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Reverb magazine Grade A powerpoint


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Great example of an AS powerpoint. Strong magazine, clear, detailed research and a concise, well- organised, well- presented evaluation.

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Reverb magazine Grade A powerpoint

  1. 1. Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7
  2. 2. Preliminary exercise: using DTP and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of anew school/college magazine, featuring a photograph of a student in medium close-up plus someappropriately laid out text and a masthead. Additionally candidates must produce a DTP mock-up ofthe layout of the contents page to demonstrate their grasp of the program.Main task: the front page, contents and double page spread f a new music magazine (is done as agroup task, each member of the group to produce an individual edition of the magazine, following thesame house style). Maximum four members to a group.
  3. 3. Q5 A MAGAZINE MUST HAVE: STRAP Contain more information to appeal to audience, i.e. Prizes, competitions, interesting BUTTON Adds more information, often again storeys. Top of the page, first thing the can include prizes, competitions etc. reader looks at. MASTHEADThe masthead must be in the top thirdof the magazine and the largest text on EYE CONTACT the page to stand out and draw Draws the audience in to buy the audience in. magazine, interacts with the audience. FEATURES More features on the cover to again appeal to the audience but not take the ANCHORING attention off the cover story. Used so the buyer knows exactly who the cover star is and what they are saying, in case it isnt recognisable. COLOUR SCHEME RULE OF THIRDS Feature so you know where common Colour scheme on every elements go on a magazine, i.e. magazine, links into the lead story. Masthead being dedicated to top third Makes the magazine look professional as its the first thing the audience look and makes certain parts stand out at. more than others. BARCODE Every magazine has one to make it able to sell in shops.
  4. 4. Q5 A MAGAZINE MUST HAVE: BRANDING V festival, a recognisable company that all NME readers will be aware of. They will be interested in the festival as they like the music the festival has on offer. GENREGenre is reinforced through the otherfeatures on the magazine cover, cleartarget audience. Cover star’s clothes and facial expressions again emphasize the genre. BRANDING Reinforcement of the brand. NME has many platforms, you can access the bran through, print, online, gigs, tickets and the phone. Wide variety to get through to the company. Therefore a large company with lots to offer its target audience.
  5. 5. DATE Common feature MASTHEAD BUTTON Masthead at the top of the Unique selling point, makes the magazine so that it stands out audience attracted to this and catches the audiences magazine attention LOGO “s” in different font to stand out, make the magazine COLOUR SCHEME Consistent, makes the magazine recognisable. look professional and creates a brand identity. ANCHOR Quote and name anchoring the cover star so the audience know who she is and the quote is relevant to her STRAPUNIQUE SELLING POINT Unique selling point, draws the The word exclusive attracts audience in. audience. BARCODE Necessary for sale, all magazines have one
  6. 6. Q7 BUTTON I would use textboxes within the button to fill the space so it didn’t look unprofessional. FEATURES RED EYEI would shift the image slightly I would use an editing website more over to the right so I or adobe photo shop to remove could then add more features the red eye in the cover star. down the left hand side. Thiswould attract an audience to my magazine because they couldthen feel that there money was spent worth wile on articlesthey were interested in and notjust one article then other stuff that was uninteresting. PRICE I would add the price onto the magazine so the buyer new how much it cost.
  7. 7. My target audience will be FEMALES aged around 13-17. They will be interested in FASHION and learning about different trends through the differentSEASONS. They will be open to advice and take aninterest in real life stories. My audience will finally be into a wide VARIETY of music and be outgoing.
  8. 8. Q5 DATE MASTHEAD Reinforces the name of magazine, creates brand identity. FEATURES EDITORIAL Adds more information about what the Adds some information about the articles include, tries to bring in the inspiration the editor got when audience.creating the magazine, interested in what the reader is interested in. UNIQUE SELLING POINT Draws the audiences attention, different PAGE colour, makes them want to NUMBERS go to that page Anchoring the pictures so the audience know where to go for what page they have taken interest for CAPTION Gives more of an explanation for the photo which it is anchoring.
  9. 9. I conducted a questionnaire to find out what the students of Aquinas where interested in. I collated all of my research and put all of my results in graphs to make it more clear, here is 4 examples: Where do you shop? After Aquinas 14 kendals 3 12 4 Zara 5 10 3 8 River Island 6 5 6 TopShop/TopMan 18 4 7 2 Primark 2 0 0 5 10 15 20 Uni Travel/Gap year Dont Know How do you get to college? Places to eat out Moped 1 20 Drive 1 15 Train 1 10 Lift 2 5 Walk 1 0 Bus 15 0 5 10 15 20
  10. 10. From the research discovered here I created an Aquinas reader profile to suit the majority results.
