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C A T A L O G Aram 2011


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ARAM Multimedia for many years has been providing a complex audio-visual service for all kinds of events, conferences, TV programs and road shows. We are specialized in renting large video screens, projectors, plasma monitors, video cameras, as well as sound systems and lighting.

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C A T A L O G Aram 2011

  1. 1. Since more than 10 years we deliver professional audiovisualsolutions for wide-range of events. We operate on markets such ascorporate events, TV productions, conferences, road shows andmany others. From small conventions to large-scale ventures.We specialize in hi-tech multimedia stage designs, imageprocessing tools as well as lightning and sound. Regarding our newstrategy we also provide full service from the project design phaseto delivering complete technical sets with professional service. Event Engineering Multimedia stage design Professional recording media
  2. 2. Our We offer a wide range of services in many kind of markets. Our solutions fit large-scale events such as mass events, festivals,Markets TV productions as well as other happenings like conferences, trade fairs or special events. Event Engineering
  3. 3. Corporate events They trusted us:Whether you organize a product launching event, new premises opening, an integration eventfor your staff or partners, you want to make it outstanding, unforgettable and unique, so itwill make an impression and will be remembered for a long time. Our high-tech andinnovative audiovisual and lightning solutions come with helping hand offering incredible So far we worked forpossibilities, plenty of options specially customized according to your needs and companies such as:expectations. • Servier • Sony Ericsson • Sandoz • Asus • Carlo Rossi • AWD • Intercars • Orange • Pantene100 years of Franke CDM Pekao SA Skandia • IBM • Pioneer PEKAO Investments • Citi Handlowy • Adidas • Deni Cler • Mary Kay • PPG Dekoral • Skanska • Heyah Pekao SA Orient Express DnB Nord • Alfa Romeo • Porsche and many others…
  4. 4. TV Productions They trusted us:We provide innovative and creative LED technologies and lightning equipment dedicated touse with set and lightning design creations. We serve many kind of TV productions from TVshows, through game shows to talk shows, beauty contests and many others. So far we worked on TV shows such as: • The Voice of Poland, TVP • Big Test of History, TVP • EUphoria, TVP • Polish Eagles 2011, TVP • Miss Polonia, TVP • Miss Poland, TV Polsat • Elite Model Look, TVP • Telecameras 2009, TVPMinute to Win It Poland, TVN The Voice of Poland, TVP • Instantly Rich Poland, TV Polsat • Star Academy Poland, TV Polsat • Clash of Choirs Poland, TVP • Radio Zet Sila Muzyki • Eurovision Poland 2010, TVP • Level 2.0, TVP • Kids are all right Poland, TVP • Mini Szansa, TVP • Prism, TVP • Singa-Dinga, TV Puls • Funniest Moments of World, TVMiss Poland 2011, TV Polsat New Year’s Eve, TV Polsat Polsat and many others…
  5. 5. Galas and Openings They trusted us:Special occasions require extraordinary scenery. No matter what kind of gala or oppening youintend to arrange, if it is anniversary or awards gala or any other type of happening, rely onproven solutions that give incredible creation opportunities. Our high-tech LED screens andcurtains with support of image processing systems will do the job! So far we worked on galas and opennings such as: • Gala of „Piłka Nożna” Magazine • Polish Radio Golden Microphones • Fair Play 2009 Gala • Zlote Dzioby 2010, 2008 • Vektors 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 • Viktors 2008 • Telecameras 2009 Zlote Dzioby 2008 Telecameras 2009 • Polish National Sales Awards 2011, 2010, 2009 • Fashion Oscars 2011 • Polish Eagles 2011 • Ventura Awards 2010 • Fryderyki 2008 • Asus ZenBook Premiere • Alfa Mito Premiere • Sisley Eau dIkar Premiere • Disney Fineasz and Ferb Premiere The Sims 3 Premiere Polish National Sales Awards 2011 • Audi A6 Avant Premiere • Porsche 911 Premiere and many others…
  6. 6. Festivals and concerts Do tej pory zaufali nam the recent years festival and concert set designs have changed beyond recognition.Nowadays creative solutions based on LED technologies gained on importance, their properselection and usage is crucial for delivering the highest level of performance. Our largestock of equipment dedicated to such usage with the experienced staff, let us deliver So far we worked on festivalsintegrated solutions even for large-scale demanding projects. and concerts such as: • Sopot Festival 2009, TVN • Beauty Festival 2011, 2010, 2009 • International Song and Dance Contest Konin 2010, 2009, 2007 • Coma Concerts • Bajm Concerts • Eureko Future Academy • Lubuskie Province Day 2010 Sopot Festival 2009, TVN Beauty Festival 2010, TV Polsat • Song and Culture Romany Festival 2011, 2010 • Urban Wave a State of Trance • 15 years of Caritas Poland • Solidary with Belarus • Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard • Saint Nicholas Day Concert 2011, 2010 and many others… Radio Zet Power of Sound 2010, TVN Lubuskie Province Day 2010
