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India Elections 2014 coverage


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India Elections 2014 coverage- Check live elections 2014 updates on these pages

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India Elections 2014 coverage

  1. India Elections 2014 have started, check out the following pages for in- depth news and analysis on #Elections2014.
  2. Google Google elections page tells about various political parties in the fray, videos & hangouts related to elections 2014, election trends, candidate profiles and a pledge to vote.
  3. Firstpost First post elections page shows election 2014 information that includes election news & analysis, election data, social index and live TV videos.
  4. Live mint Live Mint elections page shows latest election 2014 news, election metrics, political profiles, quotes and videos.
  5. SlideShare SlideShare elections2014 page showcases election 2014 content, election manifestos of various parties, election analysis, candidate profiles, voter guides and advertising case studies.
  6. The Indian Express The Indian Express elections page offers information about various parties, political heavyweights, trending election 2014 news, analysis, opinions , game changer states and election tracker.
  7. NDTV NDTV elections page informs about top election 2014 stories , campaigning news, key election states & big election fights along with opinion polls, election schedule and videos.
  8. IBNlive IBN elections page tell about latest election news, political parties, election tracker, social tracker, quizzes, MP’s ratings and videos .
  9. Join the conversation, upload your content to For more elections updates follow hash tag #Elections2014 Thanks for watching!