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Hair transplant surgery in India | Radiance


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Radiance advanced hair transplant centers are one of the best centers in India. Which are providing the world class transplants, not only in the bald scalp, but also doing facial hair transplants like, eye brow, moustache and beard with excellent result.

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Hair transplant surgery in India | Radiance

  1. 1. Hair Transplantation Surgery in India - By Radiance Advanced Hair Transplant Center
  2. 2. Basically hair transplantation is a simple superficial surgical procedure used to treat baldness. Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure making hair to grow longtime (years together), just like your original by birth hair. The transplanted hair automatically grows back even if we cut it, trim it, or tonsure it.  The hair roots we are going to transplant are from your own donor area .i.e Scalp, Beard or Body Hair. Hair Transplant???
  3. 3. Male Pattern Baldness
  4. 4. Female Pattern Baldness
  5. 5.  There are 2 methods for graft extraction: FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplant) FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) Methods of Hair Transplantation
  6. 6. A Strip is taken from Donor Area. Donor area is closed with stitches. From Strip grafts are separated from each other under microscopes. We do Trichophytic closure in the donor area so that hair grows through it and makes the scar almost invisible. Grafts implanted in bald areas. About FUT...
  7. 7. FUE is latest Method. FUE is more preferred nowadays as it doesn’t leave a solitary linear scar on the donor area.  Post operative recovery is very fast, no need to take any bed rest or abstinence from work. You can maintain your hair length very short. No visible scar in FUE Technique. Only technique to extract the grafts for body hair transplantation . About FUE…
  8. 8. Comparison of FUT and FUE… FUT FUE • Standard Old technique • Latest method • Stitches are required • No Stitches • Linear Scar • No visible linear Scar • More number of grafts in less time can be implanted. • Limited number of grafts can be kept and relatively takes more time. • Least graft wastage.[less than 1% with experienced hands] • Up to 3% of graft transaction noticed in experienced hands. •For tight scalps it is difficult to get more grafts. •Most suitable for tight scalps, for repeated sessions and for body hair extraction.
  9. 9. FUT Process…
  10. 10. FUE Process…
  11. 11. Results…
  12. 12. Results…
  13. 13. Results…