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Tier 1 capital management vantage brantford booklet (2)

  1. 1. Vantage Brantford T ER1 CAPITAL INC. The Vantage Community of town homes is a great place to call home!Looking for Security and T ER1Proven Performance? CAPITAL INC.
  2. 2. Stirling Bridge is an award-winning home builder dedicated to building beautiful, environmentally friendly communities throughout southern Ontario. Stirling Bridge has over 50 years of new home development experience, and our success is based on the strength of our designs and our focus on quality construction and exceptional project management. At Stirling Bridge communities are built within established neighbourhoods so that homeowners have instant access to schools, shopping, parks, and transportation. BASEMENT (MODIFIED) (REV.) Every Stirling Bridge home is designed to be beautiful and is built to last. Stirling Bridge communities are integrated with their environments using the most contemporary design concepts. Their Energy Star qualified homes come with standard features such as 9 ft. main floor ceilings and an outstanding after-service program that ensures years of worry-free home ownership. MAIN FLOOR (REV.) (MODIFIED) SECOND FLOOR (REV.) SECOND FLOOR (REV.) (MODIFIED) BASEMENT (REV.) MAIN FLOOR (REV.)HORIZON 1,243 - 1,260 sq.ft. ALL DIMENSIONS AND FLOOR AREAS ARE APPROXIMATE AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. E.&O.E. MARCH
  3. 3. Vantage Brantford is anexclusive community of 138Town homes in the City ofBrantford, Ontario offered byStirling Bridge Limited. • This 8.71 Acres Site was purchased in December 2007. The site is located at 21 Diana Avenue which is 2KM Southwest of the downtown core. • The site is configured for 138 Town homes situated in 28 separate blocks. Currently, the blocks range in size from three to eight town home units per block. • The site is in a built up residential area of the municipality with a large shopping mall immediately to the North of the site. • The project is legally owned by Shellard Developments Inc. under the ownership and management of Stirling Bridge Limited.
  4. 4. Syndicate Mortgage Vantage Brantford • 8 % Annual Fixed Rate Of Return. • Paid Quarterly at 2%. • 4% Per Year End of Term Bonus • Two Year Term • Cash and RRSP, RIF, LIRA, LIF Eligible • $25,000 Minimum Interest Earned Over 24 Months 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% Year 1 Year 2 Interest BonusThis is not an offer to sell securities. Licensed mortgage agents/brokers close all transactions. All mortgages are closed through FirstCommonwealth Mortgage Corporation. Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) License No.10636
  5. 5. The First Mortgage is a loan against theLand. With the closing of every sale$75,000 is repaid to the First Mortgagee.The First Mortgage is repaid when thereare 66 lots or 48% of the projectremaining. Security increasesconsiderably with the closing of everysale. Assignment of Developers interest in two additional development projects. Paris and Lindsay. Working capital is held in Harris +Harris LLP Trust account. Disbursements to developer take place after invoice is approved for payment by Quantity Surveyor- Pelican Woodcliff Inc. Bare Trust Nominee Corporation ensuring the rights of beneficiaries.
  6. 6. ProfessionalSupport Team Law Firm- Harris + Harris LLP- Lawyers Mark Swartz and Greg Harris " Harris & Harris LLP is a well Mortgage Brokerage- First respected law firm in the greater Toronto area. Their team of lawyers Commonwealth Mortgage practices in all areas of law both Corporation locally and "internationally. ! First Commonwealth Has " Both Mark Swartz and Greg been in business since 1994. It’s Harris are astute lawyers with principal broker is Jude Cassimy, exceptionally strong competency in FSCO License # 10636. All due diligence and process of real syndicate mortgage transactions will estate financing using syndicate be handled by licensed mortgage mortgages. agents and brokers. Nominee Trust Corporation Professional Services: " Greg Marchant of Marchant Realty Partners Inc., has over 30 • Quantity Surveyors: Pelican years industry experience and will Woodcliff Inc. act as a Bare Turstee on behalf of • Legal Advisors: Robbins Appleby & each "lender. Also, the trustee will Taub LLP provide status reports to lenders during the term of the mortgage. • Project Insurance: Intact Insurance • Appraisers: Antec Appraisal Group Inc. • Registered Custodian: B2B Trust
  7. 7. VantageBrantfordAsk your advisor today about how you can participate in VantageBrantford using your RRSP, LIRA, RIF, LIF or Cash.Tier 1 Capital Management Inc. is the creator, provider and administrator of syndicate secondmortgages also known as principal secured mortgages. The syndicate mortgage is a FSCO regulatedinvestment which requires a full team of professional support services to complete each syndicatemortgage transaction.This is not an offer to sell securities. Licensed mortgage agents/brokers close all transactions. All mortgages are closed through FirstCommonwealth Mortgage Corporation. Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) License No.10636