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Hybrid variety plants

powerpoint presentation of hybrid variety plants

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Hybrid variety plants

  1. 1. WELCOME A PowerPoint presentation by Divya L J Natural science
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • Plant breeding is the art of science of changing the traits of plants in order to produce desired characteristics. • Plant breeding can be accomplished through many techniques ranging from simply selecting plants with desirable characteristics for propagation, to more or complex cultivation. • Hybrids are commonly produced and selected because they have desirable characteristics not found or inconsistently present in the parent individual or population.
  4. 4. • The hybridisation used in develop new type of animals and plants with high resistance, high productivity and lifelongness. And these are the qualities of hybrid plants and animals. • Sunandini, aseen, basara,jamnapari are the examples of hybrid varieties of animals. Kuthiravali,sreejaya,shubhra,lohith are the examples of plants. Now we study about some of the hybridized plant with their example.
  5. 5. HYBRIDISED PLANTS CHARACTERISTICS OF HYBRIDISED PLANTS • Hybridised plants have high resistance. • Hybridised plants have high yielding capacity. • Hybridised plants have high productivity. • Hybridised plants have lifelongness. • Example: Brinjal,Ladyfinger,Chilli,Paddy, Tomato etc….
  6. 6. Hybrid variety of Paddy
  7. 7. Paddy • Hybridised rice is any genealogy of rice produced by cross breeding different kinds of rice. • As with other types of hybrids , hybrids rice are typically displays heterosis such that when it grown under the same conditions as comparable high yielding inbred rice varieties it can produce up to 30% more rice. • High yield crops, like hybrid rice are one of the most important tools for combiting world food crises. Example: IR8, Jaya,Jyothi,Aswathy ……
  8. 8. Hybrid variety of Chilly
  9. 9. Chilli • Chillies widely used as vegetable and spice is an often cross pollinated crop. • It is also known as hot pepper Example: KT.1,Solar hybrid1, Solar hybrid 2 Jawlamukhi, Jawlasakhi etc.
  10. 10. Hybrid variety of Brinjal
  11. 11. Brinjal • Bt Brinjal, the first genetically modified food crop, has generated in India. • The Bt Brinjal give higher profit to the man. The seeds can be re used it save cost of purchasing fresh seeds. • The Bt brinjal high yield would spell greater economic stability and migrated the financial problems. Examples:Soorya, Swetha, Haritha, Neelima etc.
  12. 12. Hybrid variety of Tomato
  13. 13. Tomato • Tomato production is increased considerably in the recent past with green house production. • The tomato is popular with both small and large scale farmers for its edible fruits both for export and consumption. Example: Shakti, Mukthi, Anakha, Anna f1
  14. 14. Hybrid variety of Rubber
  15. 15. Rubber • The polymer blends have been of a great interest particularly last two decades or so. • The factors that have fueled this interest are cost and time associated with the development of new polymers. • And the ability to tailor properties by blending which may result in new desirable. Example: RR 11-105,RR 11-300, RR:M.700 etc.
  16. 16. Hybrid Variety of Cucumber
  17. 17. Cucumber • Hybrid variety of cucumber give high yield. • And there are different varieties of cucumber present in that field. • And also they are disease resistance. • The different varieties of cucumber are Burpee hybrid, Gemini hybrid, China long cucumber, Arunima etc.
  18. 18. Hybrid variety of Pea
  19. 19. Pea • Pea plant is also known as small spherical seed or seed pot of the pod fruit. • The pod contain several seed of peas. • There are so many varieties of garden pea; they are namely Alaska, Tom Thumb, Sabre, Serge etc. • They are high yielding varieties and resistance.
  20. 20. Hybrid variety of Coconut
  21. 21. Coconut • The coconut tree is the major crop in Kerala. • Most coconut palms are categorized as old trees. • It grow in various environment certain environment condition. • The coconut farming give high volume of production. Example: PB 121, KHINA-1, T x D, D x T, Kerasanka, Kerasree etc.
  22. 22. Conclusion Through the study we can learned about the different types of hybrid plants and their special features with example. The hybrid plants will give more yielding and result to us. And the plants have the capacity of high productivity, high resistance and life longness.
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