  11. 11. Play football Like brands such as; Hollister, Addidas, Vans Members of Aquinas collegeInterested in things going on Want to go onto further around college, e.g. Trips AQUINAS MAGAZINE education after college AUDIENCE BREAKDOWN Both female and male People who go on social Read other magazines networking sites
  12. 12. No eye contact, doesn‟t Slightly squinted To much space at the top of thedraw the reader in. Also eyes, doesn‟t draw photo, doesn‟t look has red eye. reader in. professional. Also has red eye.
  13. 13. STRAP Attracts audience to buy magazine. MASTHEAD Doesnt need to stand out, no competitors however meets conventions and creates branding. BUTTON Attracts audience to buy LOGO magazine. Brand identity, fits in with the college logo and colour scheme. EYE CONTACT Draws the buyer in. ANCHOR Shows buyer who is on the cover of the magazine. FEATURES Shows buyer what other STRAP information will be included. Unique selling point, attracts the audience into the magazine COLOUR SCHEMEConsistent throughout the cover DATE and contents, a mixed genre colour. BARCODE Necessary for sale
  14. 14. ANCHORING •The importance to anchor thename of the cover star and quote •Making it clear to the buyer EYE CONTACT •Draws the audience in to the magazine making them want to buy it.RULE OF THIRDS •Where different conventions go on magazine •Top always being dedicated to masthead
  15. 15. BRANDING DATE Reinforces the brand, makes it recognisable RELEVENCE TO COVER Fast way for audience to go PAGE NUMBERS straight to a page which they were Page numbers stand out to make drawn in byit easy for the reader to find which page is which PAGE NUMBERS Quick way for audience to navigate through magazine COLUMN Neat way to lay out each different page within magazine QUOTE Gives an insight to article of which SUBHEADINGS is anchoring. Persuasive for Gives slightly more information buyer to read. about each article. COLOUR SCHEME Consistent, links to cover and brand identity, logo etc.
  16. 16. BEFORE AFTER SUB TITLES •Adding subtitles to makes the contents look professional •Gives the audience more information about each article to draw them into it.
  17. 17. Please follow the link below to see what I changed within my Aquinas magazine and why.
  18. 18. Q5 DROP CAP STAND FIRST Tells the reader a Tells the reader little about the where to start article to persuade reading them to read it all. INTERGRATEDHEADING QUOTE Tells the Draws attention toaudience what a specific part of the article is the article which will about. attract attention towards. PICTURES Tell the audience a little more about the band and what they get up to. CAPTIONS Relates to the pictures, again to give more information to the reader.USE OF COLOUR COLUMNSContrast of colour between the Keep the story line in neat order heading and picture. Makes so the reader can follow the article heading stand out. through without getting mixed up.
  19. 19. Not of all bandmembers, also notmuch eye contact with the reader.Unclear image, cant see all of the band members easy Not of bandmembers, just other people in thevideo, doesnt relate to article. No eye contact with three of the band members, could get a better shot.
  20. 20. Heading/Name of the band Shot images off the music Unique selling point video Caption Drop capStand first Quotes Grey box to add more Reinforce brand identity information
  21. 21. OVERALL LAYOUT Change the overall layout so it is more professional, looks like it TAB would be in a younger magazine Add a tab so that the due to layout. audience can easily find the page when they are flicking through the magazine.STAND FIRST Doesn‟t stand out and grab the audiencesattention, just fits in with the rest of the text. I would make it bold or have it in a different coloured box. BLANK SPACE Add more information in the grey box so it wasn‟t leaving room at the end of the page.
  23. 23. I believe there is a GAP IN THE MARKET forMY TARGET AUDIENCE as there is no otherwhich targets the SAME group. I think if mymagazine was out there it would SELL WELL and be popular to its audience.
  25. 25. I thought of different names for my masthead before coming up with a final choice:
  26. 26. •I chose to pick a font of a free website,•I chose to minimize the fonts so a “distorted” one so it matched my genre •I then chose this font because I think it connotates my genre well•I then decided to overlap the font three times tomake it look 3D. I thought this made reinforced the title of the magazine.
