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Cintl Speciality Chemicals


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Specialty chemicals for new markets

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Cintl Speciality Chemicals

  1. 1. Specialty

  2. 2. Oil
 Corrosion Inhibitors Down-Hole Corrosion Inhibitors Demulsifiers Pour Point Depressants Paraffin Dispersants Asphaltene Solvents Silicon Base Anti-Foam (Silicon Defoamers) H2S Scavengers Fuel Additives Condensate Treatments Neutralizing Amines Chemical Dispersants Water Base Corrosion Inhibitors Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors Oxygen Scavengers Water Base Anti-Foams Anti-Foulants Disinfectants / Biocides Algae Killer Coagulant Co-polymers Polyelectrolyte Flocculent Polymers Oil Spill Dispersants Drilling Detergents Rig Wash Cooling Tower Cleaners Boilers Cleaners Platforms Cleaners Petroleum Cleaners Maintenance Chemicals Tank & Pipe Cleaners Tanks & Surfaces Lining DE-Sludging Operation - tanks, tankers and waste pits (pools) sludge Emptying and cleaning operation

  3. 3. Petroleum Cleaning
 New Technology, Heavy Duty Degreaser & Detergent (for everything) Ultra Heavy Duty Degreaser & Detergent (for heavy contamination) Multi-Purpose Degreaser & Detergent (for mild surfaces) Degreaser & Detergent (for textile, fabrics and other surfaces) Hand Cleaner (for human skin) Degreaser & Disinfectant (for hygienic areas and parts) Degreaser (for manual and machining cleaning) Platforms Cleaner (for off-shore operations) Rig Wash (for site and field equipments and floors) Drilling Detergent (for drilling enhanced) Alkaline Degreaser - Powder Form (for hot machine cleaning) Alkaline Degreaser - Liquid Form (for hot or cold manual cleaning) Tank Cleaner (for hot or cold manual cleaning) Sludge Liquefier & Carbon remover (for blocks and spear parts) Carbon Remover (for main carbon and oil removing) Multi-Purpose Liquid Detergent (for general cleaning purpose) General Floor Cleaning Detergent (for floors and benches) Fast Dry Safe Cleaning Solvent (for electronics and printed circuits) Dry Safe Cleaning Solvent (for cleaning mechanical and electrical parts) Oily Safe Cleaning Solvent (for moving mechanical and electrical parts)Pollution
 Oil Spill Dispersant De-Sludging Operations Environmentally safe Cleaners

  4. 4. Marine

 Chemicals for all kinds of dry dock works. Maintenance, cleaning and building of ships and marine armada. Ship supplying, marine victual and navigation and marine painting. Complete maintenance chemicals for factories, services and gas stations, (etc). Prevention of marine pollution. Specific cleaning of lines and tanks of crude and refined oils and aviation spirit. Solutions and materials required for power stations, workshops, (etc.). Specific maintenance chemicals for all surfaces, vehicles, floors and landing strips.Construction
 Concrete, Mortar and Plaster Additives Repairing and Restoration Mortars Assisting Materials for Constructing Protective Paints and Surfaces Proofing Tiles Adhesives and Jointing Artificial Flooring and Floors Painting Internal and External Finishing Coats and PaintsWater
 Boiler Water Treatment System Cooling Water Treatment System Domestic Water Treatment System Miscellanies Treatment System

  5. 5. For complete product information or inquiries please contact ouroffices:For Asia:Commerce International (CINTL)Aatif RaeesTel: 92 21 35309602Email: aatif@comintl.comFor Middle East:Geo Resources General LLC TradingM.S. ChandrasekharTel: 971 50 255 9760Email: geodubai@eim.aeFor North America and EuropeCommerce International (CINTL)Aamir RaeesTel: + 1 415 994 5581Email: