The Digital Marketing Revoution: How a Focused Digital Strategy Changes the Game


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The Digital Marketing Revoution: How a Focused Digital Strategy Changes the Game

  1. 1. Launching Your Digital Marketing StrategyShane O’Neill - Director of Social MarketingFruchtman Marketing
  2. 2. QuickTime™ and aH.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  3. 3. What you need know• The “inches” are dominated by experts• Social media is all grown up• Anyone can launch digital efforts, but few fullyunderstand function and executionDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  4. 4. Why is digital marketing so important?• It’s targeted, scalable and trackable• Consumers search products/services online• 86% of mobile internet users are using theirdevices while watching TVDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  5. 5. Types of digital marketing efforts• Facebook Advertising• Paid Search• Mobile Marketing• Your WebsiteDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  6. 6. Digital Marketing: A Game of InchesFacebook AdvertisingWhat is Facebook Advertisingand how does it work?• Two Types of FBA - Ads & Sponsored Stories• Drives engagement to page and posts• Supports branding, showcasing product & events• Target based on location, age, status, etc.• Only pay for click throughs, which are a fairly engaged consumer.
  7. 7. Sample Facebook AdvertisingCampaignDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches4,088 Clicks in 35 daysOnly .15 Per Click958 New Fans
  8. 8. Paid Search• Nearly all consumers (97 percent) now useonline media when researching products orservices in their local area BIA/Kelsey and ConStat.• Among consumers surveyed, 90 percent usesearch engines with 67% being GoogleDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  9. 9. Paid Search InchesBuilding a campaignDigital Marketing: A Game of InchesCampaign 3 Campaign 4BridalCampaign 1Ad Group 1Ad 2Ad 2BrandsAd 2Ad 2EngagementAd 2Ad 2Ad Group 1Ad 2Ad 2Ad Group 1Ad 2Ad 2
  10. 10. Paid Search InchesDigital Marketing: A Game of InchesPhrase match"womens jewelry"your ad can show when someonesearches for your exact keyword, or yourexact keyword with additional wordsbefore or after womens jewelryExact match[womens jewelry]your ads can appear when someonesearches for your exact keyword, withoutany other terms in the search.womens hats, womens hatsNegative match-costumePrevents your ad from showing to peoplesearching for certain terms.costume jewelryMore than just keywordsBroad matchwomens jewelryYour ad may show if a search termcontains your keyword terms in anyorder, possibly along with othersbuy ladies jewelryBroad match modifier+womens +jewelryYour ads can only show whensomeones search contains thosemodified terms, or close variations of themodified termswomans jewelry
  11. 11. Paid Search Inches• Drive traffic to content page• Don’t bid on your name• Mobile call extensions• Stay away from generickeywords like jewelryDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  12. 12. Mobile MarketingSmartphone ownership hassurpassed 50 percent andgrowing.*61 percent of smartphoneusers perform local searcheson their device. (ComScore, January2012)Digital Marketing: A Game of Inches*ComScore, February 2013(Mobile Marketer 2012)
  13. 13. Types of Mobile MarketingPay Per Call Mobile - A form of mobile marketing where a potentialcustomer can directly tap or click a phone number placed in the mobileadMobile Banner Ads - Like a standard banner ad but now customized tofit and cater to mobile websites such as Pandora.Mobile Applications - A from of mobile marketing that involves placingads inside of an application design.Text/SMS Marketing - Advertisers can send relevant marketingmessages in form of texts.Barcodes/QR (quick-response barcodes) - allows mobile users toeasily obtain information via the use of their mobile.Digital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  14. 14. 14Your website and its importance• Is now the first exposure to YOUR brand• Content is more important than ever• Web responsive designDigital Marketing: A Game of Inches
  15. 15. Why is ResponsiveDesign Important?Digital Marketing: A Game of InchesIt’s about user experience, not justfunctionality. You want to keep traffic onyour site and since most of it is mobile,ease of use is key.Pandora Radio: 80% + Mobile UsersEmail: over 50% mobilePaid Search: over 50% mobileResearch by Kentico, found that mobile users have a lowthreshold for satisfaction, with 44% saying they wouldn’t returnto a website that wasn’t mobile-optimized.
  16. 16. Budgeting for digital marketing• Within the next few years digital mediaspends will account for 25% or more ofoverall marketing budget.Digital Marketing: A Game of Inches*ComScore, February 2013
  17. 17. Visit the Fruchtman Booth