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This transcript from MyNAMS, with Connie Ragen Green and David Perdew, focuses on the how-to’s of building your business starting with a tiny list, including:
-The three keys to building huge profits: Building relationships, monetize every
page and become a storyteller.
-How to create a one on one relationship with your customers
-Creating your home on the internet
-How to become a trusted advisor and marketer
-How to become a resource before a vendor
-The 5 Pronged Approach: Blogging, Article Marketing, Tele-seminars and
Webinars, Social Media and Live Events and Creating your Own Product Series

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Building Profits with Tiny Lists - MyNams Transcript Connie Ragan-Green

  1. 1. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsNICHE AFFILIATE MARKETING SYSTEM MYNAMS 200 Interview with Connie Ragen Green: BUILDING PROFITS WITH TINY LISTS Page 1 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  2. 2. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsCONNIE RAGEN GREEN Connie Ragen Green is a former classroom teacher and real estate appraiser who left it all behind to come online in 2006. Now a best- selling author and sought-after speaker, Connie teaches new online entrepreneurs how to build a profitable business based on their passions and experience. Connie’s books include Huge Profits with a Tiny List and Huge Profits with Affiliate Marketing.RESOURCES FROM CONNIE RAGEN GREEN:Huge Profits with a Tiny ListCookie’s book teaches the secrets to making the most from your list with easy to understand,common sense, practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. Connie’s writingstyle is just like her- conversational, honest and straight up!Viral Report MarketingConnie offers a free e-course designed to help you discover the secrets to creating andpromoting free reports online. The techniques and tools Connie teaches are paramount tobuilding your online business and success.Affiliate Marketing Secrets ExplainedDiscover Connie’s secrets to setting up and building passive online income to promote theproducts you already use and love. Get step by step direction in creating a profitable businessmodel that pays you year after year.DAVID PERDEW: David is the founder of NAMS – the Niche Affiliate Marketing System – one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing workshops and affiliate training systems available today. What makes NAMS so different is that the instructors TEACH, demonstrate, and enable the students with hands-on workshops. Students learn from their current experience level. Beginners work with beginners, Intermediates work with intermediates, and Advanced students work with advanced groups. Everyone talks the language they understand. Page 2 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  3. 3. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsDISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF USE AGREEMENTThe author and publisher of this Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio and the accompanying materials have used their bestefforts in preparing this Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio. The author and publisher make no representation or warrantieswith respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio.The information contained in this Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wishto apply ideas contained in this Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS PRODUCT AND ITS POTENTIAL. EVEN THOUGHTHIS INDUSTRY IS ONE OF THE FEW WHERE ONE CAN WRITE THEIR OWN CHECK IN TERMS OF EARNINGS, THERE ISNO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY USING THE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN THESE MATERIALS.EXAMPLES IN THESE MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE INTERPRETED AS A PROMISE OR GUARANTEE OF EARNINGS.EARNING POTENTIAL IS ENTIRELYDEPENDENT ON THE PERSON USING OUR PRODUCT, IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES. WEDO NOT PURPORT THIS AS A “GET RICH SCHEME.”ANY CLAIMS MADE OF ACTUAL EARNINGS OR EXAMPLES OF ACTUAL RESULTS CAN BE VERIFIED UPON REQUEST.YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS IN ATTAINING THE RESULTS CLAIMED IN OUR MATERIALS DEPENDS ON THE TIME YOUDEVOTE TO THE PROGRAM, IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES MENTIONED, YOUR FINANCES, KNOWLEDGE AND VARIOUSSKILLS. SINCE THESE FACTORS DIFFER ACCORDING TO INDIVIDUALS, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS ORINCOME LEVEL. NOR ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF YOUR ACTIONS.MATERIALS IN OUR PRODUCT AND OUR WEBSITE MAY CONTAIN INFORMATION THAT INCLUDES OR IS BASED UPONFORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE SECURITIES LITIGATION REFORM ACT OF 1995.FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS GIVE OUR EXPECTATIONS OR FORECASTS OF FUTURE EVENTS. YOU CAN IDENTIFYTHESE STATEMENTS BY THE FACT THAT THEY DO NOT RELATE STRICTLY TO HISTORICAL OR CURRENT FACTS. THEYUSE WORDS SUCH AS “ANTICIPATE,” “ESTIMATE,” “EXPECT,” “PROJECT,” “INTEND,” “PLAN,” “BELIEVE,” AND OTHERWORDS AND TERMS OF SIMILAR MEANING IN CONNECTION WITH A DESCRIPTION OF POTENTIAL EARNINGS ORFINANCIAL PERFORMANCE.ANY AND ALL FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS HERE OR ON ANY OF OUR SALES MATERIAL ARE INTENDED TOEXPRESS OUR OPINION OF EARNINGS POTENTIAL. MANY FACTORS WILL BE IMPORTANT IN DETERMINING YOURACTUAL RESULTS AND NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS SIMILAR TO OURS ORANYBODY ELSES, IN FACT NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE ANY RESULTS FROM OUR IDEAS ANDTECHNIQUES IN OUR MATERIAL.The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particularpurpose. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special,incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided“as is”, and without warranties.As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting or other professional should be sought.The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to inthis Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio.All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicitpurpose.This Video, Ebook, and mp3 Audio is © copyrighted by Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc. and is protected under theUS Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws, with ALL rights reserved. Nopart of this may be copied, or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way other than what is outlined within thisVideo, Ebook, and mp3 Audio under any circumstances without express permission from Niche Affiliate MarketingSystem, Inc. Page 3 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  4. 4. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Lists Page 4 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  5. 5. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsINTRODUCTION:In this presentation from Connie Ragen Green, you’ll learn how Connie has taken her love ofteaching and successfully crossed over to a meaningful and abundant career as an author,coach and mentor to both newcomers and experienced online affiliate marketers. Connie willfocus on the how-to’s of building your business starting with a tiny list, including:  The three keys to building huge profits: Building relationships, monetize every page and become a storyteller.  How to create a one on one relationship with your customers  Creating your home on the internet  How to become a trusted advisor and marketer  How to become a resource before a vendor  The 5 Pronged Approach: Blogging, Article Marketing, Tele-seminars and Webinars, Social Media and Live Events and Creating your Own Product Series Page 5 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  6. 6. