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Twitter TV Book es una publicación realizada por Twitter en la que describe el perfil del usuario multipantalla que comenta contenidos de televisión en la red de microblogging

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Twitter TV Book

  2. 2. Chris Hoy @chrishoyCan’t remember being this excited by the return of a TV show. Peep Show.Series 8. Channel 4. 10pm. #henmania @TwitterUK
  3. 3. The relationship between Twitter and television is strongly symbiotic. Twitter users love talkingabout what is happening on TV, TV viewers love using Twitter to see other viewers‘ opinions. Twitteris increasingly acting as the second screen to TV. In this publication we explore the links betweenthese two screens.Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you most.This interest is expressed in a huge volume of conversation. 400 million Tweets are sent every day.As a result when events happen in the real world, they happen on Twitter.More and more we’re finding this is true for TV. When stand-out moments happen on TV, spikes inrelated conversation happen on Twitter. In fact, according to Second Sync, 40% of all UK Twittertraffic at peak TV viewing time is about TV. TV DISCOVERY ENGAGEMENT TWITTER Through the two distinct phenomena of discovery and engagement, Twitter and TV drive each other in a complimentary cycle. For example, a hashtag on air can boost engagement by organising viewers to tweet and interact. In the other direction, a TV-related Trend, or Tweet in a user’s timeline, can drive discovery. @TwitterUK
  4. 4. Twitter is a real-time, public mirror for both broadcast content and advertising. Every programme -and every ad - has a Twitter presence.Integration of Twitter into TV content can further stimulate engagement and discovery. Simplyadding hashtags on air - or in ads - helps to organise and steer the conversation.In advertising, we’re seeing that deeper integration of Twitter not only drives discovery andengagement but also drives increases in brand recall scores and other marketing goals. DISCOVERY CONTENT + ADVERTISING ENGAGEMENTTo help understand the ties between Twitter and TV this booklet will introduce some insights andbest practices for brands.For more information on the research summarised, please contact your Twitter representative. @TwitterUK
  5. 5. #insights @TwitterUK
  6. 6. KEY STATS FOR TWITTER UK 10M+ 60% 40% active UK Twitter users of UK Twitter users use Twitter of all UK Twitter traffic around while watching TV peak time is about TV source: Twitter UK Internal 2012, SecondSync 2012DESKTOP Male 90%+ Age Female 15-24 28% of online public conversations about TV are 25-34 20% on Twitter 35-44 16% 46%54% 45-54 15% 55+ 15% 62% ABC1 source: Twitter UK Internal 2012, comScore mediametrix (desktop home and work) Sep 2012, Crimson Hexagon Nov 2012MOBILE Male Age 80% Female 18-24 24% of UK Twitter users access the platform via a mobile 25-34 28% device 42%58% 35-54 29% 55+ 10% 75% ABC1 source: Twitter UK Internal 2012, comScore mediametrix (mobile browsing and application) Sep 2012 @TwitterUK
  7. 7. SOCIAL PROGRAMMING PROFILESThe social profiles and tweet patterns of programmes generally vary by three key factors: genre,demographics and time slot. Peaks in Tweets (and engagement) are often driven by content,storyline, celebrity Tweets and hashtags on air.In the following examples, the histograms show Tweets-per-minute (TPM) and include the 30minutes before and after transmission. The patterns here help to understand and plan for the socialbehaviour of TV viewers.FACTUALEngagement patterns mirror key events, or iconic moments during the factual programmes.DRAMADramas usually see peaks in Tweets bookend the beginning and end of episodes. source: SecondSync 2012 @TwitterUK
  8. 8. ENTERTAINMENTEntertainment often sees a higher proportion of Tweets from mobile. Tweet peaks are largelycontent-led, but also occur during ads and idents.MADE IN CHELSEAMade in Chelsea has a high ratio of viewers to people tweeting - 1 in 4 viewers also activelyengaging on Twitter during most episodes.CURRENT AFFAIRSCurrent affairs sees a higher proportion of Tweets from desktop. Peaks largely follow climaticmoments in the story narrative or prompts from hashtags on air.PANORAMAPanorama has a long tail of engagement. In this episode, conversation continued long after theshow finished at 11.40pm - a key example that Twitter engagement is not limited to lighterprogramming. source: SecondSync 2012 @TwitterUK
  9. 9. FILMSFilms on TV regularly trend on Twitter. Tweet patterns follow key storylines with quotes oftentweeted widely.TAKENFascinatingly the tweet patterns for films tend to have a unique profile - and reoccur. Taken wasbroadcast on two different channels, in different months, on different days of the week. And yet, thetweet patterns were almost identical. Broadcast 1: Broadcast 2 - same tweet pattern: source: SecondSync 2012 @TwitterUK
