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ArangoDB – A different approach to NoSQL


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ArangoDB – A different approach to NoSQL

  1. 1. ! the multi-purpose NoSQL Database ! 1
  2. 2. Why did we start ArangoDB? How should an ideal multi-purpose database look like? Is it already out there? ! ‣ Second Generation NoSQL DB ‣ Unique feature set ‣ Solves some problems of other NoSQL DBs ‣ Greenfield project ‣ Experienced team building NoSQL DBs for more than 10 years 2
  3. 3. Main Features ‣ Open source and free ArangoDB is available under the Apache 2 licence. ‣ Multi model database Model your data using flexible combinations of key-value pairs, documents and graphs. ‣ Convenient querying AQL is a declarative query language similar to SQL. Other options are REST and querying by example. ‣ Extendable through JS No language zoo: you can use one language from your browser to your back-end. ‣ High performance & space efficiency ArangoDB is fast and takes less space than other nosql databases ‣ Easy to use Up and running in seconds, administer ArangoDB using its graphical user interface. ‣ Started in Sep 2011 ‣ Version 1.0 in Sep 2012 ! ‣ Actual: Version 1.4 ‣ Multi Database Suport ‣ Foxx API Framework ‣ Master/Slave Replication 3
  4. 4. Free and Open Source ‣ Apache 2 License The Apache License is recognised by the Open Source Initiative as a popular and widely deployed licence with a strong community. All of The Apache Software Foundation’s projects, including the Apache HTTP Server project whose software powers more than half of the Internet’s web servers, use this licence. ‣ On Github Community can report issues, participate and improve ArangoDB with just a few mouse clicks. ‣ Do what you want with it You can even use ArangoDB in your commercial projects for free. Just leave the disclaimer intact. ‣ ... and don‘t pay a dime! that is, unless you want to support this great project :-)