  7. 7. Congresses and conferences Do tej pory zaufali nam projectors, projections screens, lightning and audio are basic tools required tocarry out a conference or convention. We have a many years of experience in providing suchsolutions for both small conferences and big congresses with thousands of attendants, takingplace in many venues simultaneously. So far we worked on conventions and conferences such as: • Republic of Poland Patent Office • European Congress of Rural Municipalities 2011 • Congress of Rural Municipalities 2010, 2009 • TP SA Congress • UEFA - Pekao SA Conference Mary Kay European Congress of Rural Municipalities • Convention of PiS 2011 • CDM Pekao SA • Orange • Design4City Life 2010 • Servier • Pfizer • Europarliament SLD Convension • Winston • Polpharma • Berlin-Chemie 20 years of CDM Pekao SA OVB Allfinanz Poland • Sandoz and many others…
  8. 8. Trade fairs and Do tej pory zaufali nam exhibitionsWe provide a wide range of solutions that fit into trade fairs applications. These includeplasmas and plasma walls, LED curtains and screens, lightning, interactive systems, FogScreenand many others. Our participation in such projects is not limited only to supplying withaudiovisual equipment. If there is such a need we also offer our help and advice in the design So far we worked on tradeof modern-looking exhibition booths. No matter what size of trade fairs booth you intend to fairs and exhibitions such as:setup, we will match entertainment technology products into it, according to your needs and • Pepsi Co.expectations. • 11. Intercars SA Trade Fairs • 10. Intercars SA Trade Fairs • Men’s Day 2011 • Asus, Poznan Game Arena 2009 • Pepsi Arena, Event Trade Fairs 2011 • XBox, Poznan Game Arena 2008 • MTM Moto Show 2009 • Prosper, Medicamentum Board IX • Business Media, Rema Days 2010 • Asus Warsaw Fashion Street 2010 • Sony Ericsson • Frezza • CitiAsus, Poznan Game Arena 2009 Pepsi Arena, Event Trade Fairs 2011 • Investin • Chanel N°5 • Peggy Sage • Fiat 500 Premiere • The Sims 3 Premiere and many others…
  9. 9. Sport events Do tej pory zaufali nam and solutions available on our stock enables you to move the sport events to thenew higher level. Anytime you strive to raise an attractiveness of sport happenings and reachthe bigger auditorium, make use of latest audiovisual technologies. So far we worked on sport events such as: • Pepsi Arena Stadium Opening • Polish Football League • European Football League • CSI-W Warsaw 2010 • The Kilinski’s Sabre • Tour de Pologne • Olympic Studio Beijing 2008 • BMW Sauber F1 Pit Lane Park Olympic Studio Beijing 2008, TVP • Gala of „Piłka Nożna” Magazine ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup • ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup • McDonald’s Kids Escort • World Cyber Games 2005 • Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2008 • Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2007 and many others… Tour de Pologne Pepsi Arena Stadium Opening
  10. 10. Wide range of technical equipment available on our stock with the experienced technician team, makes us capable to provide professional services on the highest possible level.Technologies Learn more about our gear and equipment! Event Engineering
  11. 11. LED ScreensThe most modern high resolution LED screens by Fourlight, based on the SMD RGB (3in1)technology with a 10mm pixel pitch, which are available in our offer can be used bothindoors and outdoors. An automatic system for connecting and clamping modules considerablyreduces the time of assembling and disassembling a screen. The modules are also fitted withthreaded holes, which is helpful in mounting decorations directly to the screen. Furthermore,this solution is capable of full brightness control without compromising color depth. Pixel type: SMD 3in1 Pixel pitch: 10 mm Brightness: 5 500 Nit Viewing angles: 140°/120° Weight: 60kg / 1m² Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 15 cm
  12. 12. Kurtyny diodowe LED CurtainsProfessional and creative LED Curtains in our portfolio are solutions that offer a very widerange of applications. Thanks to that fact they may be used in many kind of events starting Fourlight Flex LEDfrom the concerts and festivals through conferences and corporate events, ending on TVproductions.Highest quality, modular and easy to mount lightweight construction are key characteristicsthat designates these products from any others. In conjunction with innovative scenography Fourlight LED Blockproject, they give modern and extraordinary effect, which takes the event participants to thenew higher level of experience and feelings. Fourlight Pix Box Chauvet StarLimbo Fourlight LED Grid Fourlight SoftLED
