Saarang 2014 SpEnt quiz finals


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Saarang 2014 SpEnt quiz finals

  1. 1. Saarang SpEnt Quiz The Finals Aravindabharathi R, Sahil Mathur, Shivamshu Prabhakar January 11, 2014
  2. 2. Rules • 4 dry rounds with 10 questions each, with theme rounds interspersed. • +10/-10 on pounce • +10/0 on bounce • Standard Chennai bounce rules apply
  3. 3. 1 If Xerneas and Yveltal are the most two most-recent ones, what were the first two?
  4. 4. This slide intentionally left blank.
  5. 5. Charizard and Blastoise
  6. 6. 2.
  7. 7. This slide intentionally left blank.
  8. 8. The Secret Footballer
  9. 9. 3 Connect. Continued on the next slide.
  10. 10. 3 (continued) Video
  11. 11. This slide intentionally left blank.
  12. 12. Fake trailers which got made into movies. Machete and Hobo With A Shotgun were fake trailers which were played along with the Grindhouse double-feature. Cannibal! the Musical was a 3-minute trailer made by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for film class, which then got made into a film. Clown, whose fake trailer claimed that it is directed by Eli Roth, is actually being directed by Eli Roth.
  13. 13. 4 Despite his visibly poor results, this 2011 national Russian golf champion is determined to play in the 2016 Olympics, having previously won an Olympic gold at Sydney in another sport. Who is this persevering sportsperson?
  14. 14. This slide intentionally left blank.
  15. 15. Yevgeny Kafelnikov
  16. 16. 5 Harold Russell was an army instructor who lost both his hands while making a training video. He was profiled in a video about rehabilitating veterans entitled Diary of a Sergeant. This impressed director William Wyler greatly, and he cast him as Homer Parish in his film The Best Years of Our Lives, for which he won the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor. He also won an honourary Oscar for “bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans”. Haing S. Ngor was a Cambodian gynaecologist and surgeon who played Dith Pran in The Killing Fields, for which he won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor. What unique distinction do these two share?
  17. 17. This slide intentionally left blank.
  18. 18. Only two non-professional actors to win Oscars
  19. 19. 6 Pesäpallo is the national sport of Finland. An exhibition sport at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, it is very similar to baseball, so much so that it is often called ‘Finnish baseball’. What is the primary difference?
  20. 20. This slide intentionally left blank.
  21. 21. The ball is pitched vertically
  22. 22. 7 The playable characters in this game are archaeologist, barbarian, caveman, healer, knight, monk, priest, ranger, rogue, samurai, tourist, valkyrie, and wizard. The aim of the game is to search the Mazes of menace for the Amulet of Yendor. Successfully finding the Amulet finishes the game, and grants the character immortality and ascension to demi-god status. The game itself has been in development since 1987, and perhaps due to this, nearly every action performable by players has been thought up by the Dev Team, leading to the term TDTTOE – “The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything”. Which game?
  23. 23. This slide intentionally left blank.
  24. 24. Nethack
  25. 25. 8 During her career, she won 700 matches and lost just 25, winning 148 singles titles (including 21 Grand Slams), spending 688 weeks at World No. 1, going undefeated for 10 years between 30 January 2003 till she retired in February 2013, winning 470 consecutive matches, losing only 18 games and being taken to match point only once. Who is this legendary sportsperson?
  26. 26. This slide intentionally left blank.
  27. 27. Esther Vergeer
  28. 28. 9 The Mumbai-based Hindi film industry is called Bollywood, and the Tamil film industry, based in Kodambakkam, is called Kollywood. We also have Sandalwood for Kannada cinema and Mollywood for Malayalam. However, there are two such “woods” where Bengali cinema is made. One of them is Tollywood, named after the Tollygunge area of Kolkata. Where is the other one located?
  29. 29. This slide intentionally left blank.
  30. 30. Dhallywood in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  31. 31. 10 It is said to have happened on August 31, 2004. A foul ball hit by Manny Ramirez struck the then sixteen-year-old Lee Gavin in the crowd, knocking out two of his teeth. Ramirez was Lee Gavin’s favourite player and Gavin lived on a farm owned by X. That same day, the team in question’s fearsome rivals suffered their worst defeat in team history. What is said to have happened?
  32. 32. This slide intentionally left blank.
