Kentucky Fried Chicken


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Kentucky Fried Chicken

  1. 1. KFCs parent company is Yum!Brands, Inc., the worlds lagestrestaurant company in terms ofsystem restaurants, with morethan 37,000 locations in more than120 countries and territories andemploying more than one millionassociates. Yum! is ranked number239 on the Fortune 500 List, withrevenues exceeding $11 billion in2008.
  2. 2. Based in Louisville, KY, KFCCorporation is the world’smost popular chickenfranchise specializing inOriginal Recipe®, KentuckyGrilled ChiCken™ and TheColonel’s Crispy Strips withhome-style sides, Honey BBQWings and freshly madechicken sandwiches. KFC hasbeen serving customerscomplete, freshlyprepared, family meals sinceColonel Harland Sandersfounded the concept in 1952.
  3. 3. Colonel HarlandSandersHarland David Sanders born on September 9, 1890 wasand restaurateur who founded the Kentucky Fried ChiIn 1930 Sanders openeda service station in Corbin,Kentucky where he cookedchicken dishes and other mealssuch as country hamand steaks forcustomers. Since he did not havea restaurant, he servedcustomers in his adjacentliving quarters. His localpopularity grew and Sandersmoved to a motel with a 142seat restaurant, later
  4. 4. The restaurant in Corbin, Kentuckywhere Colonel Sanders developedKentucky Fried Chicken
  5. 5. Around 1950, Sandersbegan developing hisdistinctiveappearance, growing histrademark mustache andgoatee and donning awhite suit and string tieColonel HarlandSandersIn 1952 he successfullyfranchised "Kentucky FriedChicken" and the firstfranchise wasa atof South Salt Lake, In thefirst year of selling theproduct, restaurant salesmore than tripled, with75% of the increase comingfrom sales of friedchicken .Don Anderson asign painter, coined thename Kentucky FriedChicken.The franchise approach became successfuland in 1964 Sanders sold the Kentucky FriedChicken corporation for $2 million to apartnership of Kentucky businessmenheaded by John Y. Brown, Jr. The deal did notinclude the Canadian operations. In 1965
  6. 6. Sanders died at theJewish Hospitalin Louisville,Kentucky ofpneumonia onDecember 16, 1980. Hehad been diagnosedwith acute leukemiathe previous JuneSince his death,Sanders has beenportrayed by voiceactors in KentuckyFried Chickencommercials in radioand an animatedversion of him hasbeen used fortelevisionGravesite of ColonelSanders
  7. 7. KFC ORIGINAL RECIPEThe secret recipe forKFC fried chicken hasnever been revealed,but this is a goodcopy. It actuallydoes contain 11 herbsand spices. The twomain secrets behindthe delicious flavoris the monosodium
  8. 8. THE SECRET OF KFC SUCCESSSaved by thce Pressure CookerTime means moneyOwning a big percentage in a small town VS Owning a small percentage in a largecountryIt is the franchise system, not the spice recipe
  9. 9. Saved by the Pressure Cooker
  10. 10. Time meansmoney
  11. 11. Owning a big percentage in a small town VSOwning a small percentage in a largecountry
  12. 12. KFC Franchise StandardsIn a franchise system, everything is documented andthere are strict rules for running the business. Forexample:-The chicken must be cooked in a pressure cooker andleft for 15 minutesThe size of each of the chicken parts must at least 8cm wide and weight 300 gramsThe chicken must be marinated overnightThe age of the chicken when they were slaughteredmust be between 60-70 daysThe minimum size of the restaurant must be 24x60feet
  13. 13. KFC Franchise Standards
  14. 14. KFC MENU