UAE Mobile Survey 2009


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This Special Report was based on a
survey conducted on 100 male and 100
female participants aged 20 to 40 years
old, from the UAE, examining in detail
their mobile phone usage and behaviour.
Crucial information was gained to identify
mobile marketing opportunities for brand
marketers in the UAE.

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UAE Mobile Survey 2009

  1. 1. Special Report of 2009: “Mobile Usage Is Ringing Loud & Clear”
  2. 2. Index > Mobile Marketing in the UAE > Mobile Users > Services & Usage > Mobile Marketing Opportunities > Appendix
  3. 3. > Mobile Marketing in the UAE: Is it relevant and engaged? This Special Report was based on a survey conducted on 100 male and 100 female participants aged 20 to 40 years old, from the UAE, examining in detail their mobile phone usage and behaviour. Crucial information was gained to identify mobile marketing opportunities for brand marketers in the UAE. With a mobile marketing growth boom imminent and global estimates indicating that the mobile is now where internet advertising spend was 10 years ago, the potential for marketing on the mobile platform is unrivaled. However, the majority of brands have yet to harness this opportunity within the mobile marketing structure, nationally or globally.
  4. 4. > Mobile Users While the mobile users surveyed may be uncertain about their exact Mobile devices frequently used network connections, almost 1/3 of the respondents confirmed WiFi and/ by surveyed participants: or Bluetooth connection capabilities. The stats also showed that 60% of 33% Nokia respondents operate with one phone and 30% have two phones at their disposal. However, every second female user tends 20% Blackberry to own two phones. 19% iPhone 14% Sony Ericsson 5% Samsung <2% Motorola
  5. 5. > Services & Usage The following section indicates the key mobile services and usage rates by the surveyed participants: Mobile Applications In the UAE, mobile users are talking, The third most used application being With regard to applications that feature texting, surfing, researching and social the phone calendar. Closely followed by transaction services, such as, phone networking while on the go. This clearly the camera, email, web searching, music, banking or other deliveries, only 27% of demonstrates an obvious consumer reach games and social media applications. users are currently using their mobile for brand marketers. device to make these transactions or use The majority of users who bought these services. However, 47% of the users The survey indicated that SMS text applications were happy to pay more than surveyed would buy goods using their messaging was the most popular mobile $1, while just over half, had not paid for any mobile phone. This is a promising statistic. service currently used among the UAE of the applications. survey respondents. SMS being an Overall, our study revealed that SMS is not increasing form of simple communication a desirable platform for sweepstakes or across the globe. Female users were more games, as 90% of users do not participate. eager to use SMS, as their usage exceeds Also, the MMS service seems to be the voice calls by a third of the average usage. least popular indigenous service, as 50% do not use MMS while the other half only use it sparingly.
  6. 6. > Services & Usage Mobile Internet Accessibility is the number one issue in Mobile Advertising 70% of the surveyed participants the region when it comes to the mobile Statistically, 77% of mobile internet demonstrated that they actively use their browsing of websites. Mobile-optimized users do not click on advertising banners. mobile handsets to browse and surf the websites from top brands in the UAE Considering the users’ sensitivity to Internet, with 90% of those using their are hard to find, yet the high-impact loading time and a lack of mobile websites phone to research online up to twice a day. marketing potential for the region’s top that have acceptable browsing speeds, brands to reach and engage with mobile there is an obvious need for a more robust On browsing satisfaction, 50% of users users is still largely underestimated. infrastructure that can serve banner able to access the internet rated their advertising in a reliable and efficient browsing experience as good, while only However, 77% of those surveyed use manner. 23% seem to be totally satisfied and a social media applications on their mobile further 19% were not satisfied at all. phones to post images and updates. Sites International advertising networks report such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the up to 20 million impressions per month Majority of the complaints focused on slow like are gaining popularity. within the UAE, but the local mobile connection and browser loading speeds. users surveyed were unwilling to click However, a common complaint highlighted on localized banners, as they were less by users was the inaccessibility of some pervasive and historically take longer to websites on mobile phones due to missing load than international banner adverts. plug-ins, large file sizes or poor screen resolution.
  7. 7. > Mobile Marketing Opporunities Our Special Report highlights that mobile For social media marketers, it is important Achieving Success through devices have become critically important to make distributed content accessible on Omnia Connect to the modern lifestyle in the UAE. From such mobile devices whenever possible. At Omnia Connect, we understand the simple communication to research to on- Marketers who are active on these social importance of the mobile platform as the-go socializing, it is clear that mobile networks have the opportunity promote a new channel of communication to phone handsets are a portal to the world. their brands to a highly accessible group UAE audiences. Through a consultative of interactive users. approach, we look to help our clients with Successful mobile services for brand the creation of unique mobile marketing marketers to consider for their next Mobile Advertising tools, which will deliver on brand, content, campaign are: Building on the success of mobile Internet accessibility and efficiency whilst usage in the UAE, mobile advertising can connecting with the people who matter Mobile Applications achieve a high level of success with local the most – your customers. Regional brands can influence the power mobile users in the future. of customer engagement through the For further information mobile application channel if they can Although this form of media will not or details, email us on: create an application that not only makes displace the more, well-established media the customers lives easier, but has added channels that are currently being used value by making local information and to communicate brand messages, it is services more accessible. definitely a new distribution channel to consider for the future, as UAE audiences become savvy with online experiences.
  8. 8. > Appendix: Mobile Marketing Terms Mobile Applications: A mobile application is mobile software is designed to run on mobile devices and can be an exceptional tactic to strengthen brand engagement and customer loyalty. Two types of mobile applications that have been classified in this report are: 1. Branded Applications 2. Other Applications Social Media a. This application can be branded by b. These are tools that allow users Software tools that allow groups to customers and provided to to get in touch with the brand generate content and engage in peer- customers as an incentive to the directly through the use of a to-peer conversations and exchange of overall brand experience offering. service offering. As two-way content (examples are YouTube, Flickr, As one-way communication tools, communication tool with customers, Facebook, MySpace etc) success of these applications is success of these tools is measured measured by the number of unique by the number of transactions, Mobile Advertising installations, frequency / time reliability and overall efficiency. A form of adverting through of usage and other user Examples include: Internet banking, mobile devices. interactions. Examples of such financial tools, product ordering applications include games, tools or amongst others. other entertainment programs.