  33. 33. Answer Curse of the Bambino reversed, Team in question are the Red Sox. Rivals: Yankees, X: Babe Ruth
  34. 34. 11. Name the guy on the right. How did he inspire #1 and #2? Audio
  35. 35. This slide intentionally left blank.
  36. 36. Sophocles, Retellings of Oedipus Rex
  37. 37. 12. Event, place, year?
  38. 38. This slide intentionally left blank.
  39. 39. Asian games, 1951, Delhi
  40. 40. 13 X can easily be mistaken for his brother Y, who works in the same field. God knows what their parents were thinking. X spent seven years abroad in Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, and claims to have “closely observed” the “waves of emotions” experienced by hundreds of NRIs while abroad. After returning to India, X has, among other things, helped Y script a Bollywood film. While his brother mainly caters to the college-going crowd, X’s works target married office-goers in their 20s. When X first announced that he was going to follow in his brother’s footsteps, there was a collective groan from those who thought that he was simply trying to cash in on Y’s success. However, X claims that he has not received any criticism about his works so far. Name X and Y.
  41. 41. This slide intentionally left blank.
  42. 42. Ketan and Chetan Bhagat
  43. 43. 14 2013 standings. Whose name has been blanked out?
  44. 44. This slide intentionally left blank.
  45. 45. Marc Márquez
  46. 46. 15 This film’s opening credits are curiously devoid of any text. Director François Truffaut consciously decided to do so as a nod to both the film’s theme and also the ending. Since the film itself deals with a mostly-illiterate society, it is only fitting that this effect be reproduced in the credits. It could also be a tribute to the ending, where the conversion of the written word into speech saves it. Which film are we talking about?
  47. 47. This slide intentionally left blank.
  48. 48. 16 2013–2014 : Borussia Dusseldorf 2012–2013 : SV Werder Bremen 2010–2011 : TSV Graefelfing 2009–2010 : San Sebastian de Los Reyes Whose club career?
  49. 49. This slide intentionally left blank.
  50. 50. Achanta Sharath Kamal
  51. 51. 17 This annual list was first compiled in 2004 by an executive called Franklin Leonard, who contacted his friends who worked in studios across Hollywood to find out the top movie scripts which hadn’t yet been produced. While it may not be any indicator of the quality of the scripts themselves, it is a collection of the most-liked screenplays of the year. Graduates of this list include Juno,The King’s Speech, Slumdog Millionaire, Argo, and Stoker. Considering that featuring in this list is one of the best possible things that can happen to an unproduced screenplay, what is this list called, somewhat counter-intuitively?
  52. 52. This slide intentionally left blank.
  53. 53. The Black List
  54. 54. 18 1978, India in Pakistan, 1st Test, Faisalabad Name both.
  55. 55. This slide intentionally left blank.
  56. 56. Zaheer Abbas, Sunil Gavaskar
  57. 57. 19. Connect to a movie. Video
  58. 58. This slide intentionally left blank.
  59. 59. Falling Down
  60. 60. 20 The name is derived from a similar event in horse racing, where horses and riders raced from one town’s X to the next, which were used as markers due to their visibility over long distances. Along the way, they inevitably had to jump streams and low stone walls separating estates. The modern version originated at the University of Oxford sports in 1860 and has been an Olympic event since the inception of the modern Olympics. Name the event.
  61. 61. This slide intentionally left blank.
  62. 62. Steeplechase
  63. 63. 21. Who? The toys came first; the cartoons later. Mattel had been approached by George Lucas for a licensing deal, which they declined due to the large advance which Lucas asked of them. Created in an effort to boost lagging toy sales, he quickly became of the company’s best-selling toylines. However, after the release of a certain movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982, rumours began to spread which claimed that he was essentially a sanitised version of the movie’s titular character, with changes made so that this children’s toy could not be accused of promoting a film containing nudity and violence. This was compounded by the fact that Mattel was the official toy-partner for the movie, and culminated in a lawsuit against Mattel from a company called CPI (__ properties). Mattel won the lawsuit, and continues to produce him.
  64. 64. This slide intentionally left blank.
  65. 65. He-Man
  66. 66. 22 He was British Chess Champion in 1923 and 1934 and became an International Master in 1950. He reached the Wimbledon Men’s Doubles semi-finals in 1911. However, he was most successful in Badminton, having won the All England Championships 21 times (4 Singles, 9 Doubles, 8 Mixed Doubles). Who is this polymath, after whom the Badminton World Men’s Team Championships Cup is named?
