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The Suka City Solar Charger (the CSC) is designed to offer innovative and functional infrastructure landmarks for
town centres, university campuses, places of gathering such as shopping centres, sports arena etc.

It is a spatial aerial light providing LED quality flood lights to wide expansive area around it and powered
by solar which also provides charge for telephones day and night. Up to 6 telephones can be plugged in
simultaneously at any point in time. With ample space for branding, the CSC offers opportunity for
corporate sponsorships and advertising that creates awareness for your brand or generate advertising
revenue to speed up the payback of the unit. After first year or two, all revenue raised will be profit for
the investor. The solar light can be installed into university campus, outdoor shopping malls, outside
sports arenas and stadia, exhibition centres, gated housing complex, hospitals etc. It is perfect for:
• Creating spaces for people to congregate
• Providing opportunities for retail business
• Reclaiming outdoor spaces
• Generating advertising revenue
• Demonstrating commitment to the environment

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The city solar charger from suka solar ltd

  1. 1. Suka Solar Ltd Presents An arena solar powered light with charging station for mobile phones and smart devices The City Solar Charger
  2. 2. People Expect Power Everywhere The CS-Charger is designed to provide aerial lighting in the evenings… …and 24hr phone charging from the sun via solar energy.
  3. 3. Perfectfor  Bringing people together  Providing opportunities for retail  Reclaim outdoor spaces  Generate advertising revenue  Demonstrate commitment to the environment
  4. 4. Up to 6 telephones simultaneously at any point in time
  5. 5. Lighting the cities as public service
  6. 6. …and functional landmarks s Designed for cities and towns to offer innovative…
  7. 7. Always-on, anywhere, anytime connectivity
  8. 8.  Mobile phone users continue to increase  More Apps use up battery power  Remaining in touch being smartphone-live! Consumers
  9. 9. Outdoors  › Airports  Cafes  Market squares  Restaurants  Hotel lobbies  Bus stations  Sports arenas  Populated suburbs
  10. 10.  Free, clean, Sustainable  Lots of awareness  Makes a statement Solar Power
  11. 11. Get visible, gain goodwill and become the talk of town Offers tremendous benefits to corporate sponsors… …and allow for visibility of brands and goodwill for promotional activities.
  12. 12.  Inviting, simple, rewarding to use  Easy for corporate sponsoring  Self-sustainable through advertising Design With ample space for branding, the CS-Charger offers a new way to become well known. Create awareness for your brand or generate ad revenue by selling the space to local vendors.
  13. 13.  People get the power to keep in touch  Cities get the light to remain safe  YOU GET THE credit for making it possible  AND GET the INCOME for the adverts placed Benefits to you
  14. 14. The size of the advertising banner is 600mm x 1200mm. Ad companies charge $400 per month for one such banner.  CSC offers 4 sides. That could be $1600 per month and almost $20,000 per year  A payback within one year! A profitable investment
  15. 15. Thank you Suka Wind & Solar Ltd 0266 313 666 Watch a video from here