  13. 13. Flex LEDFourlight Flex LED is a LED Curtain with extraordinary creation capabilities. Its flexibleconstruction allows to build displays in convex and concave shapes both vertical andhorizontal. The most important features of this unique product are small sized cabinets(64x32 cm or 32x32cm), high refresh rate (2400 MHz) and possibility to work indoor andoutdoor. Moreover Fourlight Flex LED is compatible with leading media servers. Pixel type: SMD 3in1 Pixel pitch: 19,25mm Brightness: 4 500 Nit Viewing angels: 136°/136° Weight: 11kg / 1m² Dimensions: 64x32 cm / 32x32 cm Refresh rate: 2400 MHz Gray scale: 16 bit
  14. 14. Pix BoxFourlight Pix Box is an effect LED Curtain made of square boxes of 11x11cm dimensions each,lighten up by 9 SMD 3in1 diodes. Square boxes are mounted in frames 104x104cm by default,but they may be easily taken out and placed in decor in many different ways. Single boxability to work separately gives a very wide range of application in many different shapesand configurations. Another possibility is to selectively remove chosen boxes and fill thegaps with different decor components. • Boxes mounted in decor elements • Any shape compositions • Distance up to 10 meters between single boxes Pixel type: SMD 1in1 LEDs per box: 9x SMD 3in1 Single box size: 11 x 11 x 5 cm Box weight: 200g Module dimen.: 104 x 104 x 12 cm Module weight: 25 kilos Incl. boxes inside
  15. 15. LED GridFourlight LED Grid is a LED curtain for indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed todisplay full color images such as animations and visualizations or even video on large-scaleinstallations. Low weight (1,4kg) and small dimensions (33x33cm) of single panel, gives awide spectrum of possibilities – from typical displays with standard proportions to manydifferent custom configurations. Pixel type: Round LEDs Pixel pitch: 39 mm Brightness: 5 000 Nits Viewing angles: 120°/60° Weight: 13kg / 1m² Dimensions: 33 x 33 cm
  16. 16. LED ChandelierLED Chandelier is an innovative solution made of LED curtains, which refers with its shape toretro style. Thanks to modular construction the amount of sections might be adjusted fromone to five. What’s more the hole chandelier may be divided into two parts that can be hangedseparately. Key characteristics: •Compatibile with Fourlight LED Grid and Fourlight Flex LED •Dividing on two parts •Adjusted sections from 1 to 5 Dimensions (5 circles): 3 x 4 m Weight (5 circles): 250 kilos
  17. 17. StarLimbo Back-clothChauvet StarLimbo back-cloth is a LED curtain made of high quality soft black material withSMD RGB lightning points. Single drapes have dimensions 6x4 meters and they might beconnected with each others. Eight separate LED zones are fully controllable and give apossibility not only to change colors but also to use different effects such as strobe, color andbrightness diffusion in each single zone. Key characteristics: • Drapes might be connected • DMX controllable • Fully controllable in up to 8 zones • Built-in programs Pixel type: SMD 3in1 Dimensions: 600 x 400 cm Weight: 4 kilos
  18. 18. Soft LEDFourlight Soft LED is a curtain made of black material with full color LED pixels every 190mm.A single module is 160x160mm with connecting zippers (invisible from the front) on everyedge. Modular design allows to create various shapes: from one big curtain to singlehorizontal or vertical strips.Soft LED might be hanged to the ceiling or wrapped around stage scenery. It is perfectsolution for staging purposes for TV shows, events, concerts and other performances. Key characteristics: •Single drapes hanging vertically or horizontally •bending into curve •hanging to the ceiling •wrapping around stage scenery Pixel types: round leds Pixel pitch: 190mm Brightness: 5 000 Nits Dimensions 160 x 160 x 1 cm Weight: 3 kilos
  19. 19. LED FloorFourlight LED Floor is a LED display on which you can walk, dance, or even drive a car. It ismade of 50x50cm panels and comes with two thick glass covers – matt or transparent.It supports DVI signal which allows to display visualizations, animations and video materials.Modular design and perfect connecting system make it one of the best and well-recognizedproducts of this kind. • Compatibile with interactive system Pixel type: SMD 1in1 Pixel pitch: 31mm Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 8,4 cm Weight: 12,9 kg
  20. 20. Plasma displaysPlasma displays are a common part of equipment for almost all kind of events. They might beused to display videos, presentations as well as sponsors logotypes or even be a part of stagescenery.Among many possible ways of application we may distinguish hanging, standing on tripods,truss linking both vertical and horizontal. NEC 60” Resolution: 1366 x 768 Dimensions: 145 x 88 x 13 cm LG 42” Resolution: 1360 x 768 Dimensions: 92 x 52 x 8 cm Looking for a different one? Ask for availability!