  67. 67. This slide intentionally left blank.
  68. 68. Sir George Alan Thomas
  69. 69. 23 Branwell was a painter, poet, and a writer. He was supposed to be the genius of the family, but ended up the black sheep. Leaving home, he left for London to make a name as an artist, but quickly became addicted to alcohol and opium. He never really came back to leading a productive life, and died without having made much of a name for himself. His biggest claim to fame is perhaps through his siblings, whose debut novels came out in the year 1847, after they had had trouble finding publishers. Today, he has been immortalised in a statue near the Luddendenfoot railway station, where he worked as a clerk for a couple of years. Who are Branwell’s more popular siblings?
  70. 70. This slide intentionally left blank.
  71. 71. The Bronte Sisters
  72. 72. 24 It was originally created by Steve Chmelar in 1971 out of hardware cloth and papier-mâché for the 1971 Iowa High School Athletic Association Boy’s State Basketball Finals. A photo was subsequently published in the Des Moines Tribune. In 1978, Geral Fauss picked up the idea and set up Spirit Industries to produce them in mass. Today, they are widely used by American sports fans. What is being talked about?
  73. 73. This slide intentionally left blank.
  74. 74. Foam finger
  75. 75. 25 Instructions for taking care of what? 1. Never take your __ swimming. They are known to be poor swimmers and will sink to the bottom. It is ok to give them an occasional bath in shallow water. 2. Feeding – No one knows what __ like to eat, but they seem to thrive without food. It is not necessary to feed your __. 3. Exercise – __ can be quite lazy. They do enjoy being tossed in the air sometimes, but should never be thrown at anything. 4. Training – __ are easy to train. They can quickly learn to “sit”, “stay”, and “play dead”. “Roll over” usually requires a little help from the trainer, as does “attack”. “Come”, “stand”, and “shake hands” are impossible to teach.
  76. 76. This slide intentionally left blank.
  77. 77. Pet Rock
  78. 78. 26. Who? Nicknamed the ‘Bombay Tiger’, this 3-time Amateur World Champion won his first World Amateur Billiards Champion title in 1977 and followed it up with the World Open Billiards Champion title in the same year. In 1978, he became the first amateur to break the barrier of 1,000 points, creating a new amateur world record by scoring 1,149 points. He refused the Padma Shri in 1981, contending that Sunil Gavaskar was offered the Padma Bhushan. He was eventually bestowed with the Padma Bhushan in 1983.
  79. 79. This slide intentionally left blank.
  80. 80. Michael Ferreira
  81. 81. 27. FITB __ poems focus on the individual in the context of familial relationships. Most tend to be about the love between a man and a woman. They can deal with premarital, marital, and extramarital love in any of their phases – meeting, waiting, sulking, lamenting, and parting. Typically, they deal with the essence of the romantic experience, and not just particular events. On the other hand, __ poems, which are usually presided over by men, and celebrate the wartime exploits and bravery of heroes. In the words of one expert, “they explore the relationship between man and the world around him horizontally, that is, historically, with reference to a specific place and time.”
  82. 82. This slide intentionally left blank.
  83. 83. Akam and Puram
  84. 84. 28 The Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons brawl of 2004 was an altercation which has been dubbed as the most infamous brawl in the history of the NBA. With less than a minute left, a fight broke out on court, with Ron Artest (so much for the Peace) and Ben Wallace as the serial offenders. As usual players and staff from both teams joined in and were huddled at mid-court. Artest was lying on the scorer’s table, and a drink was thrown from the stands prompting Artest to enter the crowd and a massive brawl between the players and fans ensued. The repercussions led to nine players being suspended without pay for a total of 146 games, which led to $11 million in salary being lost by the players. The fight also led the NBA to increase security presence between players and fans, and to limit the sale of alcohol. What is this brawl colloquially known as?
  85. 85. This slide intentionally left blank.
  86. 86. Malice at the palace
  87. 87. 29. FITB. “For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her It’s the kiss of death from Mister __” “He looks at this world and wants it all So he strikes like __” “This dream is for you, so pay the price Make one dream come true, __ __ __ __” “But if this ever-changing world we live in makes you give in and cry Say __ __ __ __”
  88. 88. This slide intentionally left blank.
