Web design trends for 2013


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Responsive web design - Designers have no longer to make a new layout for mobile devices and desktop. A single design will work perfectly Plus New tool for website design and development

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Web design trends for 2013

  1. 1. WEB Design Trends For 2013 In times recognized by extremely designed information technology, company with online reputation can't manage allowing anything under 100% effort. They are unable to neglect technological improvements much more may be the variation in between succeeding and failing. Focus on Main Social Media Platforms Website owners are now chossing to focus on the main social meida paltforms, understanding their strengths will help users and website to connect better. Facebook Pinterset Google Plus Twitter Inforgraphics The infographic style of browsing and the ability to add sufficient text provides a more engaging user experience and has business owner reporting higher conversion. Responsive web design Smart Phone >> Tablets >> Notebooks >> Desktop Designers have no longer to make a new layout for mobile devices and desktop. A single design will work perfectly (Snapshot)
  2. 2. Vertical Scrolling Vertical scrolling is effortless and hassle-free for all mobile users. It is also simple to use, effective and enable for easy navigation. Flash Shifts Again These prediction that HTML5 will control you as its frequent in web games, but on desktop computers. Until Internet Explorer adds WebGL Support, Flash will continue the go-to technology for web 3D. Lerner performance-focused websites There’s a trend towards making websites leaner, faster, more efficient by more responsible usage of code libraries, Performance has always been and is still a critical X factor. New tool for website design and development CMS vendors are already seeing the need to provide mobile support when creating and managing content, and the next step is it optimize CMS software interface, empowering content editors with true flexibility and location independent content management capabilities. Better Page Layout Recent years have been seen a lot of focus on technology, but many designers see a swing towards design in 2013. CSS finally getting the strong layout mechanism that it lacked since its initial use. More Video Rising Internet Speed = Easier Video Sharing Social media sites have embraced video sharing among web users. Businesses are enjoying free marketing when these videos are shared automatically among the web users. Tips on how to make a good business website 1. Your sites should offer to the best customers – you can keep them in your site by giving them what they really want. 2. Good copywriting content equals excellent revenue– spelling errors were costing business million in sales. 3. Optimize the sites for search engines – research keywords that rank highly in search engines 4. Keep it fresh – search engines love fresh content and so do website visitors. 5. Navigation and usability matters – Make it simple and user-friendly. Daffodil Technologies is an award winning Web Design & Development Company specializing in a whole range of Web Development services. Daffodil Technologies offer over 5 years of experience to its customer base and has offices located in Bhopal in India. Daffodil core competencies are Custom Website Design, Flash Website Design, E-Commerce Website Development, iPhone & iPad Application Development, Facebook & Twitter Application Development, Open Source Development, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. For More information and details you can visit http://www.daffodil.co/