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Global Digital Camera Industry and Production | Digital Camera Market Overview | An Aranca Infographic


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The global production of digital cameras has been steadily declining as the demand for point and shoot cameras is being cannibalised by smartphones industry. The market of digital cameras reported CAGR of -19% during 2010-14.

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  • Great insights, just wondering- does the 43 million global total digital camera production units in 2014 includes action cameras such as GoPro and iON? Thanks!
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Global Digital Camera Industry and Production | Digital Camera Market Overview | An Aranca Infographic

  1. 1. Source: Camera & Imaging Products Association Global production of digital cameras has been steadily declining as the demand for point-and-shoot cameras is being cannibalised by smartphones. Most smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and support applications that enhance the captured image, a functionality that positions these phones as ideal substitutes for digital cameras. Global Production of Digital Cameras Down by 23% Global Production of Digital Cameras (Figures in Million Units) Global Digital Camera Production Split by Camera Type (2014) Global Digital Camera Market: Breakdown of Shipments by Region (2014) (Figures in Million Units) 2010 122 Single Lens Reflex (77%) Interchangeable Lens Cameras (30%) Built-in lens Cameras (70%) Non-Reflex (23%) 115 100 61 2011 2012 2013 43 2014 CAGR: -23% Americas 26% CAGR (2010-14)Shipments 11 8 3 Total Americas Built-in Interchangeable -29% -33% - Asia 26% CAGR (2010-14)Shipments 11 6 5 Total Asia (excl. Japan) Built-in Interchangeable -18% -27% 14% Japan 14%Europe 30% CAGR (2010-14)Shipments 6 4 2 Total Japan Built-in Interchangeable -12% -18% 19% CAGR (2010-14)Shipments 13 10 4 Total Europe Built-in Interchangeable -23% -26% - Note: RoW constituted 5% of the global shipments in 2014 ©2015 Aranca.All Rights If you wish to reproduce or use this infographic in any format,please email us at Compiled by: Priyanka Kulkarni Aranca believes that ownership penetration for digital cameras has reached maturity in North America and Europe, especially in the US, Germany, the UK and France. As a result, first-time buyer demand has consistently declined in these markets over the last few years. Consumers in developed markets such as North America and Europe are replacing compact built-in lens cameras with the latest interchangeable lens cameras, which is likely to contribute to their increasing popularity. Furthermore, the introduction of mirror-less cameras has increased the demand for interchangeable lens cameras in developed regions. These cameras are sleek and compact, similar to the compact point-and-shoot cameras, but use interchangeable lenses. Aranca’s Views Total 43 Million Units North America was leading the market until recently. However, Asia-Pacific is expected to become the largest market, mainly due to rising income and low ownership levels of cameras in these markets. The market for digital cameras has been steadily declining. It was valued at EUR5.1 billion in 2014 after reporting a CAGR of -19% during 2010-14. In 2014, cameras with built-in-lens held 70% of the global digital camera market. However, consumer spending for this segment is expected to decline as many consumers are opting to save money by using only one device for pictures thereby choosing smartphones. Conversely, the market for cameras with interchangeable lens is likely to grow; production is expected to nearly double by 2018 from its current market share of approximately 30%.