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsDavid: Hello, this is David Perdew and I’m from the Niche Affiliate Marketing System. This isWednesday night, so we have a live training tonight and I’m pretty excited about this one, I’mpretty excited about all of them because of such good instructors and people deliver such goodinformation.Tonight is especially good because this woman really knows her business. I was so impressedwith her at the last NAMS that we did in August. I had known about her, but only got to meether at the last NAMS.She came as a guest at the last NAMS, knowing that she’s going to be an instructor with thisone. I really wanted her to understand how our system worked and what we were doing, sothat she can make a decision of whether she could fit in or not. I was with her for about 15minutes, and I knew she’d fit in. I was just tickled to have her around.This is Connie Reagan Green this evening and Connie’s got areally great story. She really learned how to become a superaffiliate with a very small list. She goes against what everybodysays you have to do and be online. She’s very successful at thatand I listen very closely to what Connie says. Connie, thank youso much for coming.Connie: Thank you for having me, David, I really appreciate it.David: It’s always good to learn how you can do more with lessand you started with less. I’ve flipped through your presentation and you really cranked up a lotof dollars with a small list. I think we’re going to learn a lot from you tonight—that’s really goingto give a lot of people hope.Connie: Yes, yes, I never really did give any memos early on that you had to do a certain thing.David: That’s good, so the way that this is going to work is I’m going to let you drive tonight andyou can just walk us through this. I’ll interrupt you if I have a question. If people would like toenter questions this evening, they need to do that in the Questions Box. You have a QuestionsBox in your control panel and that goes to our webinar system.Get familiar with that Questions Box because if I were you, I would input right now just to makesure you can do it, to input that you hear us just fine or that you have a question that youalready would like to ask of Connie or something.We’re going to have a question for you about 45 minutes into this and if you have listenedcarefully, and are the 3rd person to input the correct answer, then you’re going to win a 12-month scholarship to the MyNAMS membership site—that is a large value. Page 6 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  7. 7. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: A fantastic value—David: Yes, it is, it’s getting better all the time with a lot of great content in there, so very good.If people say, we’re loud and clear, it’s good. So, Connie, jump in there, let’s get started.Connie: All right, I sure will. I’m going to talk about how to make huge profits with a tiny list andhow to use relationship marketing to increase your bottom line.David: Excellent.Connie: I want to share that I reached $100,000 a year when I only had 651 names on my list. Iremember that number distinctly and it happened in 2007, or the end of 2007, because AlexMenducian had challenged me---because when he found out that I had been one of his topaffiliates with this small number, he challenged me to double that list over the next 30 days andI did take this challenge and meet it.David: Wow!Connie: This is what I started with and it worked very, very well and there you may have heardthat you can’t make money until you have a list of over 5,000, or you a run a list of 10,000,sometimes even larger, but if you’re hearing that, then you’re listening to the wrong people,that’s all I can say.I’m going to share exactly how to do what I’ve done and I’m going to share that with you today.You can do that.David: So, 651 names on your list got you $100,000, right? If you figure in lifetime value orcustomer value, that’s a rockin’ number.Connie: It really is and I think it’s probably true in a whole lot of industries, we just don’t thinkof it in our own marketing. We always think that we probably would need some number largerthan 651, that’s for sure.I’ll tell you a little bit about me—I’m a former classroom teacher, I taught all the way fromkindergarten to high school, I even taught some adult schools for a couple of years, this and 6 thgraders are my absolute favorites, they laugh at my jokes and it’s wonderful to deal with them.3rd graders used to kind of stare at me and middle school kids were just way to cool to thinkanything that Mrs. Green ever said was funny, but those 5 th and 6th graders, they were justfantastic. Page 7 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  8. 8. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsIn my spare time, I like to say, I worked in real estate. That meant that I got up every morningabout 4:30—4:45 and I had to be out of my house before 6am because it was a lot of trafficthen to get to the school, be at school all day, and after school, which depending if the kids leftbetween 2:30 and 3pm, after school for me was sometime between 4pm and 5pm, if I had ameeting or had things I had to do, that’s when I went out and did appraisals.I was a residential appraiser for 20 years and I took listings and I actually sold property. So I didthat after school, weekends and holidays. I was taking a picture of someone’s house onChristmas Eve morning one year, and the man came out of the house and said—what are youdoing? I said—you’re going to have a refinance of your house and I’m going to need pictures forthe appraisal. He said—but it’s Christmas!Then I said—no, no, it’s okay. I’m going to be going home, I’ll be with my family later today, andhe just couldn’t believe that I was doing that. That’s what I had to do to make ends meet.David: I understand, been there, done that.Connie: You’ve been there, done that? Yes, it wasn’t fun. Then when I got a little older andhealth issues made me really rethink everything. I’m a 3-time cancer survivor and I’m proudthat I’m a survivor from that and I went through a whole lot with that and that also was the endof my teaching career.I had a work accident—I was standing at a sink, which I knew I was not supposed to do in theback corner of the classroom. I was putting up a bulletin board that the principal said she reallywanted put up before I left for the weekend.So I was up there doing it, and I fell. I fell on my left side, I ended up having shoulder surgery,rotator-cut surgery on the shoulder and I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. I had thosesurgeries within a few months of each other.I thought, this is not working out for me, it is really and I thought I wasn’t really living the life Iwas intended to live.I had done a few things—I had been a big sister to a girl, I had been a foster parent, I had beena few things here and there, but overall, I felt that my life was just kind of automated, andeveryday in pretty much of the 365 days of the year, I was doing things that were just routineand it really was not as rewarding over time.At the end of 2005, I said I want to do something different. I want to come online and that’swhen I found out that people had businesses on the internet. I was not aware of it before that,even though I was using computers and the internet, since 1981-82, so since before Bill Gates,since before Microsoft and all that. I go back to the K-Pro days, if you remember those, David. Page 8 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  9. 9. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsDavid: I have one.Connie: Yes, I love the KayPro I have the 2, 5 and ¾ floppies, no hard drive, and you just storeeverything and I was doing computers because of the real estate and being in the classroom,you really have to. I didn’t realize that individuals had businesses.I knew that companies had websites, but when this all came to life for me, I thought that this isreally what I want to do, and my life has changed dramatically, since that time.David: For the better, of course.Connie: For the better, it’s just so amazing! I’m involved with so many charities, in fact after thiscall, I’m joining a new group this evening and they’re initiating me in. I already started with aproject—we made sandwiches for several hundred homeless people this past weekend. We setdown for Los Angeles and that’s the group I’m starting with. This way, I have time and money toshare with other people and that’s what I really wanted to do. I wanted to serve and share withothers.David: I will stop you right there, because this to me has been the biggest blessing of onlinebusiness. This year, we actually started to practice, in January of last year, that was a tithingpractice, and I’ve never really done that. We’ve given a lot of charity and stuff, but we’ve neverreally done a tithing.This year, we did that because #1 –it was good prosperity consciousness and #2—because itwas belief-based and #3—because it was kind of the right thing to do, that we really wanted todo it. It’s so nice to be able to look at your income from the online business, and just watch itgrow and know that you’re able to make a difference to charities that way. I love being able todo that.Connie: So do I and they made such a change in my life. One of the charities that I started withwhen I came online was Rotary and I’m very active in Rotary and my club has about 60 or somembers, and for the most part it was the same people that were there when I started fiveyears ago.When I came in, I looked around and there’s some pretty heavy hitters, the movers and shakersof Santa Clarita, this city I’m in, north of Los Angeles, they were part of Rotary.It was all I could do that first year, just to pay for my membership dues and to pay for lunch thatthey charged us for every week. Now, I’m the major donor in the Club. Boy, is that amazing andover the time, I’ve shared with them a little of what I’m doing and now I credit them. Page 9 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  10. 10. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsEven in my first book, I even gave a dedication to them. They were the group that put themicrophone in my hand and let me speak, because I could not do that in front of anybodyunless they were in my class, beforehand. It really made a huge difference, so I always will bethankful to that group for that.Then family time—you want to have time together—I missed every special occasion for all ofthose years. For 20 years, I missed birthdays and graduations.A family member became a naturalized US citizen and I missed that ceremony. I would havehad told a lie that day to get that time off from school and I didn’t want to tell the lie and Iwasn’t able to get the time off and I missed that.I didn’t want to miss anything anymore and so, now, I don’t have to—we have so much timetogether.Travel—that’s just something I always wanted to do and had done so very, very little of it. NowI’ve been to China, I’ve been to Europe, I go to Europe now every summer, that’s something Icouldn’t do before. I have extended family over there.The Caribbean I go to regularly and throughout the United States, and if I want to take a trip,I’m able to plan that. Because we’re going to lots of events, the event in Atlanta, it’s fun to beable to plan things around that.These are all things that are finally, as I got my business together, I was able to change my lifeand do these things.This is a place here—outside of Santa Clarita about ten miles from and it’s called St. Bonnie’sSanctuary. The people that started it—that’s one of the ladies that works with the horses—theystarted it because the shelters were just overwhelming with animals, they have dogs, cats andhorses. That horse on the left is 40 years old and I didn’t even know horses got that old.David: I had no idea.Connie: No, it was amazing to me. These animals have been severely abused and I have dogsand one cat, I just can’t imagine who will do this type of thing, but this place takes them in. It’svery expensive to keep them fed and the vet bills and everything to keep them going.They even have a thoroughbred horse, I don’t know if that’s him on the back left or not, butthey have a thoroughbred horse that the people that owned him, they claimed that he died forthe insurance money and then just neglected him, just let him just go---it’s so, so sad.This place takes in all the animals and cares for them and it’s something that I’m now a part of. Page 10 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  11. 11. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsThis is a scout troop. I’m part of another organization where we have boy scouts and girlscouts—this was on Flag Day last June. These children are disadvantaged and many of them aredisabled.They would not be able to get into scouting any other way, so we sponsor these troops and webring them together regularly for things. It has just changed their lives in such a great way—tobe a part of scouting.I was really poor growing up, and I was never able to be in scouts, I was forever wanting to be aBrownie and my mother said No when she found out how much everything cost we were justnever able to do that. So this group really does amazing things for these children.These little children are part of my extended family in Finland—so these are my grandchildrenthrough extended family, which means we’re not blood-related. This is actually their front yardand the summer cottage that I was able to help them buy two years ago.This is quite amazing and it’s a little teeny town in Finland, so it’s wonderful to go to. That’sSophie on the left, she’s always trying to search for something in the sand and trying to catch afish or something. Emily is swimming out there—Emily is 11. Samuel is the little fellow on theright. I actually named Samuel, so he’s a real sweetheart.To be able to do this, for this family over in Finland, where they were in a two-bedroomapartment and that meant that it was just not so comfortable. Now to have this summer housethat they could go to, 4 or 5 months of the year, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing that I wasable to help them do.David: That’s very nice.Connie: This is me. They asked me last year, on the 4th of July—we’re having a float and wouldyou like to be in there, because we think that if we put several women on here for the 25 Yearsof Women in Rotary, we could probably get some new members.I reluctantly said yes because it gets to be about 105—110 on the 4th of July in Santa Clarita andI thought I was going to suffer all this in the float.Well, about 10 minutes into it, I found the microphone and I started talking to the crowd andpeople would actually say—tell us about Rotary, when is the meeting? I was talking to them inthe microphone and finally, at the end, when we were finished with the parade, I said-- can wego around once again? Page 11 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  12. 12. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Lists I was delighted to be there and sure enough, people showed up, over the rest of the summer, that said they had seen our float in the parade, and they’re now coming to Rotary. This is amazing, this is something now that I can be a part of and it’s just really very exciting. All right, so how do we start making huge profits with a tiny list? You want to build relationships with your prospects, monetize your list from the very beginning, and become a storyteller. These are the three keys. When I’m asked----what is it that I do that’s different? What do I do that works? These are the things that I do on a regular basis, and I’m here to go into greater details on each one. Hopefully you are taking notes and if you are, this is what I want you to write down. You got to build relationships, monetize that list from the very beginning, and become a storyteller. David: Now did you do that even when you had your 651 list in the very beginning—you were already monetizing that list? Connie: I already was—I was monetizing that list by the time I had 100 people on it, and I was doing it in a variety of ways—mainly affiliate marketing in the beginning, because I was online a year before I had my first product. It was great to have that first product, finally—it was a $97 product that I had, but you can only sell so many, then you don’t have another product. So affiliate marketing always worked extremely well with that and I worked different ways to do things.David: Let me ask you this—did you have a website when you were making your sales, to beginwith?Connie: I had my blog, I was using a blog.David: Okay, because I hear some people say they can’t make any money because they don’thave a website, and we try to teach people at NAMS, that that just ain’t so.Connie: It really isn’t so, and the blog is just so very easy to set up because we’re able to useWordpress, and it’s so easy to get that going. So things are easier than when I first came online. Page 12 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  13. 13. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsWhen I first came online, Wordpress was not so user-friendly for someone like me, I had limitedtech skills and everything, right, but I can definitely do it and especially if you’re doing affiliatemarketing, you don’t need a website because you’re sending people to the other person—theproduct’s creators website.Building that relationship—that will set you apart. I don’t know where this started, but it seemsthat a lot of people doing business online, they kind of brag about the fact that they’re notbuilding relationship with their list.I guess they’re all on a tropical island and they have their drink with the little umbrella in it andthat’s the internet marketing lifestyle, but I don’t want any part of that.I love having this relationship with people, so just the fact that you really want to spend timewith the people that have come to you, and have trusted you to guide them, that’s what wouldreally set you apart very, very quickly.You want to be a trusted adviser. You want people to come to you. Now on a regular basis,people are going to email me and -- I’m looking at these two courses, what do you think? Inthat way I can say, this one—I never heard of this and I never bought this one, so I don’t knowwhat to say about it, but this other one, this is something that I have used.So you’re able to really give them that type of advice, and it’s wonderful to be able to do that.We do this offline, so I believe it just makes sense. We’re always building relationships and Iwatch the people, like at the Rotary Club and the different organizations that I’m a part of.The one I’m going to tonight, the people there—I watch how they’re networking and buildingrelationships with each other because they’re doing business with each other. I don’t do anybusiness locally, so I’m just observing. It just makes sense to connect with people that you’d liketo know better, so that you can do business with them in one way or another.How do we build these relationships? Ask people to hit reply and answer them personally. Thisis something that I included in the book that I wrote called Huge Profits with a Tiny List.It’s been an amazing thing because it will surprise them. It always surprises people when theyget a reply and you write back very quickly sometimes, and wow, I didn’t know anybody wasgoing to read this, certainly not so quickly.This is one way that you could really get the attention because finally, you’ve built a differentrelationship with that prospect that the way I’ll compare it is—the way I was in that classroom Page 13 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  14. 14. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Listsall those years, most of the teachers never had any relationship with any of the families of thestudents.Most of my kids speak Spanish, I speak Spanish. I’m not really bilingual, but I am fluent enoughin Spanish to find my way around, and I would even go and visit the homes.I always said, when you visit a family and you’ve sat in the kitchen, you’ve held the baby onyour lap while the mom was making dinner and the other kids were watching TV or doinghomework, you have a different relationship with that family.I feel the same way online. When you have reached out to people in that way, you have adifferent relationship with them. It’s not possible for anyone else to compete with you becausethey’re not willing to build that relationship.David: I want to go into this a little further, because I think people hear that you need to have arelationship with your list and the people on your list frequently, but what they don’tunderstand is that it is a one-on-one activity—it’s not a one-on-100 activity.You have to be able to talk to one person, specifically. How do you that other than the hitreply? How do you get more intimate with people?Connie: I hold regular tele-seminars and those tele-seminars become a place where I would hold the lineopen. They become a place where people can either beon the webcast or they could be on the phone and I cananswer their question directly, either them asking me ifthey’ve dialed in or if they’re on the webcast, forwhatever reason they’re going to type it in, then I callthem by name, and I answer their question, so we havethat time together and I tell you, I really look forward tothat time.I don’t say—oh, no it’s time for tele-seminar again. I say—oh good that I have a tele-seminartoday. So I’m very excited about that opportunity to connect with someone.I always think back to me, during my very first year, in 2006. If anyone would have answered myemail, if anyone at a tele-seminar would have answered my question, then I sure would havebeen thankful—but there really wasn’t anyone.So I always imagined that the person hitting reply and asking me a question, or coming on thecall, I imagine that they’re working 6 days a week and that’s the day they email me or come onthe call, that’s their only day off. Page 14 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  15. 15. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsIf their question is not answered, they may have to wait a whole week before they can movetheir business forward. That’s what’s in my mind, that’s my thinking—I don’t want to makesomeone wait a week because I had to wait too many weeks while I was trying to desperatelysearch for information because there was no social media in 2006, so it was a different world.David: I put my contact information on every website or every blog. I put my support desk andall of that at the end of my email broadcast, so that people can get a hold of me, but how doyou make sure that people can get a hold of you, but not be in your face all the time?Connie: That was a concern, that it would be overwhelming and it would be too much. What Ido is just the email that I’m sending my broadcast and my autoresponders from, that wentforward directly to my personal email, so I get those.I’ll tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever answered ten questions in one day, it just isn’t that much,unless I’m doing a big promotion for something like NAMS, and I want them to be contactingme, then I might have 20 people in a day that have a quick question—but it is a quick questionand even if I’m away from home, I have the iPhone, I’m able to answer the emails there and itworks.Whether you have 100 people on your list or 651, which is my magic number, or another highernumber, which I hope you’re moving up every day with that, if you do this, then it’s amazing.You also want to share life events with your list. David, I’m going to use you as an example—you took us with you to New Orleans and it was you and Charlsa and we found out exactly whatyou were doing there, there was a football game and you were so excited and that passionreally poured out of that email.We saw that you were more than just the person who’s marketing online and putting on NAMS.You’re this husband and this man who cares about football. All I can say is—Roll Tide!David: Roll Tide, baby!Connie: You want to do that series of events that when I go to Europe now in the summer, I talkabout it. If I’m there during the first day of school at the beginning of August, I share that.Whatever we do, we go to Legoland or even if it’s Ikea last summer, and I shared that witheverybody, they want to hear that.David: I want to say one thing about that, because it took me a long time to realize that thatwas the stuff that people really got interested in. In fact it was the people that I wanted on my Page 15 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  16. 16. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Listslist that were interested in that. The people who did want to hear that kind of stuff from meprobably weren’t the right people for my list, right, because I wanted that relationship as well.I got to the point where I really enjoyed the sharing of the life, more than I enjoyed the sharingof the marketing material. I had to be really careful about that because we got to make moneywith this, too. So I tried to incorporate both.Connie: That is so true--in finding that nice balance between the two things. A lot of times, Iend up telling a story that is related directly to what I do, like you do. They won the 14 thNational title, so then you had a big sale related to that number. Also, you want to bevulnerable, you want to really let people know that you don’t do things perfectly each time. Letthem know when you made a mistake, or when you got confused about something.On a regular basis, I’ll tell people about technology, it’s still confusing, I couldn’t figure outwhether to do this or that, when I didn’t know, I didn’t do anything else. I share that with themand I show them that I’m just a person. All of us are in the process of becoming the person thatwe’re finally meant to be.Another way that and probably the best way—is you want to attend live events so that you canconnect face to face with people. You can do this locally, like I do, with the Rotary Club and Elksand a variety of organizations, the Chamber of Commerce is a great way to connect withpeople, or you can come to something like NAMS and this I find to be just the most beautifulpicture—that’s me on the right there, with the group, wearing green. Somebody took thispicture of us and this isn’t all of our group.We had another seven or eight people, I don’t know where they were, this might have beenearlier in the day when they took this photo, but to be able to come together and meet face toface.This is why I liked and used to do this, with my family, when I would go to the apartment and Iwould spend time with them. Every person that you’re seeing in this picture, I now have a verydifferent relationship with, because I’ve met them in person.David: This is when I met you for the first time, when I walked by there and that was our firstmeeting—you were sitting in that seat.Connie: Yes, and then we’re going to do that again in just a couple of weeks. Another importantthing, like you were saying, you like to tell the stories, but we are marketing and this is abusiness, so you have to let people know that you’re in business.That’s so important especially because people who come into our list, we typically do a freegiveaway. We want to make sure that—okay, this is the free giveaway, but this is what I have Page 16 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  17. 17. