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The cabinet and exop


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Published in: News & Politics
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The cabinet and exop

  1. 1. W H I C H I S M O R E I M P O R T A N T T O T H EP R E S I D E N T ?The Cabinet and EXOP
  2. 2. Cabinet Cabinet tends to be used to ensure that the work ofthe executive branch is directed and drawn together Membership includes........... It generally plays only a limited role – it meetsinfrequently and President may overrule it Cabinet members may not have a close relationshipwith the President Unlike British PM not totally reliant on their support
  3. 3. EXOP Consists of personal aides/different components NSC,OMB and WHO NS adviser used in different ways – Kissingerspearheaded foreign policy initiatives with China duringNixon; Clinton’s advisers eclipsed by secs of state –Christopher and Albright Can play a more significant role – why? ‘staffers’ in EXOP more likely to be long term associates Cabinet members torn between their loyalty to thePresident, departments and interest groups Closer proximity
  4. 4. Evaluation points Presidents have used EOP and Cabinet in differentways – Nixon overdependent on his closest aides –Watergate affair Significance of Cabinet depends upon individualstyle of Presidents – Eisenhower collective decisionmaking Reagan used Cabinet councils – 6-11 cabinetmembers to advise & develop policy
  5. 5. Evaluation points Some Cabinet members have played an importantrole in shaping policy eg. James Baker Secretary ofState 1989-93 close relationship with Bush snr; Riceand Rumsfeld. Importance of bilateral meetings President is the sole source of political authority andCabinet has no formal role. Use of it is at thePresident’s discretion Rallying and mobilising support for particularpolicies
  6. 6. Evaluation points David Mervin ‘ Presidents have the gravestdifficulties as it is gaining control of a notoriouslyfractious political system, without the expertise andassistance of the EOP they would helpless and theUS would be truly ungovernable’.