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Internet mcq

  1. 1. Internet MCQ1. TCP/IP is a:a. Network Hardwareb. Network Softwarec. Protocold. None of these2. OSI stands for:a. Open System Interfaceb. Out System Interfacec. Open System Interconnectiond. Out System Interconnection.3. TCP/IP mainly used for:a. File Transferb. Emailc. Remote Login Serviced. All of these4. IPX/SPX used for:a. Linuxb. Unixc. Novel NetWared. Windows5. NetBIOS is developed by:a. Microsoftb. IBMc. Sund. None of these6. Which IEEE standard is developed for CSMA/CDa. IEEE 802.1b. IEEE 802.2c. IEEE 802.3d. IEEE 802.47. Which is the part of Data Link Layer:a. LLCb. MACc. Both a and bd. None of these8. Which network architecture is developed by IBM?
  2. 2. a. System Network Architectureb. Digital Network Architecturec. Boroughs Network Architectured. Distributed Network Architecture9. _______are hardware and software combinations that connect devices running different nativeprotocols.a. Protocolsb. Modelsc. Gatewaysd. Ports10. Which is the lowest layer of TCP/IP model:a. Host to Host Layerb. Network Access Layersc. Internet Layerd. Application Layer11. _____is an access channel for computers to exchange information.a. Socketb. Portc. Gatewaysd. Protocol12. How many ports a computer may have:a. 256b. 128c. 65535d. 102413. Which is the type of port:a. Serialb. Parallelc. AGPd. All of these14. Parallel port can transfer ____ bits of data at a time:a. 2b. 4c. 8d. 1615. Parallel Port can not connect:
  3. 3. a. Printersb. Scannersc. Telephonesd. Monitors16. In computer which range is in registered ports:a. 0 to 1023b. 1024 to 49151c. 49151 to 65535d. None of these
  4. 4. 17. USB stands for:a. United Serial Busb. Universal Serial By-Passc. Universal System Busd. Universal Serial Bus18. Which is the fastest port for data transfer:a. USBb. Serialc. Paralleld. FireWire19. Default port for HTTP:a. 23b. 80c. 21d. 2520. Which is not the part of the UDP datagram:a. Source Portb. Destination Portc. Checksumd. None of these21. Which is the type of socket:a. Datagramb. Streamc. Rawd. All of these22. In which layer of OSI model IP is available:a. Layer 1b. Layer 2c. Layer 3d. Layer 423. IP is defined in:a. RFC 790b. RFC 791c. RFC 792d. RFC 79324. TTL stands for:a. Time-To-Loginb. Time-To-Livec. Transistor-Transistor-Live
  5. 5. d. None of these25. Which protocol is used to report error message:a. TCPb. IPc. ICMPd. SMTP26. Which is the error message reported by ICMP:a. Time exceededb. Host unreachablec. Echo requestd. All of these27. What is the use of IP source routing:a. Mapping the network driveb. Troubleshootingc. Performanced. All of above28. Which is the IP source routing method:a. SSRb. LSRc. LLRd. Both a and b29. In a TCP header source and destination header contains:a. 8 Bitsb. 16 Bitsc. 32 Bitsd. 128 Bits30. Which is the false statement:a. TCP enable dataflow for monitoringb. It avoid network saturationc. TCP makes communication between server and client.d. In TCP/IP model Internet layer is closest to the user.31. Which is not the application level protocol:a. FTPb. S/MIMEc. PGPd. HTTP32. RDP server runs on:a. Computersb. Switchesc. Routersd. Servers
  6. 6. 33. RDP client runs on:a. Clientsb. Routersc. Hostsd. Switches34. Which is the false statement:a. Telnet is used for remote login.b. FTP can transfer files between two hosts.c. TFTP rely on TCP.d. SMTP used to send mail message.35. The default port for SMTP is:a. 21b. 23c. 25d. 8036. SNMP used for:a. Sending Messageb. Network managementc. Domain Managementd. Sending files37. Which agency assign IPs:a. IEEEb. ANSIc. ICANNd. BSNL38. Which is the component of IP:a. Client Identifierb. Network Identifierc. Host Identifierd. Both b and c39. Which IP address is reserved for loop back or local host:a. None of these40. Which class of IP is used in smaller organizations:a. Class Ab. Class Bc. Class Cd. Class D
  7. 7. 41. The size of the IPv4 is:a. 16 Bitsb. 32 Bitsc. 64 Bitsd. 128 Bits42. Which is the part of IP:a. Netidb. Subnetidc. Hostedd. All of these43. The subnet mask belongs to:a. Class Ab. Class Bc. Class Cd. Class D44. Who provide us internet:a. TCPb. ISPc. FTPd. HTTP45. In which method we can connect to interneta. Dial-upb. SLIPc. PPPd. All of these46. URL stands for:a. Universal Resource Locatorb. Uniform Resource Locatorc. Uniform Radio Locatord. None of these47. Which is not the server side programming language:a. JSPb. ASPc. JavaScriptd. PHP48. FTP can be runs on:a. Unixb. Linuxc. Dos/Windowsd. All of these
  8. 8. 49. In HTTPS ‘S’ is stands for:a. Simpleb. Securedc. Serverd. None of these50. Which is not the requirement of internet:a. Operating Systemb. Dosc. Web browserd. Modem51. The maximum speed of Modem is:a. 32 Kbpsb. 56 Kbpsc. 64 Kbpsd. 128 Kbps52. Which protocol is used for browsing website:a. TCPb. HTTPc. FTPd. TFTP53. Which is not the browser:a. Internet Explorerb. Operac. Mozillad. Google54. Which is not the search engine:a. Altavista.comb. Google.comc. Facebook.comd. Yahoo.com55. Email stands for:a. Easy mailb. Electronic mailc. Electric maild. None of these56. Which is the chatting application:a. Yahoo messengerb. Google earthc. You tubed. None of these
  9. 9. 57. Which service provide 3D view of earth:a. Google Earthb. Wikipediac. Skyped. None of these58. Which is the threats for clients:a. Virusb. Wormsc. Torjan Horsesd. All of these59. Which is not the application of internet:a. Communicationb. Bankingc. Shoppingd. Sleeping60. Which is the advantage of e-business:a. Better Serviceb. Reduction of costc. Reduction of paper workd. All of these