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Content in the right context is king (Branded Content Rises)


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In a chaotic world, where storytelling, marketing, advertising & technology are beginning to intersect, the importance of branded content is rising. A deeper partnership with relevant content fast-tracks brand advocacy and growth. By engaging in this manner, with human emotions, even a mere brand sponsorship can result in an impact that bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart...& this emotional investment that a customer has with the brand unlocks loyalty and ownership.

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Content in the right context is king (Branded Content Rises)

  1. 1. Content in the right CONTEXT IS KING!Our lives lie in the grasp of a contagion with twin totems: one Time Poverty and the otherDistraction. An inundation of channels, platforms, devices and information is crushing consumers as theygo about their daily lives. By having unhindered access to mobile and social media platforms, brands areexperimenting with paid, owned, and earned media to reach, attract, connect and converse with targetconsumers across their channels of relevance. Thus emerged the importance of content and its constantlyemerging value as a key brand strategy marketers adopt to establish though leadership, relevance, buzzand most importantly for behavioral targeting. However as content takes on more forms in more channels,marketers are constantly seeking innovative ways to keep brand messages and conversations fromspinning out of control. With the recent boom of Digital Consumerism, the advanced customer targeting capabilities that exist today habitually offer very rich analytic data about the consumers. This detailed data available to brand marketers is now comprehensive of the consumers profile, location, demographics, psychographics, online behaviors, buying patterns and conversion propensity. Marketers now can scientifically declare how valuable specific consumers are to them; directly target; and willingly pay additional for those who wouldperceive the brand’s content or message and influence it further. However it is really the context in whichthe content is both served and consumed which drives value, power and offers the differentiation fromself-serving junk mail and the much-loathed ‘interruption marketing’.Context is therefore important today, but only because of the proliferation of content. Personally, I dontbelieve one is more important than the other. But since the emergence of user-friendly platforms anddigital technologies, there seems an over-abundance of content everywhere. And so the brand’sconstant problem is how do we deal with such an overwhelming amount of information that everyone isparticipating in creating and consuming?And the answer is in - the context. Why? Because context makes the content more relevant toeveryone. Simply put, if I offer valuable information, you will appreciate it, but it is highly possible that youhonestly may never use it. However, if I help you appreciate the value of that information by showing youhow it works for me or someone like you, then the context makes it invaluable.We all identify with what we know and what we are exposed to. Local context, culture and experienceshapes our lives personality and behavior. For marketers who constantly enjoy doodling innovativeeditions for their content strategies, it is time they accept the importance to be relevant to their audience.Time to show customers you understand them – that you understand their context.If you have any additional thoughts or comments, please do share on my blog…