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Project Delivery and Best Practices


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CMAA of Chicago welcomed Ray Giderof at this month’s meeting on October 26th, 2017..  He is currently PBC's Chief Development Officer and presented about "Project Delivery - Accountability."

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Project Delivery and Best Practices

  1. 1. Carina E. Sánchez Executive Director Ray Giderof Chief Development Officer Who is the PBC?
  2. 2. Public Building Commission • est. 1955 • full service • state-created • public development agency • Executive Director Carina E. Sánchez
  3. 3. ‘’ The Public Building Commission of Chicago is committed to client service and strong stewardship of public resources. The PBC plans, designs and builds facilities that reflect the highest standards of environmental and economic sustainability. PBC Mission
  4. 4. What can the PBC do?
  5. 5. Agency Capacity assessment, capital planning, financing acquisition, remediation, site prep planning, design, procurement, construction operation, maintenance
  6. 6. 38 new construction projects 3 energy conservation programs 8 site development projects 8 school modular buildings 147 facility renovations 4,800 security cameras installed SINCE 2011
  7. 7. PBC Projects
  8. 8. Design-Bid-Build Construction Management Design-Build
  9. 9. Design-Bid-Build 3 Linear Phases: Planning – Design – Construction
  10. 10. Design-Bid-Build Advantages • Defined roles • Competitive bidding process • Early initial fixed costs Considerations • Developer acts as intermediary • Limited collaboration, scope flexibility • Minimized subcontractor QA/QC ability • Entire subcontractor pool determined at bid
  11. 11. Design-Build Integrative Phasing: Design through Construction
  12. 12. Design-Build Advantages • Collaborative budget development • Streamlined delivery • Increased MBE/WBE opportunities (construction & professional services) • Design liability remains with Design-Builder Considerations • Design based upon owner-provided program requirements • Mandates accurate performance and scope criteria early in project • Limited scope change flexibility
  13. 13. Construction Management Integrative Phasing: Planning through Construction
  14. 14. Construction Management Advantages • Integrated, collaborative Design-Construction process • Open-book costing promotes transparency • Scope change flexibility • Managed subcontractor QA/QC • Increased MBE/WBE opportunities Considerations • Phased cost development • Multiple bid packages
  15. 15. Project Costs Corollary to Schedule & Timely Scope Revisions
  16. 16. Delivery & Accountability The PBC has comprehensive program and project management systems for:  transparency  financial reporting  procurement  community outreach  workforce and business participation compliance
  17. 17. PBC Alerts This free service emails you when contracts are offered for bid or qualifications are sought To subscribe: 1. Go to 2. Scroll down to “For Contractors/Subcontractors” 3. Click the link for PBC Alerts 4. Follow the instructions to add your email address to our mailing list
  18. 18. Q & A