  21. 21. ProjectorsWe posses a wide range of top class projectors, that offers a different brightness levels from Sanyo PLC-XF473500 ANSI to even 30 000 ANSI. Each projector is equipped with various set of lenses, which 15 000 ANSI 1024x768makes possible to match the proper distance between projector and the screen in a differentconditions and environment. As a matter of fact we are able to deliver optimal solutions on New!the highest level both for indoor and outdoor projection. What’s more we also perform videomapping, 3D projection as well as panoramic projection. Panoramic projection made of 11 projectors. Sanyo PDG-DHT8000L 8 000 ANSI 1920x1080 (Full HD) Sanyo PLC-XF45 10 000 ANSI 1024x768 Sanyo PLC-XM150L 6 000 ANSI 1024x768 Video mapping
  22. 22. Projection screensChoosing the right projector may only be a half of success. In case of getting high qualityimage it is crucial to pick the proper projection surface. Our stock is full of various kind ofprojection screens in many sizes with different proportions (4:3, 16:9) and shapes (round and Fast-fold Projection Screenspanoramic screens) designer for front or rear projection. Panoramic Screens QuadroScreen Round Screens
  23. 23. SkyView projection screenA unique SkyView projection screen with a 4m diameter, a 120" screen and a built-inprojector ledge is a solution available exclusively from ARAM Multimedia. The device is wellsuited for advertising activities, trade fair stands or set designs.SkyView screen has many installation options: it may be placed on the ground, on custom-designed stands, or it may float in the air after inflating it with helium. The sphere may bedecorated with visual communication elements, like logos, promoted product images, oranything else related to the event or promotion subject. Sphere diameter: 410 cm Screen diagonal: 120 inches Weight: 21 kilos Pumping possibilites: •air •helium
  24. 24. FogScreenFogScreen is a unique technology for creating an original effect of a walk-through screen.The device produces a curtain of “dry fog”. This translucent projection screen allows todisplay images which seem to float in the air. The image is crated on properly condensedsteam. Its saturation, stream size and steam settling speed can be smoothly regulated.This solution is perfect for drawing attention, which is why it is so often chosen as a mainattraction for product presentations, trade fairs, fashion shows and clubs. • Compatibile with interactive system • Min. ceiling height 3 m Dimensions: 231 x 65 x 90 cm Weight: 130 kg Control system: by hand / DMX Power consumption: 2 kW
  25. 25. Water screensWater screens create a thick curtain of small water streams, perfectly suiting big and smalllaser shows and projections. As many as three rows of water nozzles ensure much greaterthickness of the water screen than a single line of nozzles in the devices of the old type.New screens are available in lengths of 3, 6 and 9 m. Upon special request we can alsoprovide a water screen as long as 18 m! Usage possibilities: •Projection •Laser shows •Effective lightning Single module length: 3 m Optimal height: from 3 to 5 m Avail. lengths: 3/6/9/12/15/18m Water container: 350 x 30 x 30 cm Module weight: 15 kilos
  26. 26. Interactive systemsThe system for transforming an ordinary floor or wall into a creative multimedia carrier. Fishswimming in a virtual aquarium, fleeing from our feet, virtual football or footmarks on non-existent sand covered with company logos are just a few of the plethora of opportunitiesprovided by an interactive floor or wall.The system is fully adjustable and is not limited only to floors, the interactions can be alsocarried out on walls, water, and — what’s important — the system can be integrated with theFogScreen, delivering even more opportunities. Effects are fully customizable. We may add logotypes, change background and graphical elements. Available effects: •Tiles •Tiles with video inside •Blocks •Aquarium •Roses •Fireworks •Leaves
  27. 27. Laser showsModern laser units on our stock gives a possibility of creation many different laser shows.Advanced graphics capabilities allow to project images, animations, arbitrary spatial effectsand to generate text in real time. We work on an worldwide recognized Pangolin system. • Wide graphical capabilities • Audio synchronization • Parallel lasers control
  28. 28. LightingLighting is and element that raise the attraction of the event and creates a specificatmosphere. We have a wide range of lighting devices of various types with different power,characteristics and application possibilities (both internal and external). In our offer you canfind specialized lighting solutions, from compact LED technology, through average powerequipment for concerts and events, to a high-power devices for the needs of television.