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Liststhe sale, this is in my business. You want to start giving that information very, very quickly.Share your very best resources with them, including many things that cost money, so that theyknow.I started doing that in the beginning, I started saying—yes, this is what I do, when I startedgiving the tele-seminars, so I was just doing that sporadically in the very beginning. I said I hadthis, but then, if you want to spend individual time, a much longer time with me, there is a costassociated with that.When you give people a way to further engage you, and the worst thing that can happen is,they come to your list, they get your free giveaway, they read your giveaway, at the end, youdon’t have a call to action, you didn’t ask them to do anything.They read it and they go—oh, that was nice, that was really good. Maybe the worst thing, theyclick that little red X at the upper right hand corner. Because they like it, they can keep it intheir hard drive if it’s good enough to keep, but you didn’t ask them to do the next thing, totake that next step. So when you ask them to do that, ask them to spend money.Another thing I’ll say is don’t be afraid to ask people to spend a lot of money. In the beginning, Itold a story about my list. I said this small group of people—they certainly don’t have $1000 or$2000 to spend on something because I didn’t have that money to spend on it. So I made mystory their story.Finally, one lady, she wrote to me, and she had spent a couple of thousand dollars onsomeone’s course, and she told me—oh it was so good that I want to share this informationwith you, something she had learned from the training, and I said—I could have promoted that,but I didn’t think anybody in my list, my little 651 would be able to do that.I learned the expensive lesson that day, so now I’m willing to promote things at all price ranges,if I surely believe in them and have spent money on them myself.David: I talked about that before where I really take the decision-making out of my subscriber’shands, because I decide that they don’t have the money to buy something that I don’t want tobuy because it’s too expensive.It’s just what you said and I don’t know how many times I have gone to the list of people thatpurchased and they’re on my list. I think—why didn’t I do that? Page 17 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  18. 18. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: Yes, it’s really amazing, it’s like a psychological thing I believe, with us, but to monetizefrom the beginning, you want to start with affiliate marketing because it just makes sense.NAMS has been a rich affiliate marketing system and it makes sense for so many reasons.You’re recommending what you love and that’s how I think of it.We do it in the real world all the time—people ask us for recommendations for a restaurant, orfor a movie, and we’re excited. We want to share and recommend what we love and onlyrecommend what you use and benefit from yourself.The example I like to use is—when you’re walking your dog and you see your neighbors walkingdown the street. They come up to you and say—we’d like to go out for pizza tonight, can yourecommend a place in town that’s good?You say—oh, yes, there’s a place downtown on 1st and Main, why don’t you go down there andthey’ll say—is there parking in the back, where do we park? You’ll say—well, I don’t know.They’d say—my wife is a vegetarian, do they a pizza that has many grilled vegetables and nomeat? You’ll say—well, yes, maybe, probably, I’m just really not sure.Well, the whole thing would be quite bizarre, because then it would be obvious that you havenever been there.You can still give a recommendation, but if you have been there and you truly love it, you’llsay—park in the back because there won’t be parking on the street, then you can go in the backdoor. When you go in, walk all the way through the restaurant, go up to the front and ask forGus. He’s the night manager and tell Gus that I sent you. Have him sit you right by the windowin the front, you’ll be able to see when the lights all come in the city. It’s just a real pretty viewright there.I know that you’re a vegetarian, Mary, so be sure to tell Gus that you’re going to be orderingthe Grilled Veggie Pizza and have it a little well-done, you’ll like it. If you don’t finish the wholepizza, they’ve got a special box you can put it in, and it keeps it warm and toasty, so you canbring it home with you. That’s how a recommendation should be.David: If you liked that experience, Connie, you can’t wait to tell somebody about it, right?Connie: That’s right, that’s exactly what it is. Then you’ll see where the gaps are and what Imean by the gaps—there’s so many products out there, and they’re all excellent products, theones you’re going to recommend of course, but somehow, you’ll look at them and say, if I onlyhad this information before I took this course, that would have been helpful—or during thiscourse, if I had started doing this particular thing, that would have made all this move muchfaster for me. Page 18 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  19. 19. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsThat’s where you can create a product or create a bonus package, and I talk a lot about bonuspackages with affiliate marketing, it’s a way to really get going with that, in a much bigger way.David: Before you go away from that, I just wanted to let peopleknow that what they’re listening to is a result of exactly that. Afterthe first couple of NAMS that we did, the first four, as a matter offact, we decided that it was time to help people go from oneworkshop to the next, with some training that help them prepareand move along unto the next workshop.By the time we did four workshops, we realized we had people whohad come into the 1st workshop and we’re completing the entirecourse in four workshops. So they were going from beginner toadvanced marketers in four sessions.We wanted to be able to help those people move along, so westarted doing more and more of these Wednesday night livetrainings—and that’s where this came from.Connie: Actually that’s excellent and that’s why NAMS is so specialand so different because you are saying one size will never fit all. It just won’t. The way that youdo it really accommodates everyone—I love that.David: Right.Connie: I love that so much. So affiliate marketing has been amazing. In the beginning, when Istarted doing affiliate marketing because I didn’t have my own products until I finally had one,then I had two, then I had three, but that came very slowly for me. I thought that I wouldn’t doaffiliate marketing after I had enough products of my own. I thought I would just let that phaseout. Instead, now it accounts for 50% of my business.David: It just is a special base, isn’t it?Connie: It really is, this picture—it is so peculiar to see me there with both headphones on. ThisI won from Arman Morrin--I just continue to be his top affiliate actually and I started in 2009.He had a big contest and I scooped up all the goodies here—the big Sony TV and the Boschentertainment system-- all these things and you’ll see in the back there, I didn’t realize when Itook this picture, the background really tells more of a story. Page 19 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  20. 20. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsYou’ll see the small TV there in front of the fireplace, that’s the TV that I was using until thattime. It was a 13-inch and there was a VCR in the bottom of it and that was one that I used inthe classroom.That was my TV before this contest. In the upper left there, that stereo, I bought that from astore called Montgomery Ward, when they went out of business in the fall of 1999. It has aturntable on top and I still actually have that. That was when my world really, really changed,when I started winning these contests.This is me hugging the first iPad I had ever and I won it from Nicole Dean that was so, so specialto me and I promised her I would take a picture and let it be my picture on Twitter after I wonand sure enough I took this picture, there it is and I just love winning the iPad, it’s somethingthat I never would have purchased at that point in 2010.Since then, I now have won 10 iPads, all sorts of iPads, even the iPad2, so that’s been fun.David: Including one from me, by the way.Connie: Yes, that’s right, you know that’s the one I’m using. That’s the one that I have with me,because the other ones, they end up for family and friends. The one that I’m using is the one Iwon from you in August—so that’s special for me.At Christmas, what happens is that everybody’s that you’ve been a good affiliate for, they startsending you really fabulous stuff. In the upper left corner, that’s the Harry and David pear-applechocolate basket, then I received live lobsters, that I put on the floor because I didn’t knowwhat else to do with them. I ran up to answer the phone and somebody said—you have yourdogs down there, the lobsters will eat your dogs, and I forgot they had their little claws, so itwas okay.On the lower left, that’s bison I received organic bison. I received when I began advising thisyear, and some Amazon cards. It’s just amazing to be able to do this.David: Two of those, by the way, from me. $200 gift cards from me. In the last what—3months, 2 months?Connie: In the last one, I put toward a camera that I got one camera to bring with me, so I’mexcited. You want to become a storyteller and really, that’s what we’ve done right here,tonight. We’re sharing stories with you and that would make a big difference. Think about themessage that you want to get out to people, how can you wrap that in a story? Page 20 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  21. 21. