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Acceleration Digitalintelligence


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Acceleration Digitalintelligence

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Acceleration Digitalintelligence

  1. 1. from acceleration volume 1 Which ad-serving option best serves you? Side-by-side comparisons of industry- leading technologies to help you choose the best solution.
  2. 2. Finding opinions is easy. Finding opinions you can trust… How do you determine what opinion to trust? There are literally millions of them online, but sifting through the internet’s many sales pitches, pundits and less-than-informed denizens to uncover valid, unbiased perspectives can quickly lead to web-rage. Or so we’ve heard at some point, from virtually every one of our clients. So we’ve elected to do something about it. Digital Intelligence is the result – a magazine that applies a scientific approach to making practical, intelligent digital marketing decisions. Each issue will focus on one question. It will include compiled and distilled insight from multiple, trusted sources - thought-leaders, partner-companies, research firms, clients and yes, our own consultants. And it will present these findings in an organized manner to help you find the right answer. I hope you find this issue helpful. Welcome to Digital Intelligence. Sincerely, Cameron Hulett SVP Publisher Solutions Acceleration Information resources for this issue: • Jupiter Research • Google • iMedia • Online Publishers Association • Interactive Advertising Bureau • ClickZ • DoubleClick • Media Post • Adotas • Biz Report • Silicon Alley Insider• Advertising Age
  3. 3. We address one of the most important questions facing In THIs IssUe… publishers today - What’s the the right ad-serving solution for me? Making the correct choice will have a significant impact on ad-revenue generation. Making the wrong choice will not only impact revenue, but workflows, employee satisfaction and advertiser relationships as well. You’ll notice that we’ve focused on Google/DoubleClick products. This isn’t to say they are the only options available – we simply feel they cover the entire spectrum of publisher needs. AdSense GAM DFP Finally, most publications focused on ad-serving would also include content about best-practices on using advertising exchanges to sell ad inventory. This one doesn’t. We think it’s a big enough subject to warrant an issue on its own, as are mobile content and emerging platforms. Want to hear about one of these (or another subject) urgently? Send us an email at and let us know.
  4. 4. steps to your intelligent solution 1 LEARN about the different technologies. 2 DISCOVER services to optimize the technologies. 3 CHOOSE your solution and service package with the the ROI calculator. The cost of owning technology? Staffing – 60% Downtime 15% Buying the software only accounts for 7% IDC 2007
  5. 5. step 1 learn Small requirements - Google AdSense AdSense is Google’s network ad serving solution. It provides a fast and easy way for you to drive revenue by automatically displaying relevant ads sold by Google on your website. This solution is particularly suited to small publishers who may not have the resources to develop and manage an advertising sales program. “A ‘free’ technology that’s IDEAL for publishers wanting to generate site revenue with no sales hassle.” PROS CONS No expertize is required. While marketed as ‘free’, AdSense will typically require service and support to Can be an effective revenue generator optimize it for your site. if your site has relevant content and significant traffic volume. Revenue is dependent on traffic – you only earn as you generate clicks, and it takes a lot Targeting is automatic. to earn a little. No third parties are involved. You have no control over which ads are shown. Ads may not complement your Can be implemented immediately. website design, and may look unprofessional. The interface for managing ads and ad AdSense users cannot fully format the ads formats is easy to use. according to their specific requirements. Includes statistics that are simple and Google can stop AdSense revenue when it understandable. deems appropriate. The technology is free (though support You can’t control (and don’t know) the and service is not included). revenue paid-per-click.
  6. 6. step 1 learn Medium requirements - GAM GAM is Google’s ‘free’ hosted ad-serving and management technology, typically aimed at publishers with smaller, direct sales teams. This tool allows you to sell and manage both reserved and discretionary inventory, either directly to advertisers, or through ad networks including Google AdSense. A ‘free’ technology with optional optimization services, this inventory management solution is PERFECT for publishers wanting to sell and serve their own ads in a simple manner.” PROS CONS The technology is free – no sign-up, The technology does not include product support or ad-serving or support costs. optimization services – those have an associated cost. Offers an uncomplicated inventory structure. The simple inventory structure may limit your ability to target to particular pages on your site. Easy to set-up and use immediately. Creative support (particularly for rich media and Includes an inventory forecast-offering video) is limited. Has an intuitive ad-tag generation process, Reporting options offered are basic and standardized with less room for user error. –you can’t customize based on specific metrics. Optional AdSense integration to fill unsold GAM offers only country, state and city geo-targeting inventory. – you can’t target based on postal code or area. Multiple levels of user frequency capping. There are limited opportunities to integrate GAM with your CRM, reporting and billing systems. Familiar Google system interface, robust and Pushing high-revenue-potential ads is a time fast delivery including quick search functionality, intuitive workflow and browser session support. consuming, manual task.