  27. 27. I liked the blue because I thought it worked wellwith me genre, I wanted something different and therefore I thought it would be suitable for my magazine. I liked the purple as I thought it was different, it wasn‟t to bright yet stood out amongst othermastheads. I chose the blue as I thought it could become a more recognisable brand identity. Didn‟t like the pink as I thought it was to girlieand didn‟t really match with my genre, I think italso looks unprofessional and would be hard to keep it consistent.I thought the green was a little to bright, it didn‟t really stand out and catch the audiencesattention, maybe a more deeper green could of worked.
  28. 28. I then decided to layer my masthead as I thought it looked more effective and also went with the name of the magazine as REVERB is often linked with ECHO, therefore the masthead looking quite 3D worked well.
  29. 29. Long shot, not Cover star isnt making full Cover star looking directly Long shot, notsuitable for main eye contact, doesn‟t draw the into camera, mid shot. suitable for magazine photo on buyer in to buy the magazine. cover.magazine cover.
  30. 30. •Only two colours, makes nothingstand out and grab readers attention•No information on cover star•The word is “insight” repeatedtwice, doesn‟t make sense•Reverbs top 10 what? Isnt clear tothe audience.
  31. 31. •Much more good use ofcolour, yellow makes things standout.•A more suitable name for cover starto suit genre.•Change of some features•Unique selling point with “freegiveaways”•Price and barcode not onfront, looked to cramped.•Replacement of “insight”
  33. 33. Plain, doesn‟t represent anything. Not much going on to represent festival. Can see the conservatory in Cover star Good use of the doesn‟t have a background,background, mak powerful strong es photo look expression, also pose, quirky unprofessional. looks tired. image. Both photo‟s have a good use of crowds.
  34. 34. •Didn‟t like the top of the contentspage, looks unprofessional•There are to many divided sections andthere wont be enough room for all ofthe different pages.
  35. 35. •Good use of different colours•Enough information going on to looklike a real contents page in a magazinetoday•Anchors to indicate clearly what is onwhat page
  37. 37. Edited badly, can still see pink background. Writing unclear Head tilted a littleon finger, red eye to much again and also not a red eye and alsoclearly identified not a clearly genre. identified genre. Good photo, draws audience in, clear genre, fits with magazine colour scheme.
  38. 38. •Standard layout•Plain colours•Empty spaces•Not good use of photos•Looks childish
  39. 39. •More common professional layout•Better use of colours, more standingout•Better use of space•Looks overall more professional.
  41. 41. Q1 Q3 Has previously bought “NME” or “Mojo” Lives in Manchester White British Goes to gigs and festivals such as; Leeds, V festival etc. I AIMED MY MAGAZINE AT... Primarily female Secondary their little sisters Aged between 15-25 Listens to artists such as “Lady Hawke” Indie/Rock “Paramore” “Lily Allen”
  42. 42. Q1
  43. 43. Q1 I think my magazine is similar to “NME.” There is one minor difference between the two magazines, NME targets both male and female however primarily male, consequently REVERB primarily targets females although aims for both genders.
  44. 44. Q1 Q5 Interested in festivals Similar layout overall Focuses more on different gender artists All contain one lead story Album information Artists to suit genre
  46. 46. Q2 Gender: My magazine is aimed primarily at females but also at males who are into the same kind of music and facts. The cover star is female however isnt portraying a stereotypical female look. Age: The target audience is around 14-20, within the cover stars age range so the audience can then relate to the issues within the magazine. Genre: The genre is “indie/rock” this is portrayed through the cover stars expression and pose, also the names of the artists and the promotion of other band at the bottom of the magazine.
  47. 47. Q2 “First Look!” draws the In the strap, first thing the audience in because no buyer reads, “FREE” other magazine has it to persuades the audience to offer. Top of the buy it. magazine, eye catching towards the audience. Stands out amongstcompetitors, Overlapped three times Button right near the to make it look 3D and connotative masthead, audience the name of the magazine. will read it, contrast of colours, eye catching. Repetition of a feature within the magazine.
  48. 48. Q2 •The use of yellow stands out and attracts the audience towards the magazine •Yellow totally opposite colour than the blue and black, eye catching! •Other artists on the cover of the magazine shows that the magazine has to offer other information on artists the target audience will be interested in. •Both storylines stand out and attract the audience to read them because of the contrast of colours.
