Mr. Mohamad Shawash - Understanding Local Cultures on Social Media


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Mr. Mohamad Shawash - Understanding Local Cultures on Social Media

  1. 1. Understandinglocal cultureson Social Media
  2. 2. My name is Mohamad Shawash I’m Jordanian sort of a batman I work as a public startegist in the morning and a DIGITAL create director at nightenough about me... now back to the main subject!
  3. 3. Understandinglocal cultureson Social Media
  4. 4. #fact:social mediais the newadvertisING(one way or another)
  5. 5. There are things that youmust do and must NOT DO inorder to achieve success.I’m here just to explain5 important FACTORSquickly and give you FEW MINUTESFOR SOME Q&A, OR JUST ENTERTAIN YOU(ONE WAY OR ANOTHER)
  6. 6. Number 1:Understandingthe culture
  7. 7. This is the new Haifa Wehbe CD Cover(released in Kuwait with this exact ARTWORK)
  8. 8. Nowif this was MADE FOR the Levantit is alrightIn North Africa, it is also fine(God knows what’s happening in Egypt now)
  9. 9. But this is definitelynot for the GCC
  10. 10. THIS version is whatsuits this regionSORRY, I made with verylow graphics.It is not basedon religion, butbased on theculture. Kuwaitior Khaliji cultureconsidered theoriginal nudity.
  11. 11. DO customizeyour graphics/artwork to fitin the localculture.
  12. 12. Another GREAT example (logo removed) is thissmartphone, called the Galaxy NOTE. compare theinternational & the GCC version to of the artwork.
  13. 13. Number 2:Speak thelanguage
  14. 14. It IS unprofessional to useslang (‫ )عامية‬and formalcommunication (‫ )فصحى‬atthe same time! You shouldunify your tone.Using both at the same time can beawkward and lead some users to dislikeyour page or unfollow your account,why? Here’s an example
  15. 15. For example;writing in A Kuwaitidialect might be hardfor non-kuwaitis livingin Kuwait to understand.
  16. 16. ‫شلونكم! أصدقائنا…‬‫قريبا رح ينزل الجهاز‬ ‫باللون الشويتي‬
  17. 17. Chweeti:Dark Blue in Kuwaiti dialect. The problem; is that even if YOU WRITE‫ اللون األزرق الغامق‬some people might come and say; ‫ليش التفلسف، كتبو شويتي‬ ‫نص فصحى ونص كويتي‬ So, cut it short... and
  18. 18. DO NOT mixdialects, writefor your target.
  19. 19. Number 3:Do it right
  20. 20. iT Might be offensive to promotenew meals, sandwiches or foodin general in lunch timeduring ramadan.we know you’re trying to make aliving but a lot of people are hatingyou for posting in the wrong times.Post your photos in the early morningor after iftar, promote your offers forthe next day.
  21. 21. DO pickthe right time.
  22. 22. Number 4:Hire a local,know the market!
  23. 23. Many social media agenciesare turning from local intoregional; we have this trend inthe levant now for example.But many don’t know that whatsometimes work for Lebanon, doesn’twork for Jordan or what works in Syriadoesn’t work anywhere else!
  24. 24. In Lebanon; Believe it or not,some alcoholic BEVERAGESpromote Ramadan NIGHTSIN tents! While in Jordan, itis extremely offensive andalcohol shops are NOT ALLOWEDTO SELL ALCOHOL AND ARE forcedto close in the holy month.
  25. 25. DO NOT think youknow it better,know it first.
  26. 26. Number 5:Remember, weare still arab!
  27. 27. ‫شنو إسم أمك؟‬ ‫ّ‬
  28. 28. Never run a competitionasking an Arab to fill hismother’s name...never!It is a critical question/point for us Arabs;with all this technology, this is still a lineyou don’t cross.
  29. 29. I remember a client that asked people tofill in their names, mother’s name andfill in their numbers to enter the drawto win a gift on mother’s day to gift toyour mother, wife or sister.So the optionS here wERE to fill in either:YOUR Mother’s NameYOUR Sister’S NAMEYOUR WIFE’S Wife
  30. 30. I can tell you that participates filledin all sort of curses or even filled innames such as;Um Ahmad,Um Abdallah,Um Yousef.
  31. 31. DO NOT ask forMOTHER NAMES
  32. 32. ً ً ‫شكرا لكم جميعا‬THANKS EVERYONE TWEET ME! @moeys REACH ME ON +965 6000 6395 (till saturday) +962 777 58 55 44 (after tHat)