%on  and  presenta%on  skills.  Sunday, April 28, 13
  3. 3. THINGS  I  DO  TO  ADD  VALUECrea%ve  problem  solving,integra%ng  Resources,  Analyzing  collected  informa%on,Crea%ng  conceptual  vision,Visualizing,Formalizing  &Communica%ng.Sunday, April 28, 13
  4. 4. SKILLS-­‐  Discussing  the  objec%ves,  requirements  and  budget  of  a  project.-­‐  Designing  and  seOng  the  projects  concept  via  detailed  sketches.-­‐  Consul%ng  with  other  professionals  about  the  design  of  an  environment.-­‐  Preparing  and  presen%ng  feasibility  reports  and  design  proposals  to  the  client.-­‐  Advising  the  client  on  the  prac%cality  of  their  project.-­‐  Using  IT  in  design  and  project  management,  specifically  using  computer-­‐aided  design  soTware.-­‐  Keeping  within  financial  budgets  and  deadlines.-­‐  Producing  detailed  workings,  drawings  and  specifica%ons.-­‐  Specifying  the  nature  and  quality  of  materials  required.-­‐  Preparing  tender  applica%ons  and  presenta%ons.Sunday, April 28, 13
  5. 5. -­‐  Preparing  applica%ons  for  planning  and  building  control  departments.-­‐  Preparing  tender  documents  for  contracts.-­‐  Project  managing  and  helping  to  coordinate  the  work  of  contractors.-­‐  Controlling  a  project  from  start  to  finish.-­‐  Regular  site  visits  to  check  on  progress,  ensuring  that  the  project  is  running  on  %me  and  to  budget.Resolving  problems  and  issues  that  arise  during  construc%on.-­‐  Following  up  new  business  opportuni%es  and  seOng  up  mee%ngs.-­‐  Planning  and  preparing  presenta%ons.-­‐  Communica%ng  new  product  developments  to  prospec%ve  clients.-­‐  Overseeing  the  development  of  marke%ng  literature.-­‐  Wri%ng  reports.-­‐  Providing  management  with  feedback.Sunday, April 28, 13
  6. 6. THANK  YOUDon’t  hesitate  to  contact  me,Web    :  www.changearc.comEmail  :  hazem@changearc.comCell        :  +2  0100  55  29  28  1  Linkedin  :  @Hazem  Abdel  aleemTwiFer      :  @HazemabdelaleemSunday, April 28, 13