  10. 10. X FACTOR 2012X Factor generated more than 14 million Tweets in 2012, driven by integration of dynamic hashtagson air, celebrity Tweets, and a passionate Twitter audience.FIRST LIVE SHOWThe start of the live shows saw a high volume of engagement with a doubling of Tweets sent fromlast year. 2012: 818k Total Tweets from 312 unique users 2011: 385k Total Tweets from 119 unique usersFINALTwitter is often a barometer for public opinion. There were more mentions of James Arthur, theeventual winner, from day one than any other contestant. In the final there were 1.12m Tweets from505k unique users. There were 387k mentions for James, compared to 86k for the runner upJahmene Douglas. James is crowned winner James sings “Impossible” James sings “Let’s get it on” source: SecondSync 2012 @TwitterUK
  11. 11. CORRELATION BETWEEN TWEETS AND BARB VIEWINGThe correlation between Tweets and viewers can vary depending on the level of Twitter integrationand the programme’s social profile. These factors can harness the attention-pointing qualities ofTwitter trending.DOWNTON ABBEY - TWEETS AND VIEWING MIRRORDramas see Tweets peak at the beginning and end of transmission. During Downton, Tweet volumemirrors audience viewing, dropping during ad breaks and reviving afterwards.1600 START BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK END 140001400 120001200 100001000 8000 800 6000 600 4000 400 200 2000 0 0 20:30% 20:34% 20:38% 20:42% 20:46% 20:50% 20:54% 20:58% 21:02% 21:06% 21:10% 21:14% 21:18% 21:22% 21:26% 21:30% 21:34% 21:38% 21:42% 21:46% 21:50% 21:54% 21:58% 22:02% 22:06% 22:10% 22:14% 22:18% 22:22% 22:26% 22:30% 22:34% 22:38% 22:42% 22:46% 22:50% 22:54% 22:58% 23:02%DYNAMO: MAGICIAN IMPOSSIBLE - TWEETS BREAK FROM VIEWINGTweets for Dynamo: Magician Impossible increased during ad breaks as the audience chose thesemoments to share their reactions. This show exhibited audience growth during the episode - anunusual pattern which illustrated how Twitter chat was drawing other viewers to tune in. Further,analysis of the whole series saw both Tweet volume and audience figures increase episode onepisode. START BREAK BREAK BREAK END source: Tweet volumes Twitter, audience viewing figures from BARB, Oct 2012 @TwitterUK
  12. 12. #advertising @TwitterUK
  13. 13. EVERY AD HAS A TWITTER PRESENCE Every ad aired on TV gets talked about on Twitter. The number who tweet is always a small subset of those who might be exposed. When considering reach on the platform, both those exposed and those who tweet demonstrate value to brands. MORRISONS - REACH With no Twitter promotion or integration, Morrisons’ Christmas ad had just 1.1k mentions on Twitter. However, the nature of the open platform meant the total unique reach of those Tweets quickly scaled to 533k. ad airs during X Factor Results show 600k 600000 450k 450000UNIQUE REACH 300k 300000 150k 150000 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DAY source: Datasift and Colourtext, Nov 2012 SURF - BRAND METRICS Surf’s sponsorship of The Only Way is Essex saw a strong response from both people tweeting about the show and those who were exposed but didn’t tweet across all brand metrics. Twitter users demonstrated higher purchase intent 92% 85% 76% 52% Non-viewers of TOWIE TOWIE viewers TOWIE viewers TOWIE Tweeters not Twitter exposed Twitter exposed source: Twitter & TV: Surf/The Only Way is Essex, ITV & Essential Research, July 2012 @TwitterUK
  14. 14. DEEPER INTEGRATION, DEEPER ENGAGEMENTThe more brands have integrated with Twitter, the more success they have seen in both reach andengagement.TOTAL MENTIONS FOR 4 AD CAMPAIGNS BY LEVEL OF TWITTER INTEGRATION:40.3k AD 15.1k + AD #HASHTAG + + 7.5k #HASHTAG PROMOTED TREND AD + + + #HASHTAG PROMOTED TREND DEEPER INTEGRATION 1.1k AD1. Every ad has a Twitter presence.Even if you choose to do nothing on or with Twitter, your ad will be talked about on the platform.2. Add a hashtagHashtags prompt, organise and steer conversations on Twitter. Increasingly hashtags are alsobecoming the new brand tagline.3. Run a Promoted TrendTrends drive discovery and engagement. A Promoted Trend guarantees top spot visibility.4. Deeper integrationConnect the TV story with Twitter. Involve users and viewers to drive your brand message. source: Twitter Internal, 2012 @TwitterUK
