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Panel: Engaging Diverse and Under–Represented Groups in Urban Forestry


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Panel: Engaging Diverse and Under–Represented Groups in Urban Forestry

Sarah Anderson, Alliance for Community Trees | Sally Joe Guzik, Tree Pittsburgh | Ashlee Ransom, USDA Forest Service | Becca Meredith and Norah Kates, Forterra

Urban forestry impacts the most diverse places in America, but as tree professionals, are we as diverse as the communities we serve? Whether you are a utility arborist, nonprofit staff member, or government employee, our message to the public about maintaining healthy forests gets through when we reflect the diversity where we live and work. This panel discussion will introduce ways to include underrepresented groups in public, private, and nonprofit sectors of urban forestry.

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Panel: Engaging Diverse and Under–Represented Groups in Urban Forestry

  2. 2. DEFINITIONS DIVERSITY: o Diversity is the presence of differences. In this context, we're talking about different kinds of people who differ in race, ethnicity, language, age, politics, family background, physical and developmental ability. In this panel we're recognizing that there is value in all of these different people being involved in urban and community forestry. o What differences are reflective of the community o Diversity is often code for racial diversity - be specific about what kind of diversity is meaningful for your program
  3. 3. DEFINITIONS INCLUSION: o Creating a space that is welcoming o Being specific to whom you are welcoming (e.g. youth, cultures) sometimes this work is specifically targeting one group o Becoming more inclusive than we already are - state of working towards something better o Keeping in mind other peoples' values, comfort zones, languages, needs, customs, etc.
  4. 4. RESOURCE LIST Online Resources Achieving Diversity Step-by-Step In this guide for non-profit organizations, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Director Tyra Sidberry and writer Pat Dixon provide a step-by-step approach – in seven phases – to achieving diversity and inclusiveness in the non-profit workplace. While she advises us to make it clear to our coworkers and board that this work is ongoing, Sidberry offers practical advice for creating a better work environment and a more productive organization better able to face the challenges presented in the 21st century. Steps included in this resource range from instructions on how a framework to implementation and evaluation of achieving diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. More information at: ations__Diversity_in_the_Nonprofit_Workplace_Guide.htm Third Sector New England
  5. 5. RESOURCE LIST Center for Diversity and Environment The Center for Diversity & the Environment racially and ethnically diversifies the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, diversifying institutions, and building community. We envision a healthy, flourishing planet and society that sustainably and equitably meets the needs of all its citizens through an environmental movement that is diverse, inclusive, successful, vibrant, and relevant, taking into account the needs, perspectives, and voices of all. More information at: Multicultural Environmental Development Initiative This part of the website contains databases of academic diversity initiatives, professional consulting firms and educational profiles. The purpose of these databases is to establish a guide for students, professionals and hiring institutions alike that will be used for progressing towards a unified approach to a sustainable, just and more inclusive environment. More information at:
  6. 6. RESOURCE LIST Consultants: Angela Park and Diversity Matters Community Transformation Collective– Alexandra Manuel, Principle:
  7. 7. RESOURCE LIST Interpreters and translators: Adam’s Interpreting Services LLC - 425-519-3655 Dynamic Languages 206-244-6709 Northwest Interpreters (meeting interpretation) - 866-468-7769 Foreign Language Specialists (document translation) - 206-261-0999 –
  8. 8. Moderator: Sally J. Guzik Panelists: Sarah Anderson Nora Kates Becca Meredith Ashlee Ransom Bruce Woods