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Apple Tablet-’ IPAD ’ : Apple’s *latest creation

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  • Will share the user feedback in few days!!! For now it is an AMAZING DEVICE
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  • Hey Archana, Only after watching your presentation... i went out to buy one for myself... finally got it yesterday! Thanks a ton dear.
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  • Hello! I congratulate you for your excellent presentation. It’s really interesting. I add your presentation as a favorite, I hope you visit my presentation, and also add me to your favorites. Thanks, greetings from Venezuela Add me to your Favorites click on the heart that says Favorite. Thanks
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  • Estilo de vida - La seguridad en la PCView more presentations from Rosana Marquez.
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  • It will be seen what the future brings, now it is simply confusing as to whether you really need that pad...
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Apple’s Tablet - IPAD

  1. Apple Tablet<br />Apple’s latest creationbreaking news….<br />
  2. The announcement….<br />
  3. Apple announces ‘iPad’ touchscreen tablet - <br />Apple Announcement LIVE VIDEO: Streaming Updates From 2010 Apple Event (VIDEO)<br /><br />
  4. Steve Jobs calls it &apos;truly magical&apos; and &apos;revolutionary&apos; device.<br />After months of rampant speculation, Apple Wednesday announced a touchscreen tablet computer, the &quot;iPad&quot; for consumers who want to take their movies, TV shows, music, games and reading with them, be it around the house or on the go.<br />&quot;We want to kick off 2010 with a truly revolutionary and magical product,&quot; CEO Steve Jobs told a packed audience at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday.<br /><br />
  5. Apple Ipad review<br />Turner Says Apple&apos;s IPad Tablet `Exceeded Expectations‘<br />Video follows…<br />
  6. The pre-launch buzzz……<br />
  7. The Apple Tablet: Tech Nerds Rejoice!<br />For geeks everywhere, today is the day we finally see the device we have all been talking about for the last year. For the last week I&apos;ve seen prediction pools where you get one point for each correct answer. Seven or ten inches? Verizon or ATT? Stylus or finger?<br /><br />
  8. Wired says Apple tablet will not use apps for content delivery<br />HTML5 and iTunes will form the centerpieces of Apple’s new content strategy, Wired reports in an article that claims an insider source.<br />“The new iTunes content will not be packaged as apps sold through the App Store,” Wired claims, “though Apple will likely provide a tablet app for displaying new content created with this new platform, and developers will still be free to create apps.”<br /><br />
  9. Apple tablet sets Twitter abuzz-CNN<br />Twitter is on fire just hours ahead of the expected debut of Apple&apos;s tablet computer.<br /><br />
  10. Apple&apos;s tablet: It&apos;s all about developers- cnet news<br />Never have developers mattered more. As Apple readies its tablet announcement party for later Wednesday morning, the big question remaining is whether developers will join, or whether they&apos;ll join Google&apos;s Android and Chrome initiatives.<br />It&apos;s Apple vs. Google. And it&apos;s all about developers.<br /><br />
  11. Apple tablet an iPhone on steroids?-REUTERS UK<br />Rumour has it that we’re going to see a tablet computer that builds on the touchscreeniPhone interface that redefined what we expect from today’s technology. An iPhone on steroids, with a 10-inch touchscreen to offer the best compromise between portability and media browsing.<br /><br />
  12. Apple Patent Tablet Granted on Eve of Launch-<br />The U.S. Patent Office granted Apple a number of patents just before the expected launch of its tablet Wednesday morning, and surprise! One of them concerns an Apple tablet.However, the patent in question, &quot;Proximity Detector in Handheld Device&quot;, doesn&apos;t cover the tablet itself, but a means of data entry within it. <br />,2817,2358475,00.asp<br />
  13. Apple Ipadpost-launch talk…<br />
  14. Apple&apos;s iPad vs. Kindle, Eee PC, PSP Go-@ PCWorld<br />Here is a philosophicaliPad question: What is it? Perhaps the best way to explain the iPad is to call it a jack-of-all-trades. It has all the functionality of the iPod Touch, including gaming, music, and video. But it&apos;s also a day planner, e-mail device, Web tablet, e-book reader, digital picture frame, and arguably a netbook replacement. So does this mean the iPadwill be replacing any of your digital gear anytime soon? To answer that question let&apos;s take a closer look at how it matches up to the competition.<br /><br />
  15. On the iPad -Alex Payne<br />The iPad is an attractive, thoughtfully designed, deeply cynical thing. It is a digital consumption machine. As Tim Bray and Peter Kirn have pointed out, it’s a device that does little to enable creativity. As just one component of several in a person’s digital life, perhaps that’s acceptable. It seems clear, though, that the ambitions for the iPad are far greater than being a full-color Kindle.<br /><br />
  16. Is the iPad the future of portable gaming?<br />Seemingly tailor-made for puzzle games, racing simulations and arcade amusements, Apple’s iPhone has quickly become a major player in the portable gaming market. But even with a staggering 30,000-plus downloadable diversions from “Dragon’s Lair” to “Flight Control” available, the device is about to face its stiffest competition yet.<br /><br />
  17. Discussion continues….one thing is sure though that Steve Job’s creation will always create headlines!!Thanks!<br />