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The Corporate Brochure of Vishwak

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About Vishwak 1

  1. 1. About Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Founded in 1997, Vishwak Solutions, a Pioneer in developing solutions for the agileenterprise has more than a decade of experience in key agility enhancement areas likemobility, collaboration & communication and media solutions. Organizations of todayhave realized the imperative to be agile, connected and competitive in the furiously fastchanging Global scenario. Vishwak’s comprehensive solutions for the agile enterprise,enhances agility through quicker response times to customers, improved collaborationwithin employees and the ability to work with multiple partners.Vishwak’s agility enhancing initiatives in Microsoft, Vodafone, Hindustan Times, Amway, “ To be a global innovator and leader in developing solutionsOman Air & World Vision have made it their trusted partner. Team Vishwak comprising of that favourably impact our cliens80 IT professionals lead by their founder T.N.C.Venkatarangan has been behind severalsuccessful technology initiatives improving agility. Vishwak is a Microsoft Certified Gold ability to achieve theirPartner, an Adobe Solutions Partner & Amazon Web Services Solution Provider. Vishwak’s business goals ”has its offshore delivery center in Chennai, India and serves customers in North America &Europe through subsidiaries in Washington (USA) and London (UK). The “Dun & Bradstreet– Fullerton India SME Awards” and the membership at the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) reiterate its commitment towards excellence.Vishwak defines, designs and delivers technology solutions that help Media companies winin the new media world. Vishwak provides a complete range of content management anddelivery through its CMS Platforms for News, Mobile Assets & Video.Vishwak Content Management FrameworksVishwak Portal Framework (VPF) is a Content Delivery Platform for New Media supported by a Web CMS Backbone. Developed through yearsof expertise and research, the VPF offers the advantages of customization for enhanced user experience. By integrating end-to-end functionswith online and mobile applications, VPF allows greater personalization of content to make it relevant across demographics and geographies.www.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  2. 2. “Vishwak Mobile Framework (VMF) powers your Value Added Services (VAS) using a simple and easy to use workflow. With MCDS you cancreate a simple and customizable workflow that lets you quickly upload Content Assets and enable them being reviewed / approved /published by respective stakeholders. This system delivers Mobile Web solutions that are trusted by leading telcos, content providers andmedia houses. MCDS enables these businesses to achieve best-of-breed delivery of content like news, application, video downloads, ringtones and more.www.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  3. 3. “Vishwak Video Framework (VVF) is an Online Video Management and Delivery Platform. It enables online publishers and media houses toexperience the benefits of the latest video sharing technologies. Besides supporting delivery to the Web, iPods, iPhones and mobiles, itcreates additional revenue streams from media assets. With VVF you can manage Video Related Assets from a central location effectingnecessary controls using the moderated facility. VVF aids Business decisions and marketing through Analytics and Reports.Service offeringsiVishwak is different from your traditional enterprise solutions providers for it offers a focused set of services that are custom built to makeyou agile, connected and competitive. The Mobility, SharePoint and Video & RIA needs of your organization are rightly addressed to provideclear bottom line results in terms of increased workforce productivity, quicker response time to market changes and enhanced satisfactionlevels across the people chain. Consulting Design & Development Migrate Testing & Compatibility Supportwww.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  4. 4. MobilityOrganizations’ that empower teams with mobility either in the form of mobile web or mobile applications have always stayed focused on “their business objectives. Gartner estimates that by the end of 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile commerceproviding an ideal environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web. The challenges faced in implementing mobile web solutions andmobile applications are information security, integration with other enterprise systems, containing telecom costs, justifying mobileinvestments for an ROI. Vishwak had effectively contained these challenges while implementing mobility solutions in organizations.Vishwak’s mobile solutions enable cost reductions through smart use of technology and completely secure enterprise system integrations fora definitive RoI. MSN India portal on mobile - increasing reach and user base. Enabling Vodafone to be up and running for 12 years across Maintaining the MSN mobile portal for 24*7 availability 3 phases A M-commerce Portal for Amway India Increasing the reach of MSN India with a News application for Windows Phone 7 A lively cricket market place for apps supported by Enhancing mobile search and enabling Sulekha to be Vishwak’s service delivery present across mobile devices Hutch fun card- a new revenue stream for Enabling efficient sales information flow through Hutch with billing integration its mobile initiative ‘Alkiosk’SharePoint CollaborationA research study conducted by Forrester reiterates that an enterprise wide approach to collaboration will transform organizations intoinformation workplaces that facilitate Organizational productivity. Information workplaces have an agile and connected