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New microsoft power point presentation


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PG coolest avatar competition

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New microsoft power point presentation

  1. 1. Dead or Alive Rules- Elimination matches. Award- Pagalguy Coolest Avatar
  2. 3. Competition Line up Vs Vs (Match 1) (Match 2) Vs (Other Competitors on PG) (Match 3) (Match4) Vs My Avatar Semifinal 1: Winner of Match 1 Vs Winner of Match 2 Semifinal 2: Winner of Match 3 Vs Winner of Match 4 Final: Winner of Semifinal 1 Vs Winner of Semifinal 2
  3. 4. Match 1 Type of Match: Debate Competition Topic: Peace is THE solution Vs
  4. 5. Contender 1- Against the motion (Oh! How lucky! I had the same topic in one of MII GD’s long time back. I will use the techniques learnt in my GD classes.) No, peace is not the solution. Take it from a Nobel Peace Award Winner. (Trying to impress judges with his credentials). Economical Perspective- Peace means happiness index raises by 0.5763 every year. Which means people become lazy and don’t go out to shop and it can result in slump-shoplessness-hypergigahexa recession as predicted by Mr. Chomsky. Social Perspective- Peace -> No fights -> No difference of opinions -> Acc. To famous anthropologist Marie Ford the society doest not evolves Techincal Perspective-> War brings technical advancements. Let’s take the example of submarine.
  5. 6. Contender 2 – For the motion Death is permanent peace! And Death is end of all the problems in human life. Hence Proved. (Translated in English)
  6. 7. Results
  7. 8. Match 2 <ul><li>Type- Wrestling Match. </li></ul>Vs
  8. 9. Result <ul><li>We all know who wins :D </li></ul>
  9. 10. Match 3 <ul><li>Type- Innovation Match </li></ul><ul><li>Topic- Do something innovative with a glass of water. </li></ul>Vs (Other Users on PG Coolest Avatar thread)
  10. 11. Contender 1
  11. 12. Contender 2 <ul><li>Calvin drinks water and…. </li></ul>
  12. 13. Results
  13. 14. Match 4 <ul><li>Type- Current Affairs Quiz. </li></ul><ul><li>Question- One thing that is really really expensive yet totally useless and yet people pay for it? </li></ul>Vs (My Avatar)
  14. 15. Answers Obviously, iPad Nopes. The answer is RAT exam
  15. 16. Result <ul><li>Isn’t the answer pretty obvious? </li></ul>
  16. 17. Semifinal - 1 <ul><li>Topic- Dance competition </li></ul>Vs
  17. 18. Osama- I’ll perform Al-mujahiddin style of dance Mithun da- Heck! I’ll perform all styles of dance.
  18. 19. Results
  19. 20. Semifinal 2 <ul><li>Topic- Higher Maths. </li></ul><ul><li>Question- What is 1+10+100? </li></ul><ul><li>a) 111 b) 222 c)333 d) Can’t be determined </li></ul>Vs
  20. 21. Option (a) Oo! RAT exam question. Lemme think. It says topic as Higher Maths. So there should be a twist. Oh, we don’t know If nos. are in decimal or binary or any other base. Hail MITE and LC classes. Option (d)
  21. 22. Results
  22. 23. Finals <ul><li>Topic- Coolest Dialogue competition </li></ul>Vs
  23. 24. Bheegi hui cigarette jal nahi sakti….. aur yeh tay hai ki teri maut ki taarikh tal nahi sakti Raat mein college hostel mein jab sabka cig ka stock khatam ho jaye, Bheegi hui kya Jali hui cig ko bhi jala liya jaye (Great applause in background)
  24. 25. Result