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Tv drama mac suite task


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Tv drama mac suite task

  1. 1. AS Media Studies TV Drama short film instructionsTASK:Using the photos you took last lesson, make a short film in iMovie that demonstrates use ofthe four media languages: Camerawork, editing, sound and mise en scene.Include a narrative with a protagonist and antagonist so you can edit and use sound to tellthe audience how to feel.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Open iMovie and start new project. Title should be your names and “TV drama shortfilm”2. Find photos in student resources and import3. Change duration of photos to 5 seconds4. Using title cards, add shot type, movement and angle to each shot. You should use everyshot type in the booklet. You can also add dialogue in subtitles if you want.5. Using the transitions, add wipes, dissolves, etc between your shots. Your editingtechniques are important- they should reflect the tone of that part of your film e.g. fastedits to create tension if there is a chase scene (for this you change the duration of theshots and don’t use transitions)6. Add music using either the sounds in iMovie or from YouTube to add the final layer toyour narrative. Use a mix of minor and major keys to connote happiness/balance andtension/sadness etc. It should be clear to the audience how the protagonist is feelingthrough the sound you have used.