  29. 29. AudioWe provide professional and highest class sound systems for concerts, corporate events,festivals, and all other types of events. We have equipment from well-known and reputablemanufacturers, which are able to provide the highest quality sound systems. Our soundsystems have different power and size, which are adapted to the artists needs andparticular location requirements.
  30. 30. Video recordingWe carry out video recording, video streaming and video live broadcasting on telebeams,projection screens and another kind of displays. Our video recording services coverssimultaneous use of multiple digital cameras for events of any size. What’s more we have at ourdisposal video mixers, media servers and players that allow seamless blending of differentsources for multiple monitors simultaneously.
  31. 31. Image processing toolsEffective management of image processing on displays such as telebeams, plasmas and LEDcurtains is crucial for any kind of event. We provide full range of mixers, emission systems, Folsom ScreenPRO Plusand complete equipment sets that are able to handle multiple signal sources processing.Our solutions enable the effective and smooth mixing. Folsom ScreenPRO Folsom PresentationPRO Folsom BlendPRO
  32. 32. Media serversMedia servers are devices designed for synchronous playback of multiple video materialssimultaneously, in sync with the music and light in exact place and time. These systems allowyou to easily create amazing big projections, including multi screens and LED curtains. What’smore they give a possibility to change effects parameters in real-time.Media servers have further options to manage the DMX and Artnet, which allows control of upo several media servers simultaneously from a single console.
  33. 33. Truss and riggingSupporting structures commonly known as truss, are an indispensable part of every show. In QuadroSystemmany cases such structures are almost invisible, but without them application of equipmentwouldn’t be possible. Truss comes with independent sections of various sizes and shapes.Their combination depends on needs and venue conditions. Truss also serve as supportingelement of lighting and multimedia as well as visible or hidden scenography elements. We alsooffer stage platforms, lifting towers, hoists etc. TriSystem Fashion show stages LED Gates Booths Stage platform Telescoping Lifting Towers
  34. 34. Track systemsJOKER 95 is a modern stage automation system by Gerriets - well recognized Germancompany that offers stage solutions. JOKER 95 may be used in construction of modern stagedesign. It enables stage elements to move according to needs. Solution is well suited for usein combination with LED curtains. Thanks to automation system the whole set becomes moredynamic and may change. What’s more during the key points of show it will attract theattention of viewers for a particular spot or person. 1 2 3 1 2 3
  35. 35. Stage design division is a relatively new one in our company. It isStage responsible for designing and creating set designs for events, galas, concerts, festivals and TV So far we have performed our stage design complex service for Miss Polonia, Miss Poland, Polish National Sales Awards, Asus Within Wśród już zrealizowanych scenografii wyróżnić można Miss Polski, Miss Polonia, Vectors and many more. Stage design
  36. 36. Stage designIn order to meet the growing needs of our customers, we have opened a new division in ourcompany, which is responsible for designing and building of multimedia stage design for © Aram Multimediacorporate events, conferences, fashion and TV shows and trade fairs.Taking advantage of the very large equipment infrastructure which is at our disposal inaccordance with creative stage design project, we are able to deliver extraordinary andinnovative stage scenery that will bring the event to the new higher level. What we do is a complex service, from © Aram Multimedia the concept stage, through delivering complete stage design with all the multimedia, lightning and audio. © Aram Multimedia © Aram MultimediaProject design (3D visualization) Check how it works. © Aram Multimedia Click here! Effect (photo from event) We co-operate with artists and designers. Interested in co-operation? Learn more. Click here!
  37. 37. Michał Mrzygłockioperations director+48 603 683 126michalm@aram.plARAM Multimediaul. Wspólna 57, 05-075 Warsaw, Poland+48 (22) 778 70 75, 773 53 18