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TransferAgent - A FileCatalyst Technology


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In this webinar, President and Co-Fonder John Tkaczewski discusses the new file delivery technology developed by FileCatalyst.

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TransferAgent - A FileCatalyst Technology

  1. 1. Webinar: FileCatalyst TransferAgent September 23, 2015 at 11:00AM Eastern Time
  2. 2. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Presenter John Tkaczewski, President and Co-Founder FileCatalyst / Unlimi-Tech
  3. 3. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Agenda • What is FileCatalyst TransferAgent? • Why Migrate? • TransferAgent – current features • TransferAgent – features coming soon • Demo Migrating from FileCatalyst Upload Applet • Migrating from FileCatalyst Download Applet • Link demo • Questions
  4. 4. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Why migrate to TransferAgent? • Browser support for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge • Java Applets will fall in the maintenance mode (no further development) • Moving forward, all new features will be added to TransferAgent • Remove the burden of running Java Applets from the end user
  5. 5. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 What is FileCatalyst TransferAgent? In a nutshell: TransferAgent combines a desktop application (the “agent” itself) with an HTML5 interface that allows browsing local or remote file listings, selecting files for transfer, and initiating UDP file transfer without the use of browser plugins.
  6. 6. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 TransferAgent - features • No dependency on Java Plugin in the web browser for both Mac and Windows • Support for all major browsers including: Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari, Firefox • Light weight, install only when required (inline install) • Security: PGP encryption, user security prompts to allow/deny access • Support for both uploads, downloads with a transfer queue and download button • No web server side technology required except for FileCatalyst Direct Server • Built-in email notifications and web links • Based on an open REST API (language and technology neutral)
  7. 7. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 TransferAgent features coming soon • Sending email links to files located on user’s computer or to files on the FileCatalyst Direct Server (Fall 2015 v3.6) • TransferAgent to be included in FileCatalyst Workflow (Fall 2015 v3.6) • Simplified launch and install process (Fall 2015 v3.6) • 2-way applet functionality (Spring 2016)
  8. 8. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Demo 1. Migrating from FileCatalyst Upload Applet 2. Migrating from FileCatalyst Download Applet 3. Link demo
  9. 9. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Demo
  10. 10. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Questions?