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Review and evaluation wen yen


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Review and evaluation wen yen

  1. 1. Review and Evaluation 1. Learning through Problem-based experience engages my prior knowledge and my previous contract experience as I get to relate to the different learning theories. It enhance learning as, the cognitive knowledge complement the experiential knowledge. Thus, making learning more meaningful. This problem based learning experience allows me to work collaboratively with my other group members. Through the process of working together to discover the nature of a problem, understanding the constraints and options to its resolution. We also learn to negotiate the complex nature of the problem before making decisions. In order to make group learning effective, the group members need to work collaboratively. It involves individual to share our own thoughts and from there to work together and achieve a common goal through much discussion and negotiation. 2.The problem-based learning experience has definitely nurtured my competencies, as I am better able to make links to learning theories. It also challenges me to reflect some of my past experience and better improve on my personal beliefs, opinions and pedagogical skills. I get to work with people of different personalities and learnt how to accept differences. It allows me to be more active and more reflective in learning process. Furthermore, I learnt how to encourage peers on when faced with problems. I get to plan a timeline for the project and to be more aware of how to manage my time in order to meet several datelines. Lastly, I learnt hoe to take responsibility for own group’s direction and organize and direct the learning proc 3. Providence of an example of last year’s case and how did the student do it. Tutor could provide us with comments on how last year’s student did so that we know what are the pitfalls to avoid and areas of improvement. 4. Strengths: it’s user friendly and Limitations: NA 5. Strengths: Simulate simulated real world working and professional contexts in learning classrooms. Limitations: Some part of the video were exaggerated, hence it may not best represent the actual situation that we will face in school.
  2. 2. 6. Student learnt best through experiential learning. An example of experiential learning is going to the bird park and learning through observation and interaction with the environment, as opposed to reading about birds from a book. Thus, one makes discoveries and experiments with knowledge firsthand, instead of hearing or reading about others' experiences.