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Why Us ARAND Video Services


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Why Us ARAND Video Services

  1. 1. ARAND Video Services WHY USThank you for stopping by our website we knowthat trying to decide which DVD SlideshowCompany to use can be difficult. We also knowthat customers want to receive a great product ata fair price. We strongly believe you can achieveboth with us.The following slides you will find why we believechoosing ARAND Video Services for your DVD slideshow needs is a great decision. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  2. 2. 1. Excellent in Service - Through the years we have learned what is required to produce high quality products. We also know that even with a great product if you don‟t provide outstanding service then we have missed the mark. At ARAND Video we are committed to going over and above in servicing our clients, to be just in our dealings and sensitive to the needs of our customers.WHY US WHY US
  3. 3. 2. Custom Design - We don„t use a standard model or start with a certain generic slideshow and overlay your project. We start from scratch building your project from the bottom up. After our initial confirmation call and review of your project materials we custom design your project. Unlike other slideshow companies that use a "cookie- cutter" approach, we look at each project from its infancy to completion as an original masterpiece, waiting to be unleashed for the first time.WHY US WHY US
  4. 4. 3. We Listen – During our initial confirmation call we talk about what matters the most to you in designing your slideshow project. We determine the overall aspect of the story you are portraying to capture the essences of each clients own style. While we have deep experience in producing quality DVD projects, we believe it is essential to learn about your taste and preferences. All through the process we engage our clients and are open to your ideas.WHY US WHY US
  5. 5. 4. Originality Focused - The last thing you desire for your special event is to receive Just-Another-Basic slideshow made from pre-built templates. Our focus is to always convey your unique style. We offer fresh, innovative and creative productions that are custom designed just for you. We want you to fall in love with your finished product and have something you are going to cherish and enjoy for years to come.WHY US WHY US
  6. 6. 5. Online Review - We have an online review process that lets you preview your DVD before it‟s burned. By viewing your draft DVD online, you have the flexibility to examine your DVD in the comfort of your own home and allows you to request any necessary changes. This process eliminates a possible disappointment after you receive your DVD in the mail and it is also ideal for customers who have more than one person responsible for approving the final draft.WHY US WHY US
  7. 7. 6. More Bang for Your Buck - In today‟s fast paced economically depressed world we know customers want to have more for their hard earned dollars. That is why we dont charge extra for things like motion effects, photo enhancements, transitions, DVD scene selection menus, musical synchronization” etc. We believe these items are essential to a quality slideshow and you should not have to pay extra. So we offer comprehensive packages that have all Continued on next pageWHY US WHY US
  8. 8. 6. Continued - the quality features included with no additional cost. Other companies may start with a cheaper base price, but then come back to nickel and dime their way through your project. That is why it is not always prudent to settle with an inexpensive proposal to design your slideshow. We want our clients to receive a slideshow that is absolutely breath-taking, can say “wow” and know they have received a great value for their money.WHY US WHY US
  9. 9. Here is what you receive with each of our DVD slideshow packages: •Photo Scanning - We scan all your photos at a high-quality resolution that enhances the photo for viewing on a TV screen or a computer monitor. See our “Scanning Tips” on our ”Helpful Tips Page”. •Photo Enhancements - We make adjustments to your photos to make them look as fresh as the day you first took them. For each photo, as needed, we can adjust the color and tone to make your photos Continued on next pageWHY US WHY US
  10. 10. more vibrant. In addition, we can remove red-eye, sharpen images, crop out and/or remove unwanted items in your photos. In some cases we can repair damaged photos. Again with no extra cost. Note: "More Value" We can provide a photo CD containing all your enhanced photos that you can use for any other project. Just let us know if you want a photo CD with your completed project. This is a Free Service and just another added bonus of being a ARAND Video Family member.WHY US WHY US
  11. 11. •Transitions - We add stylish transitions between photos, such as fade in or fade out, dissolves, and over 700 other transitions we have that matches the mood or emotion of your video. •Motion Effects - We add delicate movement to your photos, with motion effects like rotate, zoom in or out, panning left or right, or a combination thereof to “bring all the pieces together” to help create your own unique story.WHY US WHY US
  12. 12. •Musical Project Synchronization - We compose your photos to harmonize along with the music to give your overall project a life of its own. We can make your photos come alive, dance and sing to the rhythm of the beat. Important Note: Delicate Balance - We believe your project and the photos and/or video that you provide are indeed part of your history and what makes up a fabric of your own life. We place way too much value on your precious memories Continued on next pageWHY US WHY US
  13. 13. to rely on flashy computer graphics that compete with your content for attention. We think the focus of your production ought to be on your photos, NOT on any special features. Therefore, we use transitions, motion effects, and musical synchronization to augment your project, not to distract from your life‟s story. It is indeed a fragile balance but with our experience, your finished product will convey the true meaning of the story you are trying to tell.WHY US WHY US
  14. 14. DVD Main Menu - Your DVD begins with a main menu screen with a photo, background and title of your choice. We like to include background music to create anticipation for the slideshow. You will usually see two button options "Play Movie" and "Scene Selections”, but we can also place a button on the main menu linked to a chapter to provide quick access to a special scene. We make a concerted effort in designing the main Continued on next pageWHY US WHY US
  15. 15. DVD Main Menu (Cont.) - menu as an essential part of your project not just an afterthought. We can add a song of your choice which will play and repeat until play or a scene is selected. Scene Selection Menu - A Scene Selection menu features a animated video preview which links to specific chapters and plays a small portion of the scene. All our DVDs that have multiple chapters will include a scene selection menu “again with No additional charge”.WHY US WHY US
  16. 16. Titles and Text Effects - We can do some amazing things with text and titles. We can have your text spring or slide in/out, panning, zooming, fly in/out, spin or grow just to name a few of the types of motions we can add to your text. Or we can be subtle with a simple fade in/out. The trick is to know when it is appropriate to use one style or another and we have the experience to determine which text effect to use.WHY US WHY US
  17. 17. Cover and Case - As with our designing of your main menu, we place the same emphasis on designing your cover and case. We custom design all DVD covers using a selected photo or one we suggest to express individual style and personality. We have been known to make up to three different covers so you have a choice on which DVD cover you would like to use. To see our DVD Label samples go to the bottom of our site under our “Site Navigational links click on DVD Labels.WHY US WHY US
  18. 18. We hope you found this presentation informative and now understand why we believe choosing ARAND Video Services for your DVD slideshow needs is a great decision. We are here to be of service to our customers and provide a respite for all who take the time to visit our site. We Welcome all that are in need of divine inspiration to visit our “Inspirational Videos Page”. Continued on next pageWHY US WHY US
  19. 19. If you need some tips on taking great photos, or looking for wedding planning ideas, or in need of some photo/video project ideas we encourage you to visit our “Helpful Tips” page. At the bottom of the page you will find links to help you along your way. We hope you found this presentation informative and if you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to having an opportunity to be of service and Pray God’s Blessings are upon you.WHY US WHY US