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Cities in LEDW


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Cities in LEDW

  1. 1. Housing and shops in Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt
  2. 2. View of housing block Tenth of Ramadan
  3. 3. Another view of Tenth of Ramadan City
  4. 4. Factory, Tenth of Ramadan
  5. 5. Ranchos (slum housing) in Caracas
  6. 6. Superblocks newly built in 1960s Caracas
  7. 7. Other superblocks amongst the ranchos in Caracas
  8. 8. General view of Brasilia
  9. 9. Housing blocks in Brasilia
  10. 10. Overall plan of Brasilia(note the aeroplane shape)
  11. 11. Mexico City
  12. 12. Densely populated slum area
  13. 13. Aragon area of city with metro running through. The Metro carries 3.6 million people per day!
  14. 14. People making their living by recycling on a rubbish tip
  15. 15. This is a real picture! Ixtapaluca low incomeresettlement project. The project has 10,000 houses
  16. 16. ‘Cerro Chiquihuite’. A wall was built to stop people building further upwards
  17. 17. Despite new emission laws smog is a major problem over Mexico City
  18. 18. The Cuautepec area has millions of inhabitants but not much water or electricity
  19. 19. Nezahualcoytl (part of Mexico City) 3 million people live in this area.
  20. 20. Area invaded by squatter settlement
  21. 21. A pound for taxis operating without permits
  22. 22. The new commercial centre. As modern as any world city
  23. 23. Flooding (sewage) in one of the poor neighbourhoods.
  24. 24. The historic core. (The Zocalo, built on original Aztecruins) Saved from subsidence and collapse and now a UNESCO world heritage site
  25. 25. Typical Mexico City traffic. Note the green buses and taxis