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Safety Tips For Cats In Christmas


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Though Christmas is a great occasion but it can be dangerous for pets. Here are some simple tips to keep your cat safe during Christmas. Go through our presentation for some safety guidelines. Stay watchful with these tips and have a delightful Christmas.

Published in: Healthcare
  • I still can't believe how great this worked. My drill battery, several AA and AAA batteries, and my camera battery work great again! This is super fun to do too. ●●●
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  • I wish, I got it few days before! There was lots of problems for my cat this Christmas. I'll surely follow these tips for the next time.
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  • Worth reading ! A perfect guide to take care of my pets on this Christmas. Anyways merry Christmas to you :)
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Safety Tips For Cats In Christmas

  1. 1. Always Keep The trees covered if possible or Ensure the Cat should not be alone in the room..
  2. 2. Prevent Cats from chewing the tree lights as it can electrocute them …
  3. 3. Christmas Candles
  4. 4. Candles are dangerous for cats if they came into contact with the flame
  5. 5. Consider using flameless candles to safeguard kids and pets..
  6. 6. Cat likes to play with the curled ribbon, wrapping papers and huge boxes etc..
  7. 7. Sometimes they accidentally swallow it and that causes severe vomiting and internal cuts in their intestines….
  8. 8. Make sure to keep an eye on them always when they are around the gifts …
  9. 9. Poisonous plants for Christmas decoration
  10. 10. For Precaution: keep the plants in inaccessible places where the pets can’t reach ……
  11. 11. Christmas & Food
  12. 12. Alcoholic Beverages  Chocolate that is highly toxic to pets  Spoiled foods  Chicken  Turkey Bones etc..
  13. 13. Some Other Christmas Dangers For Cats
  14. 14. Holly, mistletoe, lilies and yew trees are very poisonous to pets …Keep Them out of reach from pets..
  15. 15. Never Hang chocolates on Christmas trees as they are toxic to cats …..
  16. 16. Loud noises can panic the pets and can cause stress in them
  17. 17. Avoid Christmas crackers , balloons and champagne bottles etc..
  18. 18. Keep The details of the local veterinarian and the opening hours over the Christmas period for avoiding any danger for pets…
  19. 19. Website: Clinic-174425315904261/