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Jure Čižman, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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Presentation 1, Session 3
“ENERFUND: ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool, lessons learned and future challenges”

Published in: Technology
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Jure Čižman, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  1. 1. ENERFUND: ENergy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool – Lessons learned and future challenges Jure Čižman Jožef Stefan Institute - Energy Efficiency Centre (JSI-EEC) Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  2. 2. THE CONTEXT Co-funded by the Horizon H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement no 695873 EU EE targets become more ambitious EU Buildings: the largest final energy consumer Source: -32,5% ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM Deep renovation of buildings suffers from the gap between: • the public’s expectations, lack of awareness and mistrust, • trustworthy and financially sound retrofit opportunities • and the provision of funding investments and incentives DEEP RENOVATION Public awareness and trust Trustworthy retrofit opportunities Funding schemes and incentives
  5. 5. ENERFUND APP – SCORING & MAPPING TOOL Can rate and score deep renovation opportunities Based on EPC data, lists of certified installers, governmental & financing schemes >>> multi-criteria methodology Results shown in an interactive map GIS mapping software Filtering, comparison of buildings, CBA More features are under development!
  6. 6. WHO IS TARGETED? • FUNDING INSTITUTIONS: recognise new investment opportunities, provide targeted loans • RETROFIT COMPANIES or ESCOs: identify sound business opportunities, get instant review of possible energy savings in individual buildings • POLICY MAKERS: design and promote targeted incentives • MUNICIPALITIES & LOCAL COMMUNITIES: prioritise buildings which need to be retrofitted • PUBLIC: enhance awareness & trust regarding EE
  7. 7. MAIN OUTCOMES • ENERFUND tool: open source, fully dynamic user-friendly online GIS application • Analyzed the outcomes of existing initiatives. • Conducted market research for the needs of retrofit companies, financial institutions and municipalities/regional authorities • Promotion of the tool to all relevant stakeholders
  8. 8. ARCHITECTURE Ticketing / Management CI Server Source Control Database Application Server Static Web Server / CDN GIS Server ETL Server MANAGEMENT / HOSTING SOURCE CODE SYSTEM / HOSTING THE APP • Based on mapping capabilities • Everything geocoded • Adaptable & flexible to any data type • Open source • Easy-to-use FROM THIS TO THIS
  9. 9. EPCs INCLUDED CYPRUS In total 7.896.176 EPCs >73 MIO unique building data
  10. 10. DATA – COUNTRY AVAILABILITY Country Current rating Potential rating ENERFUND score Walls energy eff. Windows energy eff. Roof energy eff. Main fuel type (heating) Area (m²) Building type Cons. year Agg. data BG    x x x x   x x CY  x x x x x x  x  x DK       x    x ES  x  x x x x   x x FR  x x x x x x x  x  GB           x GR  x  x x x x    x IE           x IT  x x x x x x x x x x NL  x x x x x x x  x x RO   x x x x x x x x  SI  x  x x x     x SK  x x x x x x x  x x
  11. 11. MAIN FEATURES • Filtering based on: • Energy rating • Potential energy rating • Ownership status • Windows energy efficiency • Roof energy efficiency • Walls energy efficiency • Main heating fuel • Type/usage of buildings • Floor area • Year of construction • ENERFUND score • Comparing / exporting / printing
  12. 12. ENERFUND SCORE Ownership Occupancy Area Average Prices Own contribution Area Noise Level Potential Energy Saving Open source data ENERFUND Score 10% 100% WEIGHT 5% User Input Total Floor Area Erection year 50% 10% Open source data Open source data Open source data 5% User Input User Input 10% 5% SOURCE
  14. 14. FURTHER POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT • Drag and click selection / Polygon selection • Address search • .csv custom dataset export (1 GB raw data) • Custom reports based on interests • Inclusion of other types of data, e.g. noise levels, average renovation costs, etc. • Aggregation of data by post code or street • Combination / correlation of EPC data with other data
  15. 15. FINAL CONCLUSIONS ON ENERFUND APP • Proven as versatile tool that could be used for a variety of data or needs, e.g.: • Can identify gaps between policies and needs • Useful for promoting green mortgages and policies for energy poverty (vulnerability energy analysis). • Demonstrated to all groups of and many stakeholders • Features 73+ mio of unique building data • High visibility: 12.300+ unique users since Sep 2017, with a 2 min. average session duration and 10% returning visitors
  16. 16. FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS • Limited availability of open data; huge difference from (EU) country to country; lots of available data not geocoded; missing energy related data (e.g. certified installers…) • Many databases are outdated (e.g. most often on funding schemes and incentives) • Availability of transparent data urgently needed as basis for the definition of climate policy targets • Need for alignment with INSPIRE directive • Geocoded energy data should become compulsory within EU directives and programs • EU Commission to issue Guidelines on Environmental Information / INSPIRE / PSI / GDPR Directives
  17. 17. YOUR FEEDBACK IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED CONTACT: Jure Cizman, MSc, Jozef Stefan Institute Dr Alexandros G. Charalambides THANK YOU!
  19. 19. References Alexandros G. Charalambides, Christos N. Maxoulis, Orestis Kyriacou, Erik Blakeley & Laura Soto Frances (2018): The impact of Energy Performance Certificates on building deep energy renovation targets, International Journal of Sustainable Energy, DOI:10.1080/14786451.2018.1448399 BPIE (Buildings Performance Institute Europe). 2014, October. “Energy Performance Certificates across the EU, A mapping of national approaches.” EPC-across-the-EU.-A-mapping-of-national-approaches-2014.pdf Mudgal, S., L. Lyons, F. Cohen, R. Lyons, and D. Federigo-Fazio. 2013. “Energy Performance Certificates in Buildings and Their Impact on Transaction Prices and Rents in Selected EU Countries.” Final Report, European Commission.
  20. 20. Acknowledgements ENERFUND project and development of APP was supported and … Co-funded by the Horizon H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement no 695873
  21. 21. If you would like to have more information about this presentation, please contact