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Leadership skills (Christian Views)

  1. Leadership Skills TKFI 10/30/2011 1
  2.  A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is not the boss of the team but, instead, the person that is committed to carrying out the mission of the Venture. TKFI 10/30/2011 2
  3. EZRA AND NEHEMIAH REBUILDING THE WALL OF JERUSALEM You cannot be an aloof leader, someone that is never around and incapable of getting your hands dirty. One of the best ways to lead is by example – lending a helping hand and making sure that the work you do is clearly understood by your fellowmen (team). TKFI 10/30/2011 3
  4. A leader without passion is not a leader. He is a paper pusher. Or a taskmaster. Passion drives a lot, and you can inspire so much in others through your own passion and enthusiasm. That does not mean you have to be constantly cheery, it means you have got to believe in what you are doing and what your group/team is doing. Mother Theresa Henry Ford TKFI 10/30/2011 4
  5. A disorganized leader is not leading, he is chasing his own tail. Disorganization breeds nothing but more disorganization. Manuel Pangilinan Henry Sy If you are frazzled and messy, your team will be too. When you’re organized you will be much more productive and so will everyone else. TKFI 10/30/2011 5
  6.  You cannot do everything. A great leader needs to be able to delegate effectively. The key to delegating successfully is giving employees ownership of the work you assign them. They can’t just feel like they own the work, they really have to. Music Conductor and his Orchestra TKFI 10/30/2011 6
  7. Although you have just delegated work and truly given your team ownership, you also have to take ownership and responsibility at all times. Your team has to know you’ll be there for them through the good and the bad times. That does not mean you absolve people from making mistakes or ignore crappy work/effort, but it does mean you take responsibility for the big picture. TKFI 10/30/2011 7
  8.  Be precise. Insecure leaders will often ramble; uninterested leaders cut things off too quickly. Whether you are giving praise, providing constructive criticism, or defining goals and to-dos, you have to figure out how much to say and in what order. Be precise, specific and concise. Get to the point. (When there is a task needs to be done, Communicate the instructions properly verbalize the instructions in a way you are understood and ensure that the concerned people/group is amenable with the idea or instructions you are giving) TKFI 10/30/2011 8
  9.  Communicating success is also something leaders forget to do. People need affirmation. They want to know they did a good job. You just have to tell them. Celebrate after a single success to affirm your group TKFI 10/30/2011 9
  10.  Be brave when: ◦ There is something wrong with the project the team are doing. ◦ Consequences must be faced for shortcomings or shortfalls. ◦ To take all the risks of the actions need to be done to achieve changes or to make shifts on the present unpleasing situation.  Be honest: ◦ You have to learn how to present things to your team in an honest but balanced manner. TKFI 10/30/2011 10
  11. A huge part of being a great communicator is being a great listener. If all you want to do is talk, you are not a leader. Keeping people motivated means listening to them, asking them questions, understanding their issues. When you listen more, you can respond more effectively and get to the heart of things much faster At a meeting, everyone is encourage to cite his ideas, opinions and feelings without hesitation because the leader created an opencommunication environment. TKFI 10/30/2011 11
  12.   You have to know your people. You do not have to be best friends or even socialize outside Church service. You need to know something about their personal lives because their lives outside the Church service matter. Their lives outside drive a great deal of their success (or lack of) or lack of enthusiasm. Keep track of simple things: birthdays, marriages, children, etc. The more you know your people the more common ground you are likely to find, the more you will be able to connect with them. TKFI 10/30/2011 12
  13. A good team leader is a good follower. After all, how can your team look up to you if you yourself do not have any respect for the authority? You are supposed to be the prime example of how a person should behave. Knowing what your followers are going through makes you all the more effective as a team leader. Abraham- A good and humble follower of God TKFI 10/30/2011 13
  14. Benjamin Disraeli said, “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?” That sums up Benjamin Disraeli many of the other points so beautifully. Great leaders are followers too. If you are a leader without following, you are a dictator. And as fun as that sounds… Being a leaderfollower means finding value in your team, getting inspired by your team, encouraging your team to communicate, brainstorm and be open. TKFI 10/30/2011 14
  15. Very few people are great leaders overnight. It takes time and practice. As long as you are open about learning along the way and working with your team on leadership versus dictating to them, most people will be happy to go on the journey with you. TKFI 10/30/2011 15
  16. Thank you! Presented by: REV. FR. RUEL V. ABUEL Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prepared by: MISS ARLENE N. ALVAREZ, RSW Executive Director TULONG-KALINGA FOUNDATION INC. TKFI 10/30/2011 16