8 basic tips to know before starting a wordpress blog


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Kuliko.ca | 8 Basic Tips to Know Before Starting a Wordpress Blog? Here 8 tips you should know before starting your first wordpress blog...Use Targeted Keywords in the Post Titles, Make Page Titles Interesting and Keyword- Rich, Use a Google Sitemap, Ping your Posts, Use an All-In-One SEO Pack and many more...

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8 basic tips to know before starting a wordpress blog

  1. 1. 8 Basic Tips to Know Before Starting a Wordpress Blog There are a number of different plugins and methods discussed pertaining to SEO for Wordpress. In some cases it can be complicated to know which strategy is better to get your blog started properly and quickly. You would also like to maintain a clean appearance to your blog to make it visitor search engine friendly. Here are Eight Search Engine Optimization tips that will help you get all these accomplished. SEO Tip #1: Use Targeted Keywords in the Post Titles Blog post titles should make use of specific keywords and needs to be mentioned every frequently in the content. The titles should never be applied again as a different blog post title about the identical websites due to the fact this tends to mix up the search engines and impact your search rankings. It is excellent strategy to make a collection of keyword phrases you want to focus on and keep these things useful for your blog post titles. SEO Tip #2: Make Page Titles Interesting and Keyword- Rich These should be carefully thought out. Use suitable keyword phrases that you would like to target. It is especially significant in case you are going to have a list of pages show up about the first page of your website. Create your titles attractive and interesting in the first number of words and phrases. Stay away from avoidable words like “a” as well as “the” at the starting of the title, since you have a limited number of words and phrases to get the attention of the he/she searching the search engines for a theme. SEO Tip #3: Use a Google Sitemap This is the tool that can get your blog or website indexed more quickly by Google, and it's a need to have for any Wordpress website. It will help Google figure out what pages are on your blog or website. You can create a sitemap using a basic plugin that enables you to activate the sitemap in the flip of a button. SEO Tip #4: Ping your Posts Each and every time you create a blog post you can ping your article to a number of several websites. This tends to give you additional visibility and also allow you to build backlinks in case your article is linked back by web owners. Every article should be pinged. SEO Tip #5: Customize Your Permalinks
  2. 2. This is one of the most essential factors that can be done for a Wordpress blog in terms of SEO. You would like to get the title of your blog post in the URL itself. This can be accomplished by customizing your permalink structure. Just type in /%postname%/ in the custom option and the blog post name will appear. If you don't make the variations, the normal structure will show up in the URL, having a numbers and question marks. This will nothing at all for SEO, and your articles may not be grabbed as easily, and wouldn't grabbed as easily, and wouldn't rank as well. SEO Tip #6: Create Tags Creating tags allows the search engines after they are crawling your blog or website. They're only or two keywords and phrases that quickly explain what your article is all about. Search engines use tags to help classify, index as well as discover your content faster. Tagging is usually done once you complete an article, and only take a few seconds to do. SEO Tip #7: Do Some Linking You are able to cross-link your posts to other posts mentioning on your blog or website. Either do this manually, or having a plugin. In case you have a article that you think that is essential or a sales page on your blog, you can link to it and make the article or page have an importance place of its unique. SEO Tip #8: Use an All-In-One SEO Pack This plugin creates META tags immediately, or you can fix any META keywords and descriptions you would like. It works nicely along with other plugins, and will give you the flexibility to try ranking for distinct keywords if you're not getting appropriately recognized for one. Many website owners will not think about doing without this one SEO plugin and have seen remarkable results by making use of it. It could be added to pre-existing websites or blog as well if you want to try improving your rankings. Yoast pretty much already wrote one: The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites. There are other things that can be done to help you improve your SEO on a WP blog; but if you continue with the recommendations listed above, you'll be well on your way to having a blog that the search engines would love and pay attention to. These recommendations will build a good clean blog pattern that can be duplicated time and time again as you build more blogs. You can easily set up, and you can slowly but surely add more plugins and items to obtain your site in a more desirable posting to really make it to the very best. John Kuliko is a Search Engine Optimization Expert for Kuliko Canada. For more information on his seo services and web development services, go to the main website at http://www.kuliko.ca. Follow us on @JohnKuliko and on Google Plus at https://plus.google.com/111510151647324850887 Article Source - http://kulikocanada.blogspot.com/2013/11/8-basic-tips-to-know-beforestarting.html