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Badat_Learning Log

  1. 1. Kresa Camille S. Doromal IV BEED LEARNING LOG 1. How do I get students to pay attention and actively participating? As a future teacher someday good relationship towards my students and implementing respect to one another is a good way to get my students attention in order for them to actively participating in the learning process. Having good relationship with them makes them feel belong and comfortable in expressing their ideas and at the same time everybody will respect the different ideas of their classmates. 2. How do I keep the flow of events moving with smooth and rapid transition? Well-preparation of the things to be taught and the materials to be use in teaching is I think the best way to keep the flow of event moving with smooth and rapid transition. Because for me a teacher that is ready from what she will teach to what she will be using in teaching, makes the learning process good going forward. 3. How do I communicate to students what I expect of them and are my expectation correct? The best way to do regarding with expectations is to start my school days with my students having orientation and having meeting with parents of my students. Through orientation and meetings help me create good relationship with both students and the parent of my students and also their background knowledge about my students. Having meetings with the parents help me decide to what are appropriate things to be done regarding on the expectations and also in order for them to be aware. 4. How do I build personal relationship with students? I will build personal relationship with my students through giving them equal learning opportunities. I will treat them equally regardless of their gender, social status, cultural origin and religious beliefs. 5. How do I deal with very resistant students? In dealing with very resistant student I should have the attitude of being patience and has the best interest of the child in mind an all its
  2. 2. learning activities or else I will take with them personally and their parents also to know why they are behaving that way so that I think of the things that is appropriate for them and get their attention. Also I will ask help to their parents for the monitoring of the learning development of the student. 6. What does it take to explain things clearly? For me it is by knowing what the learning objective to be taught is and if it is a SMART one. Having knowledge and mastery of the subject matter is very important to connect things clearly to the learning objectives. 7. How do I make lesson more interesting and effective? I will make my lesson realistic and applicable or shall I say meaningful to my students. Relating my lesson to reality is the best way to make my learner think that the lesson being taught is helpful and useful to them, that they can apply their previews learning to the present. And also I will use technology as part of education nowadays in an appropriate way. 8. How do I get the most out of my space and furniture? A learning environment must be conducive for the students in order to have an effective learning. Well-arrangement of the things inside the classroom and also the good quality of the furniture including lights and ventilation is very important in creating conducive atmosphere. I am concern of the health and security of our students. That is why I will check the things to be put inside my classroom to avoid harm and danger to my learners. And also things should be related to what will be learned by the students. 9. How can I vary my teaching style? I will use different activities that will cater the different intelligences of my students with related to the topic being taught. 10. How can I adjust the students learning styles?
  3. 3. I will provide them activities that will cater all of the three main learning styles of the student; the auditory, visual and kinesthetic or tactile learners as well as the analytic and the global learners. I will provide them aids while teaching including general and specific instruction. Provide activities that all of the senses are involved. 11. What is my hidden curriculum? My hidden curriculum is to implement values inside the classroom and let it part in the learning process. Values are very important specially having students that came from different backgrounds. I will let them appreciate and respect differences towards each other. 12. How do I know what students have really learned? I will know how far my students learned to the topic being taught through assessment. Providing those tests, written works and learning task in order for me to determine their learning and mastery skills. 13. How do I build or adjust curriculum for maximum effectiveness? I will build or adjust curriculum for maximum effectiveness through making my learning environment a conducive for learning. Good relationship to both my students and the parents of my students and also people outside and inside the school community for they are helping me to develop and enhance the learning community of my students.