  49. 49. Q2 “Exclusive” with a black background noticeable as no Large image taking up the other pages have this. majority of the page, first thing the audience looks at and reads about. Dividers within the contents page, shows the audience which section to look at to find the article they want, dont have to go through the whole of the contents page. COLOUR: -Consistent house style with cover to create a BRAND IDENTITY -Yellow to help make certain features stand out amongst others
  50. 50. Q2 Heading at the top of the page, stands out, audience Stand first starts the reader Tab draws audience in immediately know who the reading, attracts audience to because they can be flicking article is about start reading due to the blue through then see the back ground. article, be drawn towards it. Large sub heading, helps audience gain a knowledge on what the article is about with a few lines.
  51. 51. Q2 •Repetitive colour scheme, blue, black and yellow •Multi-gender colours, appeals to both, male and female •Yellow contrasts and makes certain features stand out amongst the blue and black
  52. 52. Q3 Q1 I went on the website, UK tribes to find a specific social group to aim my magazine at. I found that overall my main social group was “indie scenesters” this then linked in with other groups I could possibly look as a secondary audience. Follow the link below to view a video on this social group
  56. 56. Q3 I conducted an audience researchquestionnaire to findout about some of my potential audience. I wanted to see what they were already interested in and to find out what I could do to win them over to my magazine. THE RESULTS I GOT FROM MY AUDIENCE QUESTIONAIRE HELPED ME TO DECIDE WHAT PRICE RANGE I WOULD PUT MY MAGAZINE AT AND FIND OUT IF MY MASTHEAD GAVE OFF THE IMAGE I WANTED IT TO.
  57. 57. Q2Q3The same person can be REPRESENTED in different ways to convey different images. TaylorMomsen above is represented all sweet in the left hand image then in a totally different in the right.For my magazine, my COVER STAR has been represented to suit my GENRE of INDIE-ROCK. If theimage of my cover star didnt meet my GENRE then it wouldnt work and my magazine wouldnt sell.
  58. 58. Q2 Here is an example that has been done to meet the conventions of a similar magazine to mine.Lily Allen has been REPRESENTED in the left hand image in a totally different way to the right. In theleft Lily Allen is singing at a Chanel campaign, she is wearing thousands pounds of clothes, this is thetime of image that would be in magazines such as VOGUE, etc. People of a higher class and withmore money. On the other hand, Lily Allen on the right shows her looking all „wasted‟ and „scruffy‟ thiswould APPEAL to teenagers who were interested in this kind of look, this would be a feature inmagazine such as NME, KERRANG. Both are FILTERING Lily Allen to appeal to there audience.
  59. 59. Q2Q3 MY STAR REPRESENTS MY IDEAL READER AS SHE FITS WITH EVERYTHING MY IDEAL READER IS INTERESTED IN... MY IDEAL READER IS... •Primarily female •Listens to Indie-rock •Aged between 15-19 •Goes to gigs and festivals such as, Leeds, V festival etc. •White British THE CLOTHES MY COVER STAR WERES REPRESENTS “INDIE-ROCK”, THE GENRE OF THE MAGAZINE.
  60. 60. Q2Q3 Some of the readers of my magazine will ASPIRE to be like the cover stars who feature on my magazine. The cover stars are portrayed to look a certain way so the audience aspire to be like them.
  61. 61. Q4 I wanted to erase the background of the image so the background of the magazine was white, I wanted to do this so it wasnt specifically aimed at females. How I did this:
  62. 62. Q41. Open adobe Photoshop. 4. Press the “delete” button 5. Repeat this for all the on your keyboard.2. Click on the “magic wand” different sections until the background has erased.3. Click on the section to be 6. I then went on to save the picture as a “GIF” format erased.
  63. 63. Q4 •I learnt a lot about shot types and how to frame a mid shot so that it worked to meet the conventions. •When taking my photos for my cover star, I soon learned to realise you could use grid lines on your camera to make sure that the cover star is directly on the top third line of the magazine to draw the audience in. •I also learnt that using a forced flash was very sharp and gave the cover star red eye. Depending on the circumstances, setting etc. it was better to use a suppressed flash to give a less sharp image however it still look bright and professional.
  64. 64. Q4 To begin with my magazine cover started off just blue and black, it didnt look professional and didnt really stand out. When I was looking through existing magazines I noticed that there is always more than two colours. I then decided to add some yellow into the magazine cover so it looked professional and would stand out amongst other magazines in the shop.