  89. 89. James Bond themes
  90. 90. 30 Which league do the following teams play in? • Bangalore Warhawks • Mumbai Gladiators • Kandy Skykings • Pune Marathas • Kolkata Vipers • Delhi Defenders • Pakistan Wolfpak • Colombo Lions
  91. 91. This slide intentionally left blank.
  92. 92. Elite Football League of India (EFLI)
  93. 93. 31 This modern art movement involving the creation of perspex sculptures in specific shapes was started by the Jamaican artist Ramó Nash. Nash exhibited his works in a gallery owned by Henri Fourcart, whose “death” under mysterious circumstances prompted an investigation by a Belgian journalist and brought the movement into the public eye. Links were later found to a mystic named Endaddine Akass, who was apparently using Nash’s work as a front for an art-forgery racket. What movement was Ramó Nash the pioneer of?
  94. 94. This slide intentionally left blank.
  95. 95. Alph-Art
  96. 96. 32
  97. 97. 32(continued)
  98. 98. This slide intentionally left blank.
  99. 99. All subjects for Rupert Mccall’s poems • Steve Irwin • New York Firefighter • Black Caviar • A dream match between Federer and Laver
  100. 100. 33 XY was an alumnus of the University of Ingolstadt in Germany. During his time at college, he proved himself exceptionally brilliant at science, especially in chemistry, and developed the secret technique we know him for today. Just before he left for college, XY saw his mother die of scarlet fever. This, and his seeing lightning strike an oak are believed to be one of the factors which led him to work in a particular field, culminating in the creation of something which is often erroneously simply called Y. Who is XY, and how does one correctly identify his creation?
  101. 101. This slide intentionally left blank.
  102. 102. Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster
  103. 103. 34 ODI #453: 9 October 1987, Australia v India, M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Madras, India ODI #725: 1 March 1992, Australia v India, The Gabba, Brisbane, Australia These are the only two instances, both incidentally involving India and Australia, of what? (very specific)
  104. 104. This slide intentionally left blank.
  105. 105. One-run World Cup victories
  106. 106. 35 How do we better know Yarrow, Stookey and Travers?
  107. 107. This slide intentionally left blank.
  108. 108. Peter, Paul and Mary
  109. 109. 36. Who? While Noel-Baker may have been the only Nobel-winning Olympic medallist, this mathematician was not far off. Though he didn’t win the Nobel, his brother and his nephew did. An excellent footballer, he played in Denmark’s first official international football match at the 1908 Olympics. The team beat France 17–1 (an Olympic Record) en route to a silver medal. So popular a footballer was he that when he defended his doctoral thesis, the audience was reported as having more football fans than mathematicians.
  110. 110. This slide intentionally left blank.
  111. 111. Harald Bohr
  112. 112. 37 For many years, this rock duo were believed to be brother and sister, until it emerged in 2001 that they had been married and divorced. In a rather unconventional move, the guy had taken the girl’s surname. He had previously been a musician, and they began to play together after she learned to play the drums. Many years later, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the male half of the band had this to say about the whole my-wife-is-my-sister affair: “When you see a band that is two pieces, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, you think, ’Oh, I see...’ When they’re brother and sister, you go, ’Oh, that’s interesting.’ You care more about the music, not the relationship—whether they’re trying to save their relationship by being in a band.” Name this duo, whose most-famous music video was inspired by a poster for A Clockwork Orange.
  113. 113. This slide intentionally left blank.
  114. 114. The White Stripes
  115. 115. 38. Who? Often touted as the greatest Asian golfer ever, this guy, affectionately called ‘Jumbo’ on account of his height and length off the tee, featured in the top ten of the Official World Golf Rankings for almost 200 weeks between 1989 and 1998. He is the most successful player of all time on the Japan Golf Tour, having led the money list a record 12 times and won 94 tournaments, more than 40 more than the second highest tally. He was inducted to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2011.
  116. 116. This slide intentionally left blank.
  117. 117. Masashi Ozaki
  118. 118. 39 In this 1895 novel set in the American Civil War, Henry Fleming, a low-ranking soldier in the Union Army deserts his regiment when he fears that they are losing a battle. However, the Union wins that battle and, feeling remorseful, rejoins his regiment. The title of the book derives from Fleming’s desire for a war wound or a __ __ __ ___, to make up for his former cowardice.
