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failure of vista


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failure of vista

  1. 1. Windows Vista was launched with many hopes and promises but it never came to a full swing and it no longer gets the opportunity to do so, at least not anymore for corporate PCs. However, Vista's reputation is largely ruined. Indirectly Microsoft tries to make a better privilege for Windows Vista with new ads at TV. In fact, the IT-Departments will ignore Windows Vista and it won´t change in the future either.
  2. 2. Windows XP has been too successful. However, there are almost twice as many PCs in use right now. Around 70 percent of them run under Windows XP. The PCs in the network of the IT- Departments run under Windows XP without any problem and it will be very complicated to switch from XP to Vista because of compatibility problems.
  3. 3. Windows Vista is too slow. Vista requires about 50 million lines of code. Windows XP ranged at startup with 35 million lines of codes, now it is up to 40 million. Even on the latest hardware, the latest version of Windows XP is more powerful than the latest version of Windows Vista.
  4. 4. Microsoft should have never created Windows Vista. Because of Windows Vista, Microsoft had to change the .Net Web Services Strategy and its business model from retail model to software subscriptions.
  5. 5. Apple has had success with its ads against Windows Vista at TV in the last few years. Actually, this argument is valid only in the U.S., Britain, and Japan because this known TV-ad “I´m a Mac” is running only in these three countries.It largely affected the reputation of vista .