  65. 65. Q4 Again I made the same mistake I had earlier when creating my Aquinas magazine, I put all of the text into onetext box, including speech marks, this made it distorted. Also because I wanted the word “saved” in a larger font it made a gap between all of the words. This looked unprofessional so to overcome this I decided to change it into separate text boxes to make it professional.
  66. 66. Q5 When creating my magazine I was inspired by various other magazine such as NME and Kerrang, I looked a various issues of theres and tried to use similar features I thought were effective. Strap, one of the first things the reader reads, common feature. Buttons are also a common convention which is used a lot on the cover of NME, I think it looks effective as it stands out to the reader. The use of the black background splits up the features in the blue box, I think it makes each feature Common elements which are on clearly defined and attracts every magazine, the date so you attention to that side of the know what month issue it is, the magazine. website to reinforce the brand identity and also the issue number so the audience know how many have been made. This is common on many NME covers, it is a way to introduce what bands will be mentioned within the magazine. I think it works well as it makes the target audience very recognisable.
  67. 67. Q5 Most magazine cover‟s use around 3-4 colours on there cover to make certain features stand out. Yellow, Black and Red Yellow, White and Pink Yellow, White and Purple Yellow, White and blue Therefore this is the reason for my changed to my cover that I have another colour to help draw out things that will bring the audience to buy my magazine.
  68. 68. IPC media is a company which would distribute my magazine.Q6 You can search by brands to see what other magazines the company distribute within the music sector.
  69. 69. Q6 The two magazines which are distributed in the industry my magazine is in are NME and UNCUT, these two magazines do not have the same TARGET AUDIENCE as my magazine therefore leaves a gap in the market for my magazine.
  70. 70. Q6 REVERB Bringing the best of indie-rock news to you! £2.50
  71. 71. Q6When it came to the subscription of my magazine, I would make sure that I made a deal forunder 18’s as this is largely my target audience. Below is a subscription for NME:This is to high prices than I would like to charge for my magazine as the audiences of NMEwould be in full time employment whereas my audience will largely still be in educationtherefore wont be able to afford these prices.
  72. 72. Q6In order for my magazine to sell well it will need to be well ADVERTISED, this means that Iwould have to get a well known name for my magazine so that people who were interested could purchase my magazine, leading on to it doing well in the industry.I could advertise my magazine in other similar magazines such as KERRANG and NME, as they have the same genre. Also younger age magazines as they would have some of Reverbs potential readers reading them. This cold be a simple advert, or a small pull outversion to draw the audience in. (this could only happen if the magazines would allow this advertising in them) After the magazine was more popular, I could then move on to advertise it on a larger scale, on TV adverts on music channels as they would be interested in the magazine or also radio stations.
  73. 73. Button isnt full, wastes space doesnt look professional. Not enough features, doesnt look like a professional magazine.Exclusiveshould be Only twoin the top colours on the third to magazine, does grab nt make buyers anythingattention. standout. Again, the button isnt full, wastes space doesnt lookPhoto been professional. Overall I learnt: •The masthead must stand out amongst other magazinesedited, looks •The use of colour makes certain features stand out a little to • Buttons must be near the top as the audience read them first and must orange. be full of information with no gaps to make it stand out • Cover star must central or to one side of the magazine so features Only two around are clear, also cover stars eye line must be on the line of the top colours on the third to draw the buyer in magazine, does nt make anything standout.
  74. 74. No reinforcement of brand identity. To muchinformation on the sub headings.No dividers in thecontents so Quote isnt cant fast anchored to the track to a picture specific section. No captions with the pictures, dont know what Overall I learnt: there trying to tell the • All pictures must be anchored audience. •Page numbers must stand out amongst other text •Headings must stand out more than the sub headings •Heading and sub headings shouldnt be to long and should draw the audience in to read that article. •Contents can have dividers to help the audience find a section quickly.
  75. 75. No tab to help the audience find the article quickly. No caption anchored to the images Overall layout is to simple and childish.Stand first doesntstand out By line doesnt stand out. much. Blank pace there for no reason Overall I learnt: •Columns are essential so that the reader knows which way to read the article •Drop caps help the reader to know where the start of the article is •Tabs help the reader to find where the article is in the magazine •Stand out quotes grab the audiences attention and interest them in the article •All pictures must have a caption •Brand identity must be reinforces somewhere on the page •Pictures must be framed well to help convey a certain image.