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Review and evaluation cihui


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Review and evaluation cihui

  1. 1. 1. Normally, we learn and gain knowledge directly from teacher, and textbooks are used to recap facts learned. Problem-based learning allows collaborative learning to take place. We have to read up on different sections, different theories, and teach our group mates on what we found out. In this Problem-based learning, every single group mates are important. The group needs to work closely as a team, and solve problems together instead of one person figuring out ways to solve it. We offer helps to our group mates, and willing to accept ideas from others. Problems are normally solved as a group. Through this assignment, not only did I gain knowledge from my group mates, but intangible skills which are displayed by each individual. Group learning is made effective when all of us are willing to put in efforts for the assignment. Most importantly, it is crucial for a group to be really bonded in order to perform well. Group members are willing to accept differences in thinking, and discuss the best solutions to problems in the case study. 2. It stimulate my thinking about how to teach more effectively, how to retain information in students long term memory, and that knowing and comprehending of knowledge is definitely not enough for a student to develop critical thinking skills. A variety of teaching techniques are important to cater to different learners in a class, and it is one of the ways to create inclusiveness in a classroom. Through this problem-based learning, I learn that it is very important to connect with the people who work us, and the way we interact with students. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and a smile can brighten up all’s day. Besides that, it is important to learn from others and accept different views from others. It is also important to connect with students. The ways we communicate with students have an impact on students learning and behavior. When we were doing our project, we keep reflecting on our proposals, hence there were always things which we need to improve on. Reflection has an important role to play in learning and self- development. It’s only when we keep on reflecting on our mistakes, or things which we already did, can we improve. This PBL actually reminds us to be reflective at all times, especially as a beginning teacher so that we can improve. Personal skills such as self-management, independent learning and goal skills are developing through PBL. We learn to be really self-discipline, set goals and monitor our own progress. Many of these personal goals which we gain are really something we need as a beginning teacher. When we were working on the project, we need to be very organized so that things can be processed smoothly over to the next stage. We need to manage our part of work well so that the group will not lag behind. We also need to think in a very organized way, when we were analyzing the scenarios, so that things can be seen clearly. Time management is also important for us to handle PBL and other assignments.
  2. 2. 3. The scenarios have to be as realistic as possible and textbook scenarios have to be thrown out of the window. This will ensure students to be able to relate what they read to what they experience. Thus interest will be there and hence, more effective learning is achieved 4. All of us can access it any time we prefer, and know where our group is progressing at that moment. It is also very clear to us, what we have completed, and what else still needs to be done. Besides that, since everything which we did is inside the e-portfolio, it makes our things more organized. However, personally, I think there are certain limitations to it too. We need to be in a place where there is internet access in order to view/upload things in the e-portfolio. Next, without an IT-savvy in a group, it will be a bit time consuming for us to play and learn from scratch how to go about using it. 5. The scenarios stayed in our memory longer. We are able to visualize the whole case study clearly. We do not need to keep reading for information, but watch the video clip. Video clip is engaging hence provides some entertaining moments. 6. Students learn best when they feel comfortable with the people around them. Teachers are encouraging, peers are supportive, and students are not afraid to consult teachers or their friends when they come across problems/ difficulties. Students tend to retain knowledge which they learn through interactive imagery better and it is important for teachers to explain their thought process when teaching, so that students can really understand the content teacher taught. Besides that, students learn best (in terms of behavior, personal attitude) when they are shown the right way to do things, knowing what they can do, and what is not right.