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Museum Ceria's Company Profile


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This is a company profile of Museum Ceria, the first event organizer which provide fun active learning programs for schools to visit museums in Indonesia.

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Museum Ceria's Company Profile

  1. 1. The Owners Ajeng Anne Nanda Widma
  2. 2. We are the first event organizer that provide fun active learning programs for schools to visit museums in Jakarta
  3. 3. We adopt museum education program from the UK
  4. 4. and Australia…
  5. 5. Then we design our programs to suit the national curriculum
  6. 6. Each term we offer different programs, and we also develop programs base on the school’s need or request
  7. 7. Our dream is to make Indonesian children loves their heritage
  8. 8. With us there will be no more one way guided tour
  9. 9. Our programs are FUN
  10. 10. and active learning
  11. 11. With Museum Ceria students will…
  12. 12. observe museum’s objects
  13. 13. perform and tell stories
  14. 14. create their own artworks
  15. 15. listen to storytelling
  16. 16. play games
  17. 17. and participate in role play
  18. 18. Booking Museum Ceria means you are funding our “Lebaran Ceria” Program
  19. 19. thus the street children can also experience the museums as you do!
  20. 20. For further information contact us at: Follow us on Twitter @museumceria
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