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsHow can you share that so that people won’t be expected to remember a bullet point? None ofus can remember bullet points. We can’t remember poignant paragraphs, but we canremember a story. So think about that---how you’re going to share that, with the underlyingmessage that you wish to convey.I’ll go back to your email, David, when you sent that email about a football game, that emailwhich was 3 or 4 paragraphs long, wasn’t too long an email, but it told a huge story.It told about you and your wife and how you’ve been together all this time and you still havesomething in common that you love and that you’ve flown to New Orleans to go to this footballgame, you have that in common, and how you’re connecting that with the business.It told a huge, huge story that we will remember more than if you just gave us some bulletpoints about what you were doing—so we all want to do that.What’s the message? It says that you are a good family man, and that you really care aboutpeople. There’s so much that all of us write in--between the lines—that we want to get out topeople. So you want to share those stories with your listeners—like I said, I share the when I goover to Finland.That helps me talk about what I stand for and believe in because we talk about what we’redoing over there, I talk about the activities that they might be doing in Europe as opposed towhat they’re doing in the US, so people get a further insight into who we are and what webelieve in because we really want to do business with people we feel a commonality with—don’t you believe that’s true, David?David: I do. To me, well you said at the last NAMS workshop, when I was wrapping up in themorning, you had tears in your eyes when you said that this had been such a life-changingevent for you, that really moved me when you did that, but the thing that I realized was—I likebuilding things where my friends enjoy coming.I like building a workshop where my friends enjoy meeting, and that’s what’s happened. I’mreally excited because we have like-minded people all together.Connie: We do and it’s a family. It’s definitely a family and that’s what I felt that weekend. Thatlast morning when I was in tears, I thought this is my family now and it feels sad to be leaving Page 21 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  22. 22. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Listsmy family, but I needed to share that with you, that the people who came there for me, we allwere just changed forever.Your beliefs—you want them to align with your message, so take a look at what it is you’retrying to do. With me, I want people to know about my background with teaching. I want torefer back to the years I was teaching on a regular basis because I want people to know that I’mstill a teacher.I didn’t know that I was going to be when I came online. When I was just so small, and I was justgetting started and it was still such a financial struggle for me, that first year in 2006, I didn’tknow that I’d be able to hold webinars and have a mentor program to do all these things andthat I’d be a teacher again. So that’s a message that I like to get out there.How much are you willing to share, so that people can get to know you? We think that peoplehave boring lives many times, but we don’t. It’s the things that we’re doing day to day that canbe very, very interesting, if it’s in alignment with your message. David: The more you share, the more willing you become, too—so I love that. Connie: That’s true. Think of famous figures in history. We remember them because of the stories. I think of John F. Kennedy, and think of the stories with the children—it really will make me cry if I talk to you too much about this, but this is what we remember. I don’t remember much of the speeches from John F.Kennedy, I don’t remember anything about what they were doing, but I remember the stories. Iremember his wife showing us through the House and all these things—it was the stories thatthey were telling, that makes us remember them.Share your pain and your life lessons. I love to do that on a regular basis—that’s part of beingvulnerable, where we really let people see who we are and how we deal with things. Don’t beafraid of sharing too much, I’m really never afraid of that. If it’s something that’s superpersonal, it’s probably something that you don’t want to share, or you’ll share it later on.Like with me, I had talked about my mother on a regular basis, so much that when she passedaway, in March of last year, at the age of 93, it was too close to me. I couldn’t share it for thatsix weeks.When it was Easter time, about six weeks later, that’s when I wrote that email to my list, that’swhen I shared my story. Now that I’m able to talk about her, then I’m so glad that I finally Page 22 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  23. 23. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Listsopened up, but I just couldn’t do it right away. So decide what you’re going to share and howyou’re going to do it.Remember other people have the same thing, we’re all so similar, we really are. We like tothink that it’s only us for so many situations, but it’s not true. People are definitely more alikethan they are different.With me, I started writing books, and in these books, I share my story. Finally, I even shared astory that I was so embarrassed about for so long—that we were so poor while I was growingup, I was homeless twice while I was still in elementary school.In the last book, The End of the Game, that’s where I talk about that in detail, what that waslike, for my mother and I. We slept in a coin laundry, on the floor one time. It was just so hard,it was so embarrassing, and it was such a struggle for us. When you continue doing everythingand write books, then you’re able to share your story in that big way.David: Connie, one of the things I wanted to say here is that we all have something that ifother people knew, they’d be surprised about. That’s the piece that we have to get to when wewant to build a relationship that you were talking about earlier.That to me is the key difference between having a very loyal subscriber base, group of friends.People call that a community and you become just like the hub for that community. I thinkthat’s really important to do and not be afraid of sharing all those life challenges because that’show we all learn.That’s how we connect. It’s happened forever, so why shouldn’t it happen online as well?Before we go on with your presentation there, I think this might be a breaking point where Icould actually ask the question and people should get ready to input the answer to thisquestion in the board. You think this is a good spot, Connie?Connie: I think it’s perfect.David: Okay. The question I’m going to ask and the 3rd person who inputs the answer and is notan instructor, input the answer into the Question Box—the 3rd person who does that will win a12-month scholarship to the MyNAMS membership site, whether you are a member now or arenot a member, you will get 12 months added to your membership, starting from today.The question is—how many people were on Connie’s list when she made her first $100,000online?Wow! Look at that! Okay, you can stop, we got about 50 answers in like no time, flat. Page 23 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  24. 24. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: So people are focused and listening.David: They are, and they’re all right! I’m impressed! Christina Mchale, you’re the 3 rd person,congratulations!Connie: All right, Christina!David: Twelve additional months to your NAMS membership. I think you’re already a member,Christina, so we would definitely go in and get that added, so thank you so much for doing that.By the way, we do this every week, so we’re going to do this every week for 2012 and youshould be blogging about this and using your affiliate link to get people into this real-lifetraining because this is a great opportunity for you to come in, and get your affiliate link—I’ll put that in the box here.We were talking about the relationships and now you’re talking about taking action with yourtiny list.Connie: You got to take action because everything that Ilearned in that first year—if I hadn’t taken action, then itwouldn’t really have made any difference. I like this quotefrom Lisa Satora—Treat your online endeavor as abusiness, and you’ll make money like a business. Treat isas a hobby and it will cost you as a hobby. Do you knowwho Lisa Satora is, David?David: I don’t, actually.Connie: She’s an eBay expert. She’s in my mastermindgroup and she’s fantastic. When I wrote her last night, Itold her I was going to start sharing this quote. If you’re just playing around and it’s like ahobby, then it’s going to be an expensive hobby—so instead, you want to treat it like a businessand you’ll make money and so it’s going to pay you like a business. I think that’s so important.I have something I call my 5-Pronged Approach--this is what worked for me, it continues towork for me to this day and this is what I recommend. Do you want to do blogging? Your blog isyour home on the internet. You must focus there and get everything going. David is just callingyou now to blog about what’s happening with NAMS. Page 24 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  25. 25. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsArticle marketing, these are your original ideas. I’ve written about 1652 articles and you wantto continue getting those articles out there. I’ve averaged more than one a day, over these last,I’ve been in article marketing for four years, so all during that time.Tele-seminars, webinars, your voice is powerful. You want people to hear your voice. We’revery flat and one-dimensional if we’re just blogging, writing articles and sending emails. Thenext time you go through emails in the morning, if you take a look at who sent you a message,go through them. I want you to think about this—who is it that you don’t know really? Maybe you’ve seen theirpicture, but you don’t really know what they look like, you’ve been to their blog but that’sabout it. Who among those messages is somebody who you’ve heard their voice? Whetheryou’ve met them in person or not, if you’ve heard their voice, I guarantee you you’ll read thatmessage in a different way. You hear that person’s voice and this is very, very powerful—I reallycan’t say that enough.Social media and live events—you called it the meet and greet, David, I love that, because it’strue. You want to just get out there and connect with people.The 5th prong is your own products and services. Monetize everything that you do. I do thosehonestly, almost every single day. This is my flow.David: Do you do this in the internet marketing niche that you’re doing? You do writing andyou’re teaching, do you do this in other niches as well or do you focus specifically on internetmarketing?Connie: I focus specifically now on internet marketing and I have some other little side nichesthat I do, but I don’t do any tele-seminars or webinars in those. I do blog and do articlemarketing, but I don’t so such media or tele-seminars with those, so I’m leaving out steps 3 and4 here of this 5-pronged approach.David: The reason for that?Connie: If I wanted to get those bigger, I would include those.David: Right, that was my question. The reason for that is you’re putting all of your efforts intoyour main niche focus and the other niches you are doing, I would say, less personalized—would you? Page 25 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  26. 26. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: It’s less personalized, yes and the way I see it is that at anytime I could change that if Iwanted to, but I love what I’m doing now, so much, I can’t imagine doing something else, so I’mjust leaving them the way that they are. I love the idea that your blog is your home on theinternet and I believe that I coined that phrase.I don’t know if I heard that from Denise Wakeman or not. I did take blogging courses from herwhen I was getting started. All of us are going—the blog is boring, I don’t want to do it, but yourblog, it really is your home and you want to make it presentable the way you make your home ifsomebody was coming to visit your house. You want to have that fresh fun in there for them,you want to give good information.Let them look around a little bit and know a little bit more about you. I talk about a few thingsthat I believe in, the organizations I belong to, that kind of thing, on my blogs--you want to letpeople know what it is.David: Talk a little bit about using your blog and maybe I’m wrong in this, but my big concern isthat I sometimes try to make what I have on my blog too formal, too thought out. Try to bemore conversational, more comes-off-the-cuff sometimes, with my blog. I think I’d be better if Idid more of that.Connie: Yes, I do and I try to make it more from the personal stand—like today, I was writingabout working from home and what that can look like, what that can mean.For me, all those years that I was getting up so early, I’d be the 2 nd person at school, I’d be rightbehind the custodian because I didn’t have a key to get in, the custodian did. He would go—oh,it’s so great, you’re a morning person. I would grumble, no I’m not a morning person, I justhave a career so I try to be here early in the morning.I am a morning person, I write in the morning, I have more energy in the morning, everything ismore exciting in the morning for me, and the difference is I get to stay home—and do thosethings in the morning. I don’t have to be in traffic for 45 minutes, be at the school all day longwhere I know I can’t go back home. Once you’re out on the streets in your car, you’re out there.I think that’s an important part of everything.Remember you don’t know what number they are on your list, we don’t have them sign up andhave someone send an email saying—I just wanted you to know that you are number 6453. Wedon’t do that, so we want to treat everybody as an individual and not a number.That’s what you said earlier, David, how we want to talk to one person and not to 100 people,be very, very individual. Page 26 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  27. 27. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsThis is from Kathleen, she says this repeatedly—be a resource before you are a vendor, so youwant to give people good information, even though you’re letting them know things are forsale. Be that good trusted adviser. Become a master at problem-solving. This is really what wedo.David: It is.Connie: This is my favorite quote—If you’re willing to do for a year what others won’t, you’ll livethe rest of your life the way others can’t. This is my life right now. This quote really shares myreality now—I’m able to do things that I never thought I’d be able to do in my lifetime.David: Love it, love it. I’d just throw out there my favorite quote that I’ve been using for about20 years—Your action speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.Connie: Who said that one?David: Ralph Waldo Emerson. I use it with my kids.Connie: That’s another one I like, it’s from Sir Winston Churchill—Never, never, never give up.David: Right, I agree with that completely.Connie: I always say it—anybody with their right mind would have given up those first 6 monthsor so I was online, but I was determined to keep building that list, beginning when I had tenpeople and some of those were my animals that I had created emails for, you just want to keepon doing this because this is what works loudest, it definitely is.David: We have some questions, are we in a place where we can take some questions?Connie: Yes, yes, this is the end of the presentation.David: Okay. Willie said he was going to ask your thoughts on blogging. Do you have anythingelse you want to add to what you said about blogging?Connie: Well, use your keyword phrase in your blog title. That becomes your permalink, sothat‘s important—and do it consistently.David: Okay, anything else you want to say about blogging? Do you jump some hoops forblogging? Some people spend a lot of time in putting the SEO information in the all-in-one SEOor a bunch of other different tools. Do you just concentrate on the title itself and the blog postsitself and really, that’s like 80% of it or what? Page 27 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  28. 28. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: Yes and no. I’ll tell you what we’ve all been using for about a year, I’ll share it with you.It’s the Wordpress SEO by YOAST--- and it’s a man named Joost deValk we’re not using the all-in-one SEO anymore because that one is so much better. See what I do is I’m going to keywordto get a keyword phrase, I want to put that in as my title, then I either write or copy-paste myblogpost, then I put in that keyword phrase or press SEO point again. Then I publish it.Immediately, in just a few seconds, I write a new title, because the title I’m using for SEO isn’tthe title I will really attract people to find interesting. Then I publish it again and I tell you, someof my posts are so high up in the search engine, and I’ve been doing this for about a year.David: Great, that’s good. Good tip, thank you. Do you recommend having a personal MyNameblog to do this activity? MyName includes like conniegreen.comConnie: Yes, except I didn’t do that until I had been online two years. My blog started out I still own that domain, and it’s now forwarded It moved during the night the way a sports team might. They pack upand the next day, they’re at St. Louis or something, in a different city.That’s what I do with my blog, I wanted a keyword phrase there at the beginning, to show that Iwas helping people write and market ebooks. Then finally, I used my name. I think you maywant to add your name, which you may not want to use at the beginning. It’s so easy for a techperson to just move all your files. It only takes them about an hour to do everything. So that canbe done later on.David: Then we have, he says you’ll know him as BabyPowder Dan.Connie: My new people, they smell like fresh baby powder.David: BabyPowder Dan has a question for either of us—wanting to know suggestions abouthow to start blogging, not tech stuff, but personal what do you start with?Dan, I’m not sure I understand the question but I assume that you’re asking what kind of topicsyou’re starting with or what kind of platform you’re starting with, I’m not sure. Do you have anyidea what he’s talking about here, Connie?Connie: Yes, I think probably ideas for categories, that kind of thing. Go look at my blogs, I havetwo blogs and I have way too many categories, I probably have 30 on both and you really wantabout a dozen and you’re going to have some—if it’s parent-child, you’re going to have somesub-categories under those. Just choose a few based on keywords at the beginning and juststart writing. Page 28 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  29. 29. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsWhen I look back, when I’d be getting blogposts, they were really like my beginning articles. Myfirst hired blog was really quite horrible, but I leave everything up there so that people who doresearch take a look back and see how far I’ve come.David: Also, it’s fresh content and has keywords in it, so it will help you—Connie: Yes, and the writing keeps getting better and better and better and now I have sixbooks and have contributed to four others at this point. I’m not writing the great Americannovel or any kind of writing like that, but it’s good enough for what we’re doing onlinedefinitely.David: Okay, Jenny wants to know—What’s the name of that plugin again, it’s Wordpress SEO,right?Connie: Wordpress SEO by YOAST and the fellow’s name is a Dutchman, it’s Joost deValk.David: I’ve got some of his blog and he does good work. Let’s see, Natalie says—fantasticpresentation, can’t wait to meet you live at NAMS, and me, too, so good. In fact, let’s do a quickthing here. I was just going to ask how many people are going to NAMS. Input the Question Boxhere if you are coming to NAMS, I just want to know.What’s your suggestion for finding the right niche? Can you really do all these with multipleniches? Robert’s asking that.Connie: I don’t believe you can do it in multiple niches, like in my first year, I had ten blogs andthat first year was a terrible struggle for me. I was trying to spread myself too thin, so you haveto really just choose something. I taught people to do a 3-circle Venn diagram--Three circles andwhere they come together, that’s the sweet spot.The upper left is everything that you really love and call it passions or whatever you want to callit. For me, photography is now a reborn passion, something I used to do years ago, now I love itonce again, so list everything.The next circle—put all your experiences. For me, I wanted to be a teacher so I went to trainingfor that. I was interested in real estate and studied for that. I’m also a 3-time cancer survivor, sothat’s a lot of experience that I didn’t choose. I have a dog that’s diabetic, that’s a lifeexperience. List everything there that you really have knowledge about.The 3rd one is the market---where are people spending money, where is there a business to behad from these topics, they all come together, that’s your best at least beginning the first year, Ibelieve. Page 29 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  30. 30. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsDavid: Wayne wants to know if you use any blogging tribes.Connie: No, I’m not sure what he means by that. I guess not.David: Me neither, so there you go. Let’s see—Jeremy’s coming, Robert’s coming, Lisa’scoming, Ute is coming, Helen’s coming, Aimee, Laura, Adrian, Troy, Charles.Laurie says she’s interested, still trying to decide if it’s good for her, she is a niche blogger.Laurie, it is a perfect fit for niche bloggers, I guarantee you, because niche bloggers should bedoing a lot of affiliate marketing and vice-versa.Connie: The person that you need to meet is going to beat NAMS. I can promise you that. You don’t know whothat is right now, but they’re coming.David: I know I couple she definitely needs to meet,so—if she hasn’t.Connie: Take advantage--if you didn’t go and the personwho’s going to meet you, they got there and they’relooking around and they didn’t find you. You don’t want your seat to be empty, you want to bethere.David: That’s right. Are you doing an extra session before NAMS officially starts, Connie?Connie: I am, for the people that are coming through me, or who are in one of my programsalready. We are meeting the day before, between 10am and 4pm.David: Good, good.Connie: That was so, so productive last year and some of those people are still doing directventures together.David: That was the best, I couldn’t believe you brought so many people into that and theywere all sitting around—these are Connie’s people, these are Connie’s people, I’m one ofConnie’s people—so there you go.I see Paul’s coming, Angela’s coming, Will is coming, Jeannie, Kimberly, Clarence is coming—let’s see—what’s your feeling about article spinning ? Charles wants to know.Connie: Anything that has the word spinning in it, I don’t like the sound of it, it’s like anytimethey’re going to try to trick the system or maim the system. My phrase is, in the classroom I use Page 30 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  31. 31. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Liststhis—No good can come from that. When you’re doing something that down deep you knowyou shouldn’t be doing. No, it’s not a good idea.David: I had actually taught spinning one time, and it works, the way I do it---but by the time Iget done spinning an article, I‘ve changed it so much, I should have just sat down and re-writeit.Connie: Right, the time that you take to spin it, might as well write something new. Today Iwrote one article on working from home for my blog andwrote a completely different one for an eZine article.David: Sure, let’s see. Liz is coming, Ute wants to know ifI’m doing my special workshop again on Storytelling andI’m not in February, Ute, but I probably will in August. I’lllet you know about that.The great thing you find at NAMS is that there are so manygreat teachers. It’s hard to decide which course to take—this is William, thanks, William. I appreciate you sayingthat—it is truly amazing.Jenny said—this is my first NAMS, when will we see the schedule? I got it in front of me, Jenny, Igot to confirm a couple of things from folks and I hope to have that posted today or tomorrow.I believe we are about out of questions here.Jeremy says—I have never been to NAMS but I already sense like I have found a family. I hopeyou have.Connie, one thing—not long ago, in an email to a bunch of people on our instructor list thatjumped out at me and I won’t ever forget it.You’re close with this Connie and I want to ask you to comment—You said then that yourmission in life is to get everybody in the world signed up for NAMS, and I thought—holy crap,Connie could do that. I got to build a bigger boat if that’s the case. Connie, do you have aredirect link for NAMS that you want to throw out here?Connie: I do, it’s mynamsmembers.comDavid: There you go-- Page 31 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  32. 32. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny ListsConnie: The code, the last chance seven code is on there. What I’ll say is I got a lot of events. In2010, I went to 16 of them. In 2011, I went to 12 events. In 2012, I won’t be going to that manyevents, but I will be at NAMS’ both times.The reason is that we want to pick and choose what we do and who we connect with and howwe spend our valuable time, and what kind of information we’re allowing into our psyche, intoour brain.What David and that group is doing at NAMS----no one in the world is doing this. We havedifferent tracks so we can choose what level we’re at. I went to a variety of classes in Augustwhere I could hear all kinds of different instructors. Anything that you’ll need is going to bethere so it will be worthwhile for your time and your money and your effort.To be able to connect with some of these people at this event—I guarantee will change your lifebecause you’ll see things differently and you’ll have an opportunity that is not available. Ihonestly feel that I can say this because I’ve been to so many events over these last few years.David: I appreciate your saying that because I think that’s absolutely true and I look forward todoing things completely differently from everybody else—adding value, that’s the deal. That’sit, that’s the deal.Connie, thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it.Connie: Thank you, David.David: Good night, folks.Connie: Good night everyone. Thank you for coming! Bonus offers, discounts and coupon codes may no longer be available Page 32 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
  33. 33. Connie Ragen Green: Tiny Lists READ WHAT THESE FOLKS SAY ABOUT NAMS!NAMS is the acronym for Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop. Here’s what somefolks are saying about the NAMS experience!CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEXT LIVE NAMS WORKSHOP! Page 33 Copyright (©), All Rights Reserved Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc.
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