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ChessFi Litepaper v0


ChessFi Litepaper v0

  1. 1. Lite Paper ChessFi
  2. 2. ChessFi is web3 chess with 3D NFT project on Solana WELCOME
  3. 3. ChessFi started this project with a vision to get more people excited web3.
 We aim to embody the reasons why our founders were so passionate about web3: the freedom to use digital assets around the world, the ability to enjoy token incentives in a variety of ways through GameFi and LearnFi, and new ways of working with DAO.
 As a subject matter to realize these ideas, we will use chess, a game that has been popular for generations.
 ChessFi build the world we could naturally earn by improving our chess skills, just by playing in that world anyway. Vision & Value
  4. 4. One of the projects we were inspired by was RTFKT, which started as a digital sneaker NFT project. The project is known for its distinctive digital design also for being at the forefront of bridging the digital world to the physical world. I was very impressed with the way the project has expanded from the digital sneakers to the avatar, pods, and other peripheral areas of the Metaverse and web3 to the main area with the community. So ChessFi is also built on the premise of a future where more and more people will be spending time on the metaverse. Many people will have their own rooms in the Metaverse, where they can decorate the same style as in the real world or unique digital style. So we figured out Metaverse needs interior, and we decided to build ChessFi because we thought it would be good to have hobbies to make the time spent on the metaverse meaningful and games that many people could play together. ChessFi Story
  5. 5. NFT Collection Sale Date is soon. Wait on Discord.
 NFT’s Metadata includes 3D model for your Metaverse interior.
  6. 6. ・Website launch ・Litepaper release ・Open SNS
 ・Generate 1st series NFTs ・Development ・Collaborate web3 project ・Gametoken release ・Inspired series NFTs release ・Development LearnFi elements ・Mainnet launch GameFi elements ・Collaborate with real world company ・Dev version chess launch ・Whitepaper release ・1st series NFTs mint FEBRUARY 2022 Q2 2022 MARCH 2022 Roadmap
  7. 7. The orders depends on market and community, strategies Mindmap Enhancement for new players

 ・Battle royale style like TETRIS99 ・Combine another game like chess boxing For beginner players Ideas scoop up by high skill players on ommunity

 ・Online coaching ・Other contents Connect with physical world and other web3 projects

 ・Physical chess with NFT ・Collaborate chess NFT with other companies ・Use pfp NFT for chess piece ・Organize e-sports cup ・Add Ad placement for free users ・Multichain publishment GAMING LEARNING Connectabillity
  8. 8. Ready to join? @ChessFi_xyz
  9. 9. THANK YOU