workforce, who cancommunicate effectively to organizational stakeholders- partners, customers and regulators. Vishwak with its expertise and experience inSharePoint deployment improves organizational collaboration through effective knowledge sharing amidst internal and external customers.Vishwak’s unified enterprise wide approach to collaboration transforms organizations into agile, information work places. Case Studies A Collaboration Portal for Oman Air that facilitates better A Ecommerce Portal for Amway India that enhances information flow customer buying experience An Interactive Portal that Increased the Brand A user friendly portal to brand Karnataka tourism Value for Mahindra Homestays Govt of Karnataka Richer user experience through device-specific Upgrading an employee self service SharePoint applications for smart phones portal for ABB The Microsoft Bhasha India Portal- a multilingual A Reporting Dashboard for Carbon Statement that community platform saves the environmentVideo and Rich Internet Apps “Gartner predicts that by 2010, a considerable, 60% of new projects will feature RIA technology. The fast pace at which the importance ofinteractivity in organizational communication has grown has made several organizations to embrace RIA technology.Vishwak with its right set of RIA tools and technologies can build a comprehensive RIA strategy. Vishwak’s expert team of RIA professionalscan provide a productive environment for building, maintaining, and managing RIA applications throughout their entire lifecycle. Vishwakfacilitates affordable deployment of a customized RIA suite of services. Enterprises can now effectively manage customer and employeegenerated content like video blogs and photos when equipped with the right set of RIA tools.Case Studies Live video streaming and a strong interface that made Manorama’s Citizen Journalism a successwww.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  5. 5. Management Team T.N.C. Venkata Rangan Chairman and Managing Director T.N.C. Venkata Rangan (Venkat) is a Technocrat Businessman. He is the Founder & Chairman of Vishwak Solutions. Under his leadership, Vishwak has grown into a multi-million dollar software services company. Venkat enjoys playing the dual role of Businessman and Technology expert; he has been the key strategist behind Vishwaks flagship Media Publishing solutions - VPF (Vishwak Portal Framework) which is powering the online properties of many a leading News and Media companies. Venkat believes in the power of delegation and follows his signature style of transparent management. He encourages his team to first listen and put yourself on customer’s shoes before thinking about technology. In todays highly competitive Software Solutions market, this has ensured that Vishwak gets repeat businesses year on year. Venkat is an active speaker and has presented in various industry events and conferences. He is the Microsoft Regional Director for Chennai – an honorary title from Microsoft that he holds from 1999. One of the areas he is very passionate about is Tamil language computing and as Former Chairman of International Forum for Information “ Technology in Tamil (INFITT) conducted the Tamil Internet Conference 2010 in Coimbatore along with Tamil Nadu Government. Apart from Vishwak, Venkat serves as the Director in LIFCO Publishers Pvt. Ltd, a 81 year old book publishing firm in South India. Venkat has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from University of Madras. Venkat is a regular globe-trotter and a passionate book-reader. Being a voracious blogger, Venkat can be easily reached at his popular blog at www.venkatarangan.com/blog or in Twitter @venkatarangan. Aravindan S Vice President (Sales) Aravindan brings on board over 19 years of rich experience in myriad functions such as Sales, Marketing, Market Research and Consulting in industry domains like MR, New Media and IT Services. Before joining Vishwak, Aravindan has held various positions at Indiatimes, Chennaionline, Webdunia & Scope E-knowledge KPO. He is instrumental in setting up the Sales infrastructure for Vishwak and he holds an MBA degree from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India. He is also an IBM certified ECOM Professional. Farshad Ansari General Manager, Sales (Americas) Mr. Ansari is a visionary Senior Manager with over 28 years experience in Product management, marketing, business development, and sales. He served as the Group Product Manager for 8 years at Microsoft in the .NET team, MSN, and Windows division. After Leaving Microsoft in 2002, he was the cofounder of Zibasoft where he worked with a friend MD and developed a series of solutions for Electronic Medical Recording and Billing for different medical specialties. After successful release of the product, he launched and sold the product across the South Eastern US which led to the eventual purchase of the Intellectual property by a solution company in Pacific Northwest. He then served as a consultant and directed Product Management teams of several startups and smaller firms in the Greater Seattle area. He served as the Director of business development of 352Media Group interactive media solutions for projects with Microsoft and other companies in Pacific Northwest and Western region. Mr. Ansari received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from University of Washington and has Masters in Engineering and Business Administration from University of California in Santa Barbara. Mr. Ansari plays classical guitar and very active in mountain climbing and sailing. He is on board of directors of different charity groups in Pacific Northwest and Children Foundation Organization.www.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  6. 6. www.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution
  7. 7. www.vishwak.com blogs.vishwak.com twitter:@vishwaksolution