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Final A2 planning checklist


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Final A2 planning checklist

  1. 1. A2 Media Studies: planning checklist for your blog Nov/Dec 2012 This list follows on from the Sept/Oct blog checklist. All posts in all checklists should be in your blog by 16th December. Don’t worry about the order of posts, you can edit the dates and times in “post settings” when you view all your posts. TASK DONERejected clips from your shoot uploaded to YouTube with explanations for why each shotwas rejected in terms of mise en scene, camerawork, lighting or sound.PowerPoint with analysis and deconstruction of existing soap magazines/CD cases andposters advertising similar products.All ancillary drawings and planning documents uploaded to your blog. If you worked in agroup you must explain your part in the planning of your ancillaries in the entry.First draft of your trailer in your blog with feedback from the rest of your group so you canmake your changes (Relates to Q3- what have you learned from audience feedback?)Feedback on the trailers for the rest of your group so they can make a more professionalproduct. (relates to Q3)Ancillary photo shoot: rejected shots uploaded to your blog with explanation for why eachshot was rejected in terms of lighting, camerawork, rule of thirds, performance,representations created.ANCILLARY: First draft of your front cover/CD digipak uploaded, tweeted and emailed as a JPEGANCILLARY: First draft of your billboard poster/ album poster uploaded, tweeted andemailed to as a JPEGFeedback on ancillary drafts for at least four other students. If you are making yourancillaries as a group you will need to give feedback to students in other groups so youdon’t replicate comments.Second draft of your trailer uploaded to your blog, with notes explaining how you actedon audience feedbackPrint screens explaining the photoshop/editing process for changing your photos andcreating your billboard and front cover. (relates to Q4: How did you use technologies in theplanning, construction and evaluation?)Print screens explaining how you made institutional logos or title cardsShort film explaining how you edited your soundtrack using GaragebandShort screen recording explaining how you made title cards using KeynoteFinal trailer and both ancillaries in same post so examiner can see how well they combineto create a strong brand.