  119. 119. This slide intentionally left blank.
  120. 120. Red Badge of Courage
  121. 121. 40 This field hockey player played for India at the 1948 London Olympics winning gold, but later represented Pakistan at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics winning silver, thus becoming one of the few sportspersons to have one Olympic medals for different countries. Who is this quite-a-bit-post-Independence shifter?
  122. 122. This slide intentionally left blank.
  123. 123. Akhtar Hussain
  124. 124. 41 When X was 35 years old, he got lost in a dark wood, and was attacked by 3 (metaphorical?) animals, which stood at the edge of the wood and prevented him from exiting it. When he was wondering how to escape, X was saved by a man much, much older than him, whose works he had read and whom he considered his mentor. X and his mentor then took a third, longer path, which brought them face to face with the worst and then the best of humanity in a lifealtering journey. Who is X?
  125. 125. This slide intentionally left blank.
  126. 126. Dante Alighieri
  127. 127. 42 Diana Nyad is a woman of many talents. She is an author, journalist and motivational speaker. She was also a national squash player in the United States. Nyad gained her reputation as a long-distance swimmer when she swam from the Bahamas to Florida in the 1970s. In September 2013, at the age of 64 and on her fifth attempt, she successfully completed a certain feat and became the first person to do so. However since her feat occurred at a time when artificially enhanced heroes like Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez keep falling, Nyad’s record feat was distrusted by her fellow athletes. What is this record feat?
  128. 128. This slide intentionally left blank.
  129. 129. Swam from Cuba to Florida without shark cage
  130. 130. 43 Ending of the film Taking Lives. Which Bollywood ending “borrows” extensively from this? Video
  131. 131. This slide intentionally left blank.
  132. 132. Kahaani
  133. 133. 44 X was relegated in 2001 experiencing financial problems, with the club’s president and the city’s mayor representing opposite sides of the political spectrum. Another relegation followed in 2002 because of on-pitch failures coupled with non-payment of wages. However, the fans rebelled, protested and raised money. Since relegation, X has never gone under 10,000 season-ticket holders. Facing further threat of administration in 2012, they again pulled through, with the fan-share concept and help from former players Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata and Michu. Shares were bought by more than 20,000 people from over 60 countries. Carlos Slim also bought €2m worth of shares and holds over 30% of the stake. Small shareholders and fans own over 40% of the shares. X?
  134. 134. This slide intentionally left blank.
  135. 135. Real Oviedo
  136. 136. 45. Connect. • Bruno Podalydès • Alfonso Cuarón • Paul Mayeda Berges and • Olivier Assayas Gurinder Chadha • Gus Van Sant • Joel and Ethan Coen • Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas • Christopher Doyle • Isabel Coixet • Nobuhiro Suwa • Sylvain Chomet • Oliver Schmitz • Richard LaGravenese • Vincenzo Natali • Wes Craven • Tom Tykwer • Frédéric Auburtin and Gérard Depardieu • Alexander Payne
  137. 137. This slide intentionally left blank.
  138. 138. 46 The first picture is luge. If they are both on the same track, what is the second?
  139. 139. This slide intentionally left blank.
  140. 140. Skeleton
  141. 141. 47 An author on a movie made from a book he wrote. Which author, and which book? “Summing up, as __’s author I shall allow myself to repeat that I only wanted to create a vision of a human encounter with something that certainly exists, in a mighty manner perhaps, but cannot be reduced to human concepts, ideas or images. This is why the book was entitled __ and not Love in Outer Space.”
  142. 142. This slide intentionally left blank.
  143. 143. Solaris, Stanislaw Lem
  144. 144. 48 The X was originally presented at the University of Cambridge as a kind of prize awarded by the students to the man who achieved the lowest exam marks but still earned a junior optime in the Mathematical Tripos. The term X was also applied to the recipient and the prize became quite notorious. And while he lives, he wields the boasted prize Whose value all can feel, the weak, the wise; Displays in triumph his distinguish’d boon, The solid honours of the X What is this X which as now found its way into sporting culture, especially in the Six Nations Championship, County Championship and various sports of the Commonwealth Countries?
  145. 145. This slide intentionally left blank.
  146. 146. The Wooden Spoon