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hrp process


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hrp process

  1. 1. HRP Process Aravind.T.S Assist.Professor
  3. 3. HR-PROCESS ORGANISATIONAL OBJECTIVES & STRATEGIES External Environment Scanning Analyze Internal Inventory Forecasting ORGANISATIONAL need for people Survey of people available HR strategies and Plans
  4. 4. • Considering the organisational objectives and strategies • Then both external and internal assessment of HR needs and supply • HIRS
  5. 5. • Once the assessment are complete , Forecast must be developed to identify the missmatch b/w HR Demand and supply • Company level plan – long range plan • Departmental Plan - Medium range plan • Job Plan - Short range plan
  6. 6. Who is responsible for the process ? • TOP LEVEL Executives/Management • Plans are usually prepared by the HR dept in consultation with other corporate heads
  7. 7. BUT
  8. 8. • Responsibility and accountability for manpower aspects of various divisions is on their respective heads . • Each dept should undertake – own appraisal of future need forecasting and plans
  9. 9. HR dept must offer – counsel and advice to various divisional heads • Collect and summarise manpower data keeping long run objectives and broad organisational intent . • Monitor and Mesure performance against the plan and keep to management informed
  10. 10. 3 key element of the Process are 1. Forecasting the demand for labours 2. Performing a supply analysis & 3. Balancing supply and demand consideration.
  11. 11. Forecasting Demand FORECASTING DEMAND External Organisational Work force
  12. 12. External • • • • Economic development Social-political-legal Technological challenges Competitors
  13. 13. Organisational • • • • Strategic Plans Budgets Sales and production forecast New venture
  14. 14. Work force • • • • • Retirement Resignation Termination Death Leave and absent
  15. 15. FORECASTING HR REQUIREMENTS (DEMAND ANALYSIS) (Trying to predict future staffing needs) Managerial Estimates Sales Projections Simulations Vacancy Analysis (projected turnover) FORECASTING HR AVAILABILITY (SUPPLY ANALYSIS) (Predicting worker flows and availabilities) Succession or Replacement Charts Skills Inventories (use of HRIS) Labor Market Analysis Markov Analysis (Transition Matrix) Personnel Ratios
  16. 16. Steps in HR Planning • Forecasting – get ready for the future • Inventory – Know your Skilled employees and deficency • Audit – We are not live in a static world • HR Resource plan – Look at career planning • Action Plan – know where you are growing • Monitoring and control – it has to be controlled ,follow up
  17. 17. Real fact Majorities of the companies not having a sound HRP
  18. 18. Success Mantra “Plan for the future” Thank you