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The Common Pet Care Mistakes

The slide describes the common pet care mistakes that owners normally do unknowingly that leads to serious diseases and loos of life. It features some common mistakes like buying a pet suddenly without any planning, skipping training and preventive medicines, avoiding dental care, neglecting pet’s diet, skipping exercises, failing to make a pet home friendly and how to prevent these mistakes and follow a correct routine.

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The Common Pet Care Mistakes

  1. 1.   
  2. 2.
  3. 3.  Sometimes pet owners are recklessly miss the schedule of their pets medication and this miss-schedule medication leads to loss of life of your pet.
  4. 4. Preventive Steps:  Take your pet to the vet for regular check-up and medication
  5. 5.  Give medication and if necessary vaccination for heartworm, flea and tick prevention to your Pet
  6. 6. Note : Heartworm disease is fatal for pets , but it’s curable with continuous medication and strict supervision.
  7. 7. How to prevent and treat this problem…?
  8. 8. Easy steps to prevent Dental Problem  Daily Brushing  Good Quality Food  Regular Oral X-Ray
  9. 9. Note : Gum Disease in pets more acute rather than human.
  10. 10. Neglecting Pets Diet  Giving too much treats will open the door for obesity .  The obesity or overweight can cause arthritis and other orthopedic issues.
  11. 11. Some pet owners don’t allow there pets to exercise and that causes obesity in pets.
  12. 12. What will be the schedule to prevent exercise related problem?  Make sure to have a play session everyday  Go for walk on regular basis  Buy toys that can make them moving and paying around the house.
  13. 13. Note : All pets should do exercise to burn extra calories and stay healthy
  14. 14. Forget To Socialize Your Pet
  15. 15.  If the pet has not Socialized at her young age then she can develop fear or aggressive behavior later.
  16. 16. How To avoid this problem…? * Introduce Your pet to animals, kids, adults in the very young age.
  17. 17. Note : The socialization period for a cat is between 2-8 weeks of age and for a dog 3-12 weeks of age.
  18. 18. Living a Pet alone for long Time If the pet is alone for long time then it can develop Destructive Behavior & that can be cured by being together with your pet.
  19. 19.  Make Your Home Pet –friendly before getting a pet  Be more careful that pet dog needs cozy bed and cat needs a proper box for living.
  20. 20. Website: es/Arboles-Animal- Clinic/174425315904261