  7. 7. step 1 learn Large requirements - DFP DFP is DoubleClick’s hosted ad-serving and management solution. Think of it as ‘GAM on steroids’, plus professional support and consulting services. It is typically aimed at publishers with highly sophisticated ad-serving needs DFP is widely recognized as one of the most advanced options available. FEATURE-RICH technology plus extensive professional services perfect for publishers with sophisticated ad-serving needs. PROS CONS Offers advanced targeting to help increase the value of The technology and services are inventory, including flexible key-value targeting. combined in one fee, and the cost may be hard to justify for smaller publishers. Offers the largest database of mapped IP addresses available, in conjunction with Digital Envoy. Features and functionality require greater knowledge. The price includes product and many support services. Currently DFP can only be used on PC Handles advanced rich media, including video and mobile. systems using Windows Explorer. Integrateswith DART Sales Manager, Mobile and other DART product, as well as DoubleClick’s proposal and finance management solution. Offers an extensive, reliable ad-serving infrastructure, with data centers around the world.
  8. 8. step 1 learn Technology Features – Side-by-side Comparison How do they compare and which one offers the features you need? Find out in this feature comparison chart, and make an informed decision.
  9. 9. GOOGle aD DarT FOr FeaTUres GOOGle aDsense ManaGer (GaM) PUBlIsHers (DFP) accessibility Can be accessed online via any Can be accessed online ActiveX Architecture operating system or browser via any operating system or browser Can be accessed online via Windows XP using Internet Explorer 6+ Workflow AdSense code implemented Simplified, intuitive Structured and more directly within source trafficking and reporting complex trafficking and workflow reporting workflow Offers swift campaign Allows a higher degree setup and tag generation of control over all stages procedures of campaign and creative trafficking support Self-service help center Self-service help center Full-service help center User-to-user groups User-to-user groups Knowledge base access Email support from the Direct support from the Google product specialist DoubleClick product team specialist team Creative support Google text, image and video Basic creative upload Advanced creative upload unit ads procedure, eliminating the procedure most frequent trafficking issues Rich media templates for creative upload assistance DART Rich Media available for cutting edge display and tracking features Targeting criteria Competitive ad filter Geography (country, region, Geography (country, region, metro, city) metro, city, postal code) Manual section targeting Browser type Browser type Operating system Operating system Bandwidth Bandwidth User domain Custom key-value Custom key-value Internet service provider (ISP), online service Browser language provider (OSP) reporting Basic delivery and earnings Basic, standardized Advanced reporting reporting reporting Scheduled Customizable system integration None None Application protocol interface (API) support Typical volume Up to 200,000 impressions p/m Up to 2,000,000 Over 2,000,000 limit impressions p/m impressions p/m audience Small publishers with no direct Small to medium sized Medium to large-sized advertising programs publishers publishers ease of setting up Immediate with no expertise Quick, self-service process Complex, structured required implementation associated costs Free technology Free technology Paid
  10. 10. step 2 DIsCOVer Technology makes it possible. Services make it fit. Once you’ve selected a technology, how do you customize and use it to maximize results? You should consider the following service and support options to ensure your chosen technology is optimized for maximum results and effectiveness. Training services to build your knowledge: Arrange for comprehensive, ongoing education to ensure employees are comfortable with the technology, actively use it and are able to leverage its full potential. Technical support services to limit the impact when something goes wrong (included as part of DFP fee): Issues and questions will appear with any technology, usually without any warning. This can put incredible strain on your people and revenue. Having professional technical support available on call (possibly a credit-based system where you pay-per-issue) is the ideal way to mitigate this risk. Outsourced ad-operations OR trafficking services to reduce costs and resource constraints: Ad-serving and trafficking aren’t typically part of the core business, and many publishers are choosing to completely outsource these tasks to trustworthy third party providers so internal resources can be focused on core competencies. Every minute spent implementing a solution translates into lost opportunity -
  11. 11. step 3 assess From general information to personal assessment. By now, you’ve likely narrowed your choice down to one or two options – but which one is the perfect fit for your business? Acceleration has compiled additional, in-depth information and specialized tools to make your final decision easy. 1. The Feature and ROI calculator This calculator has been created specifically to help you determine the financial implications of choosing any of the technology and service options. Insert your numbers, see the result and make an informed decision. – Download the Calculator now. 2. Technology – in-depth material If you need additional information regarding any of the three options outlined in this issue, you’ll find it here: 3. Take the next step Decide on the direction you need to go: AdSense GAM self-serve GAM with DFP for DFP for optimization mid-size large- services enterprises enterprise
  12. 12. You’ve taken care of ad-serving. What about everything else? digital marketing consulting, outsourcing and technology services