EUFA Champions league


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A small description of 5 european soccer clubs participating in the EUFA Champions League.

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EUFA Champions league

  1. 1. Photo credit: by Smyl from
  2. 2.  The champions league was founded in Vienna, on March 2, 1955. It was determined to be a tournament composed not by the champions of each country but by the European clubs with most fans. Real Madrid won the first 5 tournaments. At the beginning only 16 clubs were part of the tournament, now on days is conformed by 32 clubs.
  3. 3. Photo credit: By Vramak from Flickr.
  4. 4. Photo credit: by Missha from Barcelona is the team with most European trophies. Jorge Jesus, Benfica coach said “We were up against the best team in the world, a side that has always 70% or more of possession, and that dominate all their opponents. They have only got the two best players in Europe!” referring to Barcelona after their match. Home to Lionel Messi, winner of the Golden Ball three times in a row.
  5. 5. Photo credit: by Ronnie Macdonald from Flickr. Winners of the 2012 UEFA Champions League. English team created on 1905 The team had its up and downs and after switching coaches multiple times they are now under Roberto DI Matteo. Some of the best players are goalkeeper Petr Čech; and Fernando Torres.
  6. 6.  Real Madrid is a Spanish soccer club, founded on 1902 in Madrid. Real Madrid has 9 UEFA Champions League titles. They won La Liga 32 times. Photo Credit: By JuanJaen from Flickr. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s best players. Nominee to the UEFA best player award on 2011 and 2012.
  7. 7.  F.C Bayern München is by far the most successful German club. It was founded on 1900. The have won 4 UEFA Champions League titles. They fought the title last year against Chelsea. Critiques say that they had a bad start on this year’s league. Photo Credit: by Rayand from Flickr.
  8. 8.  Italian club formed 1899. Known best for their success on international competitions. They have won 7 EUFA Champions League titles. Photo credit: By zeropuntosedici from Flickr.
  9. 9.  tml Barcelona › honours/detail/card/fc-barcelona-team-records › 3/matches/round=2000347/match=2009516/postmatch/q uotes/index.html Chelsea › 3/clubs/club=52914/index.html
  10. 10.  Real Madrid › 3706/profile/index.html › imer_Equipo_en/1330120439266/noticia/Noticia/Mourinho: __I_enjoyed_the_way_my_team_played,_we_played_reall y_well_.htm F.C Bayern München › munich?cc=5901 › 3/clubs/club=50037/index.html AC Milan › urope&cc=5901 › 3/clubs/club=50058/index.html