  15. 15. #HASHTAGSHashtags are powerful devices that drive engagement through Tweets and discovery in both usertimelines and through Trending topics.We have seen three main ways in which brands have used hashtags successfully:1. BRAND TAGLINEAdidas used the hashtag as the master brand. #takethestage ran across online and offline.2. LEVERAGE THE EXISTING CONVERSATIONChannel 4 jumped on hashtags relevant to Sunday night TV to promote discovery of Homeland. Channel 4 @C4Insider #Homeland has more #XFactor than your typical Sunday night costume drama and it’s starting right now on C4 Promoted by Channel 4 View media3. CAMPAIGN SPECIFIC CALL-TO-ACTIONMercedes drove deeper engagement by asking viewers to vote for the next stage of their ad storylineon Twitter. Mercedes-Benz UK @MercedesBenzUK Are you ready for #YOUDRIVE? Get ready to tweet at 8:15pm to drive the story in the new A-Class TV ad during #xfactor Promoted by Mercedes-Benz UK View media @TwitterUK
  16. 16. PROMOTED PRODUCTS BOOST IMPACT Twitter’s Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets in timelines help brands drive both discovery and engagement. Promoted Products enable brands to gain visibility and increase impact quickly. This can allow them to target interest groups, beyond just their existing followers. COCA COLA Coca Cola seeded their Christmas ad on Twitter before it was aired on TV using a Promoted Trend with the hashtag #holidaysarecoming. The Promoted Trend was a quick way to boost discovery for the campaign. The full campaign gained almost 100k Tweets, and 7.6m in unique potential reach on Twitter. Promoted Trend 50.0k 37.5kHASHTAG MENTIONS 25.0k 12.5k 4/11 5/11 6/11 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 11/11 12/11 13/11 14/11 15/11 16/11 DATE source: #holidaysarecoming, Topsy Pro, Nov 2012 @TwitterUK
  17. 17. DEEPER INTEGRATION EXTENDS THE CONNECTED STORYe$Adverts$$ Since every ad get talked about on Twitter, aligning the brand story on Twitter and TV is key. The The$Adverts$$ mechanics of the platform also open up new and creative possibilities for brands to involve users and viewers in dynamic storytelling. MERCEDES Mercedes ran an pioneering TV campaign asking viewers to Tweet #hide or #evade to determine the next stage of the story. Ad 1 Advert 1 Advert 1 Ad 2 Advert 2 Advert 2 30sec ad containing the campaign hashtag 90sec Twitter integrated ad with the call- A 30 second clip using clip using the advert A 30 second the advert A 90 second clip madeclip made from the 30 A 90 second from the 30 #youdrive. to-action hashtags #hide and #evade. that played after the main twitter twitter that played after the main second teaser campaign and the 60 the 60 second teaser campaign and activity campaign. activity campaign. second Twitter integrated advert advert second Twitter integrated that played in played in The Xfactor that The Xfactor Deeper Twitter integration in the second ad drove stronger ad engagement and saw a greater lift in brand metrics. Twitter integration improved Mercedes’ brand metrics +44% +17% +19% Has great ad campaigns Always coming up with new ideas Is a brand for me Ad 1 Ad 2 Overall, the campaign generated a large volume of mentions. 71% of Tweets contained the direct campaign hashtags. 1 in 4 wanted to find out more information about the Mercedes A Class. source: Twitter & TV: Mercedes, ITV & Essential Research, ITV Vision Panel Oct 2012 @TwitterUK
  18. 18. SUMMARYMore brands are seeing Twitter as a second screen to TV. Conversations about content andadvertising happen in real-time on Twitter, scaling reach quickly on Twitter’s open platform.Through the actions of discovery and engagement Twitter and TV drive each other in a virtuouscycle.Every programme and every ad has a Twitter presence. Integrating Twitter into creative andcampaigns will better promote visibility and engagement to target audiences.Optimise your Twitter and TV campaign in 5 ways: 1. Integrate hashtags with a strong call-to-action 2. Plan campaigns with social profiles in mind 3. Connect Content & Advertising with Tweets 4. Amplify engagement with a Promoted Trend 5. Tell connected brand storiesThis pack has introduced some insights and and best practices for brands to maximise ties linkbetween Twitter and TV.For more information on any of the research summarised please contact your Twitterrepresentative. @TwitterUK
  19. 19. AD PRODUCT SUMMARY TARGETING PRICING AD SPECS Followers Look-a-likes Interests Keywords Gender Country/ Mobile/ Auction- Fixed-rate City Device basedPromoted Tweets A high engagement format Cost-per- - 140 characters per that targets your Tweet to engagement Tweet. the top of relevant Timelines or No limit to in-Tweet real-time search results. media; URLS shortened to 15 characters.Promoted Accounts A top spot promotion - Cost-per- - 20 characters per in the Who to follow follower account name. section. 15 characters per @username. 48x48 px thumbnail image.Promoted Trends A 24hr top spot takeover of - - - - - - - £20k/day 20 character link. the Trends section. (net) Please check for available dates